Kirstjen Nielsen Speaks On Migrant Crisis

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recently stated on Fox News, “We will be prepared for any additional migrants.” Adding that “illegal or violent entry” into the United States will be strictly prohibited.

Nielsen stated, “[T]his is a testament to the training and professionalism of the Border Patrol that no one was hurt. We had a thousand people rushing the border in a very violent and lawless way. We will not stand by as our Border Patrol are attacked. So, they defended themselves.”

“We were prepared this time. We will be prepared for any additional migrants. The president has made it quite clear, we will not tolerate illegal or violent entry into our country. … We will be prepared. We will not allow illegal entry into our country.”

  • Craig

    Thank you very much Kirstjn we need to stop this flood of Dem voters from entering our country which is what this is. This is a ploy perpetrated on us by the DNC and one world government groups with the intent to overthrow we the people.

    • Michael

      Yes, open borders means NO borders. NO borders means NO country. The open-borders Marxist Democrats KNOW this. We cannot surrender the country or give it away; we don’t have the right to do that. Too many people have died to protect the country. STOP the invasion. STOP the Democrats. Build and DEFEND the wall. Secure the borders. Clean-up and ENFORCE the immigration laws. We don’t have a choice.

      • Ladypyro

        if the democrats get their way with open borders, then we have no country. If no country we should stop paying taxes. then see where it takes them. the country would be bankrupt in a month.

        • Michael

          Morally I think you’re right, but, legally, the IRS can be ruthless so I think that’s a big step. Ann Coulter just published a video saying that if immigration continues the way it’s been going the demographic tipping point is about 5 years away and then there will never be another Republican president. So maybe the Democrats will get their way. But, with open borders and a welfare state, even the Democrats will have to build a wall.

  • Dennis Anderson


    • Jeffrey Gerolmo

      They have been told since the 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act that they have an inalienable right to enter the US illegally. In fact , Mexicans are told by the left that they are victims whose land has been stolen by whitey and they are within their rights to demand entry , social services and jobs .

      • Dennis Anderson

        No one stole America from anyone we had to fight for it. It was unconscionable the things that happened but like Australia it was inevitable. What kind of country would America be if the American Indian and the Spanish had won? It`s in the past and these groups of people hated each other. No one gets a free pass no matter what they have been told. Our constitution is for everybody live it or lump it.

        • Jeffrey Gerolmo

          You are right ! No one stole Mexico from the Mexicans , but the people who lived in Mexican territories revolted against tyrannical government , political instability and abandonment of the Mexican Constitution.
          No people have been granted more generous immigration rights by the US than Mexico. All the Mexican citizens that joined our country through revolt like Texas and California and those living in the areas affected by the Gadsen Purchase were granted immediate US citizenship and land and property rights respected

          • metheoldsarge

            You are right. Unfortunately those things aren’t being taught in schools anymore. History is being forgotten or ignored so we will be condemned to repeat it.

          • Dennis Anderson

            Thank you and it was Santa Anna who buried his amputated leg as if it was to the liking of another person. Caucasian people moved to Texas and started homes only to have Santa Anna tax them without mercy. Texas has towns named after the people who were there to put an end to his barbaric behavior. No one should have the right to enter into another country without first showing them who they are. Mexico lost.

      • Estell Newton

        Unfortunately for them they were lied to. We do have immigration laws that need to be followed. Just try getting into Mexico or Canada without a passport and see where you get. You will get turned away and told to get your passport or no entry.

      • SED

        They read it ‘alien rights’ There is the problem….

  • Jeanne Stotler

    each illegal COST MILLIONS of dollars, this means WE< THE TAX PAYERS< ARE PAYING FOR THEM, and we cannot take hem off as an exemption. We have laws, coming into USA is a priveledge not a right and each person, man woman or child, should be determined to make sure free from disease, Men, able to work and provide for family. If coming to work fields MUST return home after season, NO FREEBIES. W have many Vets who NEED and could use help, also orphans and widows of servicemen who need help. I was widowed at 44, had 3 children under 10, I went back to school, worked as well, my youngest is an Eagle scout, and now a Rocket builder, it was NOT easy BUT I DID IT, and we don't need ILLEGALS taking from those Citizens here that need it.

    • Dennis Anderson

      I understand food boxes will be the new food stamp norm. You better be sober when you get them HA-HA-HA Aliens who have entered the USA are not eligible for government assistance. That`s easy enough to do how about our border wall and coming in the right way. One would think there would have been saber rattling before this caravan was financed and put together. It stinks.

  • Jeff

    Build the F’ing wall and put and end to this once and for all, this wall will pay off in more ways than some can imagine, the biggest one of all, lowering ILLEGAL migration and the cost American taxpayers end up on the hook for, each time someone enters our country undocumented and ILLEGALLY. Imagine that no free health care, no tax liability and our resources, able to go to someone who is in this country Legally, now there’s a thought….Smfh!