Kavanaugh Confirmation Is Longest In History

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is urging Senate to vote on Supreme Court justice nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh after an extended FBI background check the turned up with no real evidence of sexual misconduct.

“The process has been thorough, it’s gone on much longer and much deeper than any Supreme Court justice in modern history, if not ever,” Conway said. “And now it’s time to vote.”

“All of the questions have been answered. All the people are thumping their chests and stomping their feet on the Democratic side, saying, ‘We must have an FBI investigation, it won’t take that long, it’s critical to our vote.’ Now they have it. It will never be enough for them.”

  • mousekiller

    Every single one of these Demonrats & RINOs have something to hide. Either ill gotten personal gain or envisioned power. They cannot vote yes on any thing a republican votes yes on.They are as a whole infected with a CRI. Cranial Rectal Inversion.

  • Robert

    Kelly, surely you realize that the Democrat Party, as an entity, is hanging on the existence by a thread, and…that Democrats, as individuals, are on the brink of being replaced in the Congress, thus severing their supply line and potentially sending them to prison. Hence the excessive bleating over Judge Kavanaugh’s irrelevant past. Fear stalks the halls of the left.