Joy Behar Apologizes For Mocking Pence’s Faith

Vice President Mike Pence reacted to ABC’s “The View” co-host Joy Behar who attacked his faith and Christians in general.

Behar did apologize for her comments about Pence hearing the voice of Jesus.

Behar stated, “Yeah. So I think Vice President Pence is right. I was raised to respect everyone’s religious faith. I fell short of that. I sincerely apologize for what I said.”

  • Ima Barber

    The story isn’t complete. It says Pence reacts to her apology but it doesn’t say how he reacted. It just says she apologized.

    • Richard Row

      He called Hillary to get the name of her hit man.
      Seriously, Facebook, C-Span, and who knows how many other outlets covered his response.

      • Ima Barber

        Oh ok. I don’t get on the computer much and don’t have cable.

  • Carl Carlson

    Now make the same apology to all sorry viewers who watch the view.

  • Patti

    She is not sorry. She is afraid of losing her job. That is what she is sorry about! Lying POS!

    • drew

      Patti…I agree………….someone must have pressured her now ….or someone tipped her that she made a HUGE mistake.

    • pat

      Lying piece of shit (joy) that sums her up quite nicely.


    Kind of stupid
    a huge potion of Americans identify as being Christian

  • Bonnie Brunner-Brown

    BULL!!!! Get rid of her..LIAR and she was to be gone a long time ago..before the face lift.. which was a waste of money…The show is done, no matter how much money you keep throwing at it..

    • sanpete

      that show will stay on forever it is what the left wants. the last 9.5 years it has gotten worse. just the way the left wants it.

  • juan robledo

    She should’ve been fired for running her trap

  • Dianne

    I guess she learned nothing from Kathy Griffin… self centered, egotistical, moronic celebrities – when will they ever learn – their opinion has NO bearing on the every day “joe”…. ummmm probably NEVER

  • Sheila Cloudcroft

    Right. The way the left projects things, its the inverse of reality. This is why exclusive voice in the media distorts truth to what those with power to express themselves believe. Its unacceptable. We need to question why our First Amendment is siphoned off to one major outlet (Fox) while all others, owned in large by billionaires, many foreign (eg. Mexico), push a radical agenda.

    Are we a free nation when our press doesn’t allow our voice?

    Last I checked over 90% of press was ANTI-MAGA which is … our voice.

  • Forbin Project

    Behar is mentally ill.

    • sasquatch1313

      To be mentally ill, you have to actually have a brain.

  • Bill Giles

    Just like Fake News, the left uses “I’m sorry” as Fake Apology.

  • USArmyAirborne

    Get rid of ABC’s “The View”. The show is a disgrace.

    • JACIE

      I agree that is the most horrible show . Barbara Walters kept them in check but now that she’s gone they are out of control. Joy and Whoopi need to go.

      • drew

        Jacie………….why is Woopi still here………………she said she would leave the USA if Trump won ? We will not miss her and that type of Hollywood cr-p

        • pat

          She couldn’t pass the no ulglies test of other countries.

          • drew

            to Pat..good one !

  • cp123

    Joy Behar doesn’t mean a word of that apology. She will stoop as low as she has to to makes others who don’t agree with her satanic philosophy feel awful. She’s a total slime.

  • Connie Valdez-Gallas

    She only apologized because she wants to keep her job on the view.

  • Greg Dennis

    Forced apology, no sincerity involved whatsoever. Only a large dash of resentment for feeling obligated to do so. A very angry, bitter person who meant what she said the first time. Not a “Nice Lady”, Not a Funny Comedian either. Just a Despicable Person.

  • Jane C Dewberry

    Did anyone see the invisible hammer hanging over Behar’s head when she apologized? She wasn’t sincere when she apologized, because sincerity is not part of a liberals mental or emotional makeup. She was afraid that the hammer would fall and she might lose her cushy co-host position. In her vacuous mind, she thought what she said would be acceptable to everyone, as all progressives feel their actions are acceptable and beyond reproach. Evidently, some of the folks in control of the “View” felt differently. Congratulations to them for finally standing up for what’s right, as they haven’t been noted for doing so in the past. Now, let’s see if the folks at Facebook will allow this to be posted as they are in the same sanctimonious position as the hostesses of the “View”.

  • Kent Powers

    How about the millions of others out here insulted by these radical liberal lies & misrepresentations the View puts out each day? America is sick of their type of so called entertainment, it is not enjoyable, it is depressing to hear their hate speech everyday over, over over. Take this trash off the air.

  • Oldman054

    Too little, too late and without meaning. They’re all worthless liberal pieces of crap. Soros must be paying for the show. How else could that sorry crap still be on the air?

  • KJ

    Translation: “Yah, my dumba$$ bosses at Disney got a buttful of calls, texts, and emails and got all woosie. They told me to apologize to VP Q-tip, so I said,’Like whatever. Okay? You want me to apologize; I’ll do it’. So, yah, like hey… I get to keep my job and live to shoot my mouth off at Christians, conservatives, and whoever. So, yah, dats da ticket.”

    Behar remains the undisputed Queen of Crud television. And both ABC and parent Disney wink and nod with tacit approval. Disgusting but predictable.

  • A. Jay

    Joy Blohard is nothing but trash! The View is nothing but trash TV! How do people watch this slime denigrate all that is respectable or makes sense? There’s a special place waiting for this genius and all of her kind!

  • Roger Cavin


  • W. Coyote

    OK. Now if Mike Pence can get Trump to apologize to all the women he harassed and all the patriotic public servants he has insulted, then maybe we’re getting somewhere.

    • Chris Chris

      How about getting Slick Willy to apologize for all the women he raped or otherwise bought, and an apology from his equally nasty wife for attacking these same women when they raised complaint.

      • W. Coyote

        Chris Chris- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Mike Pence had this to say about Joy Behar’s apology–

        “I give Joy Behar a lot of credit,” he said. “She picked up the phone. She called me. She was very sincere. And she apologized. One of the things my faith teaches me is grace. Forgive as you have been forgiven.”

        Mike Pence is a Christian. Why do you think he has been able to tolerate so much un-Christian behavior from his boss?

        • drew

          to W. Coyote…………you must be a CNN watcher and worshiper……Trump is bringing back Christianity ..where Obama said America is no longer a Christian nation.remember……liberal liar ???

          • W. Coyote

            drew- Good morning and thank you for your reply. I rarely watch CNN and certainly don’t worship it. I tend to go straight to the source. For example, I am well aware of the “Obama said America is no longer a Christian nation” claim. That quote was taken out of context in an apparent effort to smear the President. He did say “we are no long JUST a Christian nation” That one word makes a huge difference. He was making the point that we also have Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and other religions in our country. Do you dispute that fact?

          • drew

            Coyote we have had Jews and Buddhists and others here a very long time 80 years or more. It is questionable whether Obama is a muslim and promotes Muslims and the Iran deal..a mess………..Trump poses with the bible …..says God Bless America and the American people.It is all coming out now. B.Clinton never did a good negotiation with N.KOREA…….neither did bama,,,,,. Illegal immigration across the border is down to where it was in 1971 because of Trump. What have ALL these presidents been doing..only talking. ? No matter what he does….our other choice was crooked Hillary using her position to fill her pockets..Benghazi.etc…google CLINTON body bags. I do not consider her an American. OBAMA’S open borders has allowed many terrorists to enter our country……..he ruined it with regulations. Trump to date has brought 313,000 jobs. I was a democrat for 40 years when they had values and were statesmen. Wake up champ or be a chump. Do your homework ! Do not be a blind follower……the Dems were the 1st to raid social security…..Bill Clinton was not responsible for balancing the budget in his term….it was the Republicans and he took the credit. Google it. I am an ex democrat….now an INDEPENDENT. See the light COYOTE ! Muslims and others are not integrating and becoming Americans as the Euoropeans have in the past. They are sucking off the working people and sometimes raising the mexican flag over ours wake up……….see how the arabs and muslims took over Detroit ????? wake up . ex dem

          • W. Coyote

            Drew- Good morning and thank you for providing more detail about your views. You bring up some interesting points. I similar stories from a number of people about their transition away from the Democratic party, which I think has been true of millions of people I think it’s important to realize that with our two party system, the political parties have never been single minded. They are actually coalitions of different interest groups. The Democratic coalition that was formed during the New Deal included some odd combinations. For one thing, it included Southern conservatives who were staunch segregationists. Some of them split off into the “Dixiecrats” during the 40’s. Then after the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in the 60’s, the rest of them migrated to the Republican party ( Nixon’s Southern Strategy etc) Of course today, we now see David Duke praising Donald Trump and saying Trump’s victory was a great day for white people
            I agree that we used to have more statesmen. I especially remember Howard Baker (Republican from Tennessee) who said “Always listen to the other fellow. He might be right”. Since then I think we have seen the corrosive effect of talk radio demagogues who have made millions of dollars pushing conspiracy theories, and polarization. We have fewer respectful debates. It’s much easier and satisfying to simply label the other side ( liberal, Demorats, Marxist, commie etc) and demonize the opposition ( George Soros, Crooked HIllary, Pocahontas, etc).
            A few points in random order- Democrats created Social Security. There were no open borders during President Obama’s term. In Latin America, he was known as “The Deporter-in -Chief”. The whole “Clinton Body Bag” claim is part of this demonization through conspiracy theories. Are you suggesting that no one who have any connection to Ronald Reagan or George Bush ever died? You might wonder about the “mysterious” death of William Casey ( CIA chief under Reagan) or Kathryn Harris’ husband’s so-called “suicide”. Was he the many who knew too much?
            I’m not saying Democrats are now or ever have been perfect. I just think both sides should sit down and talk rather than attack each other.

          • drew

            Good evening W. Coyote………….I agree with only one statement of yours…….both sides should sit down and talk rather than attack each other. Now a few points that tell me you are educated ….you know the history but not the present !……Soros, Crooked Hillary, and Pocohontas are all properly demonized. Soros provided and paid for people to protest against Trump………….in fact busloads. There was an add on Craig’s list (before Trump won) to pay $18 per hour for protesters ???? Soros has paid for disruption and possible take overs in a few other foreign countries. Hillary has used her office for monetary gains “pay for play “. She short changed Haiti….and kept most 90% of the donations that were meant for Haiti in the Clinton fund. She has been fired from several law firms in the early days for LYING . Hillary and Bill are not allowed to practice law in the state of Arkansas…because they are CROOKED and Unethical. There were 40 or so people killed that knew and were going to testify against the Clintons in the real estate scam. and also their body guards were killed because thy knew too much. Demonized …hardly…….both should have been jailed. When you judge and short change Trump………….remember…….she was the other choice. You have to be f–k-ng kidding to elect an UNAMERICAN like her ?? Ignorant and stupid. Although many do not like Trumps mannerisms and tweets ,etc………..any intelligent person likes what he is doing for far. Everyone should let him do his job….and if not satisfied after his 4 years,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don;t vote for him next term. Simple.instead of all this resistance shit from ignorant people ….. Now facts about Obama. A misleading leftist statement from you. THE BORDERS WERE CLOSED UNDER OBAMA. This is true but highly misleading. NOW THE FACTS…….. the highest number of border patrols were during the Obama administration.INHERITED FROM THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. Bush increased it from I think 9000 to 200,000 in round numbers.

          • W. Coyote


            “During the third and final presidential debate on 19 October 2016, Republican nominee Donald Trump remarked that President Barack Obama “has moved millions of people out … millions of people have been moved out of this country.” As of 2015, more than 2.5 million undocumented persons had been deported by immigration authorities since President Obama took office in 2009, a total which was statistically record-setting. During the two terms of Obama’s predecessor, President George W. Bush, just over 2 million people were deported.”

          • drew

            coyote I just read on the news here.Florida muslim teen slits other teens throat.stabs a mom and her son because of the Koran………..threatened a school in England………….Bama made those speeches so we accept more of those kind…so eventually they will try to take us over. Read your history…they tried to take over Italy many countries for a hundreds of years. ???? wake up see their big plan !

          • drew


  • Fed Up With Politicians

    Joy didn’t sound sincere with her apology!

  • susan shelby

    BS Joy—-Get out of my country. You don’t deserve to live here,, scum bag. My apologies to scum.

  • Bud Rennie


  • Babbo

    Behar apologizing??I don’t think so; just wants to keep her pathetic job.

  • Ron

    She is so radical and biased. She needs to leave the show.

  • Voltair

    The evil left continues to exhibit and showcase who they really are.