ISIS Claims Responsibility

In the wake of another horrific terrorist attack over the weekend in London, the Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility. But this time, the group went a step further, claiming it was in fact Islamic State group fighters who carried out the atrocities.

Late Saturday a group of men drove a van through a crowd of pedestrians on the London Bridge. The three terrorists then left the vehicle and went on a stabbing rampage at Borough Market, located near the bridge. According to a witness, at least one terrorist shouted “This is for Islam!” as he stabbed the victims. Seven people were killed and at least 48 were injured in the attacks.

According to the Amaq News Agency, a publication by the Islamic terror group, “a detachment of Islamic State fighters executed yesterday’s London attack.”

If the report from the Islamic State group is true, the West is facing trained Islamic killers, not only so-called “lone wolves” who have become radicalized through online propaganda.

British Prime Minister Theresa May issued a statement Sunday, condemning the “evil ideology” behind the attacks. Indeed, the evil ideology of radical Islamic terror must be combated. What also must be combated are the open borders and that have allowed Islamic State fighters from Syria and other terrorist hot-spots to infiltrate European society.


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