Is Trump Guilty Of Obstruction

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused President Trump of “obstruction” and “suppression of the vote” for commenting on the Florida recount of Senate and gubernatorial races.

Partial transcript as follows:

BRENNAN: The president has been saying that there’s election fraud in Florida. What do you think is happening in Broward County? Is this election fraud and is there a role that Congress needs to play in upgrading election infrastructure?

PELOSI: Yes to the second part. Let’s go to the first part first. My experience with the president is any time charges somebody with something he’s just projecting what he might have done himself. We’re not —

BRENNAN: Election fraud?

PELOSI: Well obstruction, suppression of the vote. Those kinds of issues I think are wrong and not in honor of our sacred right to vote. Not there’s no election fraud. What there is, is an honest count of the votes.

  • Maggietish

    The only ones that are guilty of obstruction is Brennan And the rest of the Democrats. They haven’t done anything for this nation and the American people for decades. They breed anarchy and division among the American people consistently.

    • Ron C

      Every since Johnson had JFK murdered!

    • Mo

      That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I wonder how many obstruction charges coud be brought against Obama for all of the Bush people he fired. Or just how many Clinton staffers could be charged for trying to sabotage the incoming Bush people? Double standards for the Demoncraps and something totally different for Republicans. President Trump does his job and he has somehow broke the Law, what a bunch of sore LOSERS!

  • Michael W

    If democrats were for honest counting of votes, they would 100 percent support a 100 percent voter identification program that is based on constitutional citizenship requirements not moto/voter registration.

  • reconst52

    its time to catch these dems and tar and feather these anti American idiots and chase them out of office.Thats the only way we will get rid of these morons.

    • Ron C

      Yeah you can damn sure bet the so called authorities will never stop the voter fraud!

  • LMB

    Pelosy’s Botox injections are leaking into her brain pan!

  • Ron C

    And where the hell is RINO Paul Ryan…??? Telling Nancy to pound sand, and to stop lying about the voter fraud going on in Broward County…??? Oh yeah…most likely kissing Nancy’s posterior!

    • Huck Finn

      Oh! he’s running away,like the scared RINO rabbit that he is.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    One thing for sure these people who put these Democrats in the House to rule us will get just what they throw at us also. They have upset the APPLE CART AND HAVE NOT THE SENSE TO SEE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE.

  • Huck Finn

    Nancy Pelosi is a huge part of the problem! I cannot believe that we have citizens in this nation that are ignorant enough to vote for these leftists that are trying to tear down the fabric of our nation. The Swamp just got more poisonous. This nation is in for a couple of tough years! And believe me, if they try to impeach President Trump, they are in for a huge fight.

  • barbarakelly

    Look at that grinning monkey of Pelosi. — She can’t wait to try and get him on something. What happen to lets get along crap she was spewing. AND NO PELOSI HE IS NOT GUILTY OF OBSTRUCTION. —SO PUT YOU DAMN CLAWS BACK IN AND BACK OFF.

  • barbarakelly

    SHE IS TALKING OF BRENNAN- the #1 criminal of all the mess for the last 2yrs. Oh just wait alot of them are going to prison —VERY SOON.!!!!!

  • 3CatLady

    Those that scream the loudest are generally guilty of what they are objecting to. At lease we now have a president who is trying to do the right thing even with the an arm of the Demoratic Party, the Demorats, RIONs, and elitists. Unfortunately, nothing FOR WE, THE PEOPLE, will be done with the Demorats in the House and, God forbid, the Senate.

  • mwood13

    demo-commeys cry and lye

  • caligirl1960

    No Trump is not guilty of obstruction democrats are idiots. They are starting to believe their own lies!


    She’s not the speaker yet, already she’s foaming at the mouth. Let the moron keep spewing, she will show all her stupidity and nonsense. We will take back the House in 2020.

  • John Chism

    There isn’t anything in our Constitution that gives anyone a “Right to Vote” that narrative is a misnomer. Just like the “Disenfranchisement” ideology is a misnomer, because a person that is wanting to vote, will follow the rules to be eligible to vote. Every state makes their law’s that their legal Citizens of their state has to follow to legally vote. That leaves it to those citizens of their state to make the effort to comply and register to vote by those law’s and regulations. But there isn’t any “Right to Vote” that’s granted or garunteed. Only that “you can’t denied to vote” if you meet the clause in our Constitution and the Amendment’s that lowered it from 21 to 18 years old, are a freed slave or child thereof, a female or a Native American that meets those requirements and has denounced their fealty to their Tribe. Residing in the boundaries of the USA doesn’t make you eligible to vote by the Jurisdiction Clause that you must first become a Legal Resident or Naturalized Citizen that has pledged allegiance to the Federal Government of the USA and denounced any prior fealty to anywhere else. Obama’s DACA gave all whom complied, a Legal Resident Status and therefore a path to vote when they become a Citizen…but not their Parents or those that Chain Migrated because of them breaking our law’s.

  • Dennis Anderson

    Why do you people put up this crap. How many times do you want us to tell you no on Trumps impeachment. Why don`t you give us a date when you are going to hang the Demonrat party. Enough of your shit. If you go after Trump for obstruction then you better kill Hitler-y first.

  • rayser711

    Trump is guilty of nothing. Meanwhile the Democrats,or should I say the law breakers on the left have not had to answer to not even one atrocity, they have committed many. If they want to make Washington respectful again,start with Hillary and company.

  • Larry Pearson

    Strange, the same Democrats that brought on the Civil War and Jim Crow laws are surely playing the sacred vote game. I find it ironic in voting for those that led to the carnage of the War of the Rebellion! They only supported Hayes in order to remove the Federals from their Democratically controlled states and all hell was unleashed on African-Americans!

  • Donald Gitschier

    To be guilty of obstruction, 1st there needs to be a crime, collusion as worded by the dems isn’t a crime. So NO obstruction

  • barbarakelly

    Pelosi you re one sick women—–you and Brennan would come up with the most idiotic idea. I suggest you look at what your friend Brennan and yourself are guilty of. using voter fraud and Brennan and obama are a pair of criminals.!!