Is Kamala Harris Running In 2020?

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) suggested considering to run for 2020 presidential elections.

Harris stated, “Let me tell you what I want to be. I want to be relevant. I want to have impact. I want to lift people up. I want to be a voice for those who do not have a voice at the table. That is what I want to be every day. So right now I am focused on the tasks right in front of me. If I can be more relevant in the future, then I’m going to want to be that.”

  • Ron C

    Non-sense…Kamala just wants to confiscate from anyone with a job and enrich her self…period!

  • cardmaster1

    God forbid this woman EVER gets Near the WH as POTUS!! She is just as bad as Killary. Maybe worse. A typical Liberal-anti American, anti Constitution, Anti Second Amendment.

    • Concerned

      Another communist piece of shit. We do not need a woman in the White House especially another minority.

      • Cliff Ward

        her gender does not matter.. we don’t need a liberal democrap/socialist/communist in the government…

      • Gen11American

        If we didn’t learn that hard lesson during Obama’s Marxist/Muslim/Homosexual Regime, we’ll never learn it! I suppose half our populous can use the excuse that three straight generations of American students have been dumped down in our public schools since the 1960’s, but the other half attended the same public schools and didn’t get dumbed down at all! Despite being in our 70’s, we’re still as smart as whips, and can see right through the Democrats, and realize how destructive their progressive/socialist/communist agenda is! Any Americans who claim to be patriotic yet cast their votes for Democrats are LYING!

  • Phoebe Isley

    I see trouble with this one. She wants to be a voice for those who do not have a voice at the table? WE THE PEOPLE just voted in OUR PRESIDENT and OUR VOICES ARE BEING HEARD. I know the voices you want to silence but that’s not ever going to happen again. Let’s just say we suffered enough through the experience of a so called “change” and it was unbearable so no thanks.

    • Cliff Ward


  • Dodie1990

    She would be a disaster for the 2nd amendment and working taxpaying citizens. But if you are an illegal, she would be great.

    • Marine68

      If the 2nd is jeopardized in any way by anybody, its purpose would immediately be implemented to great effect.

      • Dodie1990

        Hopefully, however lok how the gov’t attacked Ruby Ridge, or Waco Tx, They will come with heavy equipment and no one will stand a chance, Most Americans will not resist anyway. Look at how many states have enacted restrictions/bans since Parkland, Fla. Not much protest. State by state

  • Jim

    Yes she will run as the female barry of kenya. KH is a combination Castro/Chavez. If she is elected to the WH all American households will get a free rice cooker.

    • Marine68

      You might get the rice cooker, but no water.

      • Jim

        , . . and no rice.

  • gideonrockwell

    This Libertard Twit is one of the reasons Kaliformia is as screwed up as it is. She wants to bring Kalifornia style politics to the rest of the country. She is just a younger Psycho Maxine Waters.

  • Even all of the Democratic communists in California don’t have enough votes to put this woman in office! I live in California and I am a staunch Republican! Harris should not embarrass the Democratic party by running for the office of the president!

  • Bill Manseau

    I don’t know what to really believe anymore, I believe we are on the Apex of Christ’s second coming and the rapture possibly imminently soon!

    • Dennis Recker

      Yes you know what to believe 1st COR, Ch 15 VS 1-4. You can still vote right up until our departure.

  • Alan404

    If she ran for the presidency and lost, would she be out of the U.S. Senate, or is that wishful thinking on my part?

    • Dodie1990

      I do not believe she has to step down from the Senate to run.

      • Dennis Recker

        Right, She could run from the cover of her senate seat depending when her term ends.

      • Alan404

        No she doesn’t. Wishful thinking on my part, but regarding her presence in any elective office, the following old adage comes to mind. People will generally get the kind of government they didn’t vote against.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Want to destroy America? Kamala Harris for President!

  • Cliff Ward

    Liberal Loon.. just like her mentor Maxine wasted Waters.

  • Marine68

    No fear, a sure loser.

  • steven de carlo

    God help America as we know it and love it. Because if you put someone like her in the WH we will become Socialist overnight. This Dem is hell bent on “sharing the wealth” which in her
    Robin Hood mind we need to take from the rich to give to the poor, lazy, fat-assed, worthless dredges on society more free shit!!! These voters only hear “free shit” and that’s enough for them to secure their vote. These are the Einsteins, who, will let America go down the drain as long as there is “free shit” are plentiful and it is tough to beat a “free shit” platform with issues……God Help all us Americans who work for a living.

  • rll

    A younger Maxine Waters. The Dimms. go hard left. Lets hope she runs. A easy win for Trump!

  • Gen11American

    If ultra-Liberal/Leftist California Senator Kamala Harris is planning to run for POTUS in 2020, American voters need to be informed about her mostly deplorable career voting record on immigration issues since she’s been serving the interests of her own Party and employers seeking cheap, illegal laborers. Just as 97% of Senator Harris’s Demo colleagues in Congress have been doing for DECADES, she has been aiding and abetting the illegal alien invasion and occupation of our country since entering Congress! Here’s the summary of her immigration-related votes, which should disqualify her from running in 2020!

    1. Reduce Chain Migration – No Actions – No Grade (Even though that has quadrupled immigration!)
    2. Reduce Visa Lottery – No Actions – No Grade (Even though used to import WORST immigrants!)
    3. Reduce Unnecessary Worker Visas – 1 Action – 0% – F- Grade (Used to replace American workers!)
    4. Reduce Refugee and Asylum Fraud – 3 Actions – 0% – F- Grade
    5. Reduce Amnesty Enticements – 6 Actions – 44% – C- Grade
    6. Reduce Anchor Baby Citizenship – No Actions – No Grade (Used by tens of thousands of pregnant Chinese tourists & thousands of pregnant Mexican migrants annually to circumvent our imm. system)
    7. Reduce Illegal Immigration Rewards – 2 Actions – 0% – F- Grade (Exchanging benefits for votes!)
    8. Reduce Illegal Immigration at Borders – 2 Actions – 35% – D+ Grade (Up to 50,000 illegals crossing our borders monthly, yet Senator Harris only cast 2 ballots to stop the invasion since being in Congress?!)
    9. Reduce Illegal Jobs and Presence – 7 Actions – 23% – D Grade (This explains why 100 MILLION Americans are currently out of the workforce! The vast majority of Democrats serving their globalist puppet masters in Congress rather than serving the American people have F grades in this category)
    10. Challenge Status Quo – 0% – F- Grade (For this taxpayers are paying Senator Harris $174,000?!)

    When bad politicians are elected to high office, it’s largely the fault of stupid, gullible voters who don’t research candidates thoroughly when they’re running, and lazy, benefit guzzling voters who vote for candidates who have D’s behind their names to assure their welfare checks keep arriving monthly. Those who have NEVER worked for a living shouldn’t be allowed to vote at all because it is they who have filled the halls of Congress with the worst collection of corrupt Democrats since the Reconstruction Era!

    • Vladimir Kunin

      “..Those who have NEVER worked for a living shouldn’t be allowed to vote at all…” -!!!
      1776 – “No taxation without representation!!!”
      2??? – “No representation without taxation!!!”

  • antiliberal

    She is not eligible for the presidency, her parents at the time of her birth were legal residents, not citizens, null and void!

  • Shannon Bruno

    She wants to lift people up? Like the military vet who she denied help to and he lost everything? She didnt help him because he was white. No way should this piece of trash ever be elected POTUS. We the people have spoken and elected our President. Kamala needs to slither back under whatever rock that she came from.

  • Queenchallenger

    Any citizen can run for the office, but Sen. Harris will not win?

  • metheoldsarge

    Don’t be too fast to say it’s non-sense. In 2020 she will be a
    Senator for three years. Remember what happened just ten short years
    ago? Many thought it was a pipe dream when Obama ran for the White
    House. He was a Senator for just 3 years when he was elected

    In 2007, how many, outside of Illinois, even knew who Obama
    was? When the 2008 campaign started, everyone, myself included,
    thought Hillary had the nomination in the bag. The primaries were
    just a formality.

    This virtual unknown came from left field, humiliated her, took the
    nomination and the White house. In just three short years, he has
    risen from an unknown to the most powerful man in the world.

    I don’t think many outside of California know very much about Senator

  • White Trailer Trash

    let her, first thing to come out…
    how she slept her way into politics with Willy Brown and how she divided Willy and his Wife with her affair with him.. see how it flies when women do the same thing men do… more than likely, no affect..

  • tigercat

    She wants to be relevant? She already is as a malignant cancer that needs to be irradiated. Her very existence supports a woman’s right to an abortion, in this case I think even right to lifers would agree with that. To her credit she has come far from being on her knee’s under Willie Brown’s desk.

  • am

    Trump will crush the socialist