IRS Pulls Another Fast One That Has Republicans in Congress Outraged

The IRS under the leadership of Commissioner John Koskinen has proven itself to be nothing more than a weaponized arm of the Obama administration – ready to target and take out any political enemies or people who interfere with the liberal agenda. Obfuscation, delays, and outright skullduggery has been standard operating procedure for this IRS.

Case in point: the IRS just defied an order from a federal judge to preserve a computer hard drive that is connected to a lawsuit… they wiped it clean, instead.

This isn’t the first time the IRS has destroyed evidence that they’ve been ordered to preserve — evidence that could prove their wrongdoing.

Committee on House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Jim Jordan wrote a letter to IRS Commissioner Koskinen stating that,

“The destruction of evidence subject to preservation orders and subpoenas has been an ongoing problem under your leadership at the IRS. It is stunning to see that the IRS does not take reasonable care to preserve documents that it is legally required to protect. “

BizpacReview reports that, 

The IRS recently admitted in court to erasing the hard drive even though a federal judge had issued a preservation related to a Microsoft Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the federal tax agency last year, according to court documents. Microsoft accuses the IRS of inappropriately hiring an outside law firm to audit it and of failing to hand over related documents requested under the FOIA.

Chaffetz and other members of the oversight panel began calling for Koskinen’s impeachment in October. Chaffetz and Jordan in their letter point out that the IRS in March 2014 also destroyed 422 backup tapes containing as many as 24,000 emails sent or received by Lois Lerner, former director of IRS’ Exempt Organizations Division.

Lerner was the central figure in the scandal sparked by the tax agency’s illegal targeting and harassment of conservative and Tea Party non-profit applicants during the 2010 and 2012 election campaigns.

Samuel Maruca, owner of the hard drive in question and a former senior IRS executive, participated in the IRS hiring of the outside law firm Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP allegedly to investigate Microsoft. Maruca left the IRS in August 2014, according to court documents.

In the end, Chaffetz and Jordan ordered Koskinen to surrender all documents related to IRS preservation policies as well as all documents related to the destruction of Lerner and Maruca’s hard drives.

What do you think should be done about Koskinen and the IRS in light of their consistent refusal to adhere to the law and follow orders to preserve and hand over evidence?

Here is video of Chaffetz and Jordan discussing yet another instance of the IRS destroying evidence:

  • William Keeney

    IMPEACH?????? JAIL the liberal, lying, progressive PUKES !!!!!!

    • Howleyesque

      Impeachment is the WAY to get TOO those he protects from above. 😉

  • Connie Wolfinger

    Why were the not arrested? They defied a court order. Am I missing something here or what?

    • John Carlson

      Thats the question. Why are we talking about it? There should be an immediate action!

      • Mitchina

        Chaffetz and Jordan should have been ruthless in their reaction to this. WTH is their problem… a freaking LETTER? This gawls me. The IRS defies a court order “in your face” style and then just sits back knowing the cowards in congress won’t do a damn thing.

        • Lt_Scrounge

          They can do NOTHING as long as Obamao is in the White House. He will be signing a HUGE stack of “get out of jail free cards” aka presidential pardons if the election goes against the Democrats.

          • Dr. Bill

            One of the punishments in a successful impeachment can be a permanent bar from holding public office ever again. If an impeachment proceeding reveals actual crimes, those can be prosecuted in a regular court and Obama can pardon those specific crimes. The fact that they are pardoned does not remove them from consideration in an impeachment proceeding, which is solely under the control of the congress. Obama cannot, by pardon, nullify the actual impeachment result, nor the removal from office and ban from future offices by the congress.

          • Lt_Scrounge

            You don’t seem to understand that it doesn’t matter what the Republicans in Congress do. The Democrats in the Senate will block the impeachment attempt out of party loyalty. They could care less that this guy is breaking the law and targeting individuals, as long as it isn’t their political donors. They will stop the impeachment and then use the attempt to try and crucify the Republicans for their efforts in the lap dog press. Just as the Democrats have been portraying everything as the Republicans’ fault when it was the Democrats who absolutely refused to compromise on anything.

    • James Kennedy

      Yes my friend, you are missing something, It’s called a brain.

      • Howleyesque

        We’re NOT ‘your friends” and we don’t appreciate your trolling TWIT!

    • Bob Onitt

      first eric holder ,now lorreta lynch gotta have a prosecutor to prosecute bubba,always gotta wonder about a black woman named ”lynch”

  • Alan

    The most transparent administration ever – transparently criminal, led by a muzzie thug from Chitcago.

    • Mitchina

      Are you sure he’s from Chicago? lol

      • shamu9

        Nah, That’s “Bongo Congo” Barrack O’ Th’ Jungle’ With “Grape Ape” Moochie, his mate,and the Chimpetts, Cheeta an’ Chim!! [remember “Tarzan” an’ “Sheena Queen O’ Th’ Jungle”, Sat. Morning TV, Back when this was still America, [’50s-’60s] the greatest nation on Earth??

    • Deert

      from Kenya, you mean.

  • Velma Saccone

    It never ends with this corrupt Obama administration. Lerner should be in jail along with Obama, Jarrett, Hillary, and anyone else who has broken the law. Obama and Hillary should be tried for treason for Benghazi. If our congress had any balls they would do something about this situation. Nixon had to resign for much less corruption than this Obama administration is guilty of and continues to be guilty of. The IRS should be dissolved and replaced with a flat tax one page tax return which will save trillions of dollars. I’m afraid we are headed for a civil uprising of weary taxpayers if things continue as they are now.

    • Cinda Nichols

      Velma, I have been saying the very same thing for a long time now. But your last line seems to reveal a possible solution – but I don’t think it will ever happen for two reasons: 1. The “weary taxpayers” are weary for too many reasons; no jobs, everyone in the family having to work and skrimp, getting on welfare, getting on food stamps, too many broken family units, too many children being raised by grandparents, toxic food supply/poor food choices and vaccines causing too many illnesses in younger and younger people, too many pharmaceuticals not delivering the results as claimed and then causing added medical burden to our bodies; and 2. The public schools are pumping out young people that believe there is no problem with the liberal-progressive mind set that says one can break laws without consequences, so therefore, screw you. Unfortunately, the taxpayers have been cowed. It would take an extraordinary set of circumstances to move these “weary OLD taxpayers” into action. It appears that the “20 somethings” like the socialist ideology and the idea that “if it didn’t hurt anyone – then they shouldn’t be punished.”

      • eaglestalon

        The reasons given by you for why the revolution “will never happen” are actually the very reason it will.

        Tax payers who are NOT weary, who HAVE good jobs etc are not going to rebel, why should they?

        • Arizona Don

          It is not just discontent over jobs that may push law abiding Americans into revolting against this government. It is however, many other things including but not limited to socialistic movement being forced upon us who want no part of it and prefer our constitutional republic just the way it was 40 years ago. We will not give up our guns for one thing and there is a push right now to take them.

          Two wars have been fought over guns in America and it can happen again. The American revolutionary war with England and the Texas revolutionary war with Mexico. In both cases we here in America were the under dog gong in we won both!

          Think about this. The debt run up under obama can in itself destroy our way of life here in America and we have the oppressive, regressive communists who refer to themselves as democrats to blame.

          Many of us in the past have fought for this once great nation some may have to do it again, right here!

    • Grover Syck

      It is not the Obama administration that is corrupt.
      It is the gang of criminals that go by the name of REPUBLICANS.

      • Lt_Scrounge

        So, according to you, it was Republicans that ordered car dealerships closed based on who the owners contributed to politically? It was Republicans who stonewalled applications for tax exempt status in order to keep groups opposed to their political agenda from being able to put out ads during an election cycle while not only fast tracking friendly organizations’ applications but even back dating one? It was Republicans who used an unlawful unsecured server to transmit classified information? It was a Republican candidate for president who ordered a subordinate to strip the classification headings off of documents and send them over an unsecured system in violation of national security laws? It was a Republican that accepted millions of dollars in donations to her family’s foundation ins exchange for virtually unlimited access and assistance while serving as Secretary of State? It was a Republican that KNEW the attack on the compound in Benghazi was a terrorist attack WHILE it was going on and then stood in front of TV cameras for weeks and lied that it was a protest against a YouTube video?

        Sorry Grover, but unless you live in the land of Makebelieve, those were all done by DEMOCRATS. Go back to Sesame Street.

        • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

          You’er so right it was the darn democrats that did us in.

        • Bob Onitt

          you forgot as SofS pushed to have most of the US production of uranium sold to russia ,to sell to Iran for a large portion of the 1.5 billion dollars the new SofS got hustled out of,and then signed off on it so her husband could pull down a 1/2 million dollar speaking gig in moscow lets break this down ,uranium to russia ,money to iran ,russia sells uranium to iran for their new nuke programs ,iran pays with money the US gives them so russia gets payed ,iran gets nukes and the clintons got payed it’s a win-win oh!wait what does the US get oh ! yea we get screwed

        • jimoaklanduniv

          These Obamabot Convenient Idiots are Allergic to the TRUTH, just like their LIAR IN CHIEF SOCIALIST barry!!

      • Howleyesque

        Well you’re clearly brain dead.

        • Paul Joseph

          Grover has all the symptoms of a recti-cranial inversion

      • Wayne

        You criminal types sure hang together defending the
        indefensible . No wonder liberalism is considered a self inflicted mental disorder !

        • Bob Onitt

          they are like my dog he lays around self involved licking his his ass and balls all day then goes out and craps all over the world,creating messes for somebody to clean up ,making me pay for his support ,but the kids like him ,but they still believe in santa claus

      • jillocity

        said the liberal/progressive lemming as he followed dear leader off the cliff

      • Jim

        Bleat A Little Louder Loser.

      • Richard Hartmann

        Syck… Your sick

      • David Silbernagel

        Are you really that dumb ? Or do you just want us to think you are !!!

        • Danni Smith

          likely a paid troll-real libs are watching sports.

        • Arizona Don

          Oh no he is that dumb!

      • coolman11

        You’re right because he said there’s not a smidgen of corruption I had forgotten!

        • Bolt

          Dear Folks,

          That you might be 99.44% ( to use an old purity standard) correct about poor Grover S., he has a point that you are missing. As long as the Republicans do nothing more than stamp their feet, these kinds of acts will continue. For years now I have advocated filing articles of impeachment for BHO and anyone else committing impeachable acts. Why, even though there may never be a conviction? Because we will then have the historical record of bad acts.

          Why have Republicans not done so? Good question, but what I have come to believe is that they are planning to use the same expanded notion of Executive authority because they are the majority in both houses. That, however, will work only if the Republicans win the presidency.

          What I do not understand, however, is what is holding back federal judges whose orders are simply in-your-face ignored. Or the federal judges lied to by lawyers for the government. They should all be sanctioned with referrals to state bars where the lawyers are licensed. Most people may not know that there is no separate and independent federal bar that allows a lawyer to practice–federal practice depends on membership in a state bar.

          Just think about these things. Grover S. May not have intended for this to be where he may have some validity, but there it is.

          • coolman11

            True that really wasn’t a defense for the establishment/ rinos my guess is that nsa has something on them or they are just as corrupt but Grover should have elaborated more but with an attorney General held in contempt and servers being wiped clean corruption is rampant with democrats and I came from a family of them

      • Velma Saccone

        You are a total moron.

      • Nathan

        Grover: The spelling of your last name should be changed from Syck to SICK. It is the DemocRATS that are responsible for most of the corruption, but the congress is guilty on both sides, along with the White House. You can not see the forest for the trees. Wake up and do your homework to see what is really going on. God help the USA!

      • Linda Shelton

        Bless you, you are partly right, but mostly wrong.

      • shamu9

        Yup Sycko! The EEEEEvvillll Republicans! All the way back to your HERO Abe Lincoln! Go back to Sesame Street


      • shamu9

        Only Welfare Recipients, and Dem. Party Honchos, Vote Dem. How much Welfare $$ do you and your Kids Get?? LEECH azzed Grover!

        • Mike Zimmerman

          The biggest welfare recipients are corporations. Do some research on how little taxes they pay. Look at how much tax payer money they get every year, especially in the oil and gas industry. Yet they’re worth billions.

          • ipsd48

            Well Mike, look at which corporations GOT those sweetheart tax deals: the one’s that supported Obama.

          • Mike Zimmerman

            Actually, they’ve been getting sweetheart deals from Reagan forward.

          • shamu9

            Yeah, and as long as , STAY Here and EMPLOY American Workers, It’s almost worth it!

          • Mike Zimmerman

            Let’s not also forget the big banks who did all kinds of criminal acts because of deregulation, tanked the economy in 2008, almost put us in a world wide depression and we the tax payers were stuck with bailing their sorry butts out because of their greed and illegal actions. They destroyed millions of people’s life savings, pensions, their jobs, their homes all because they were greedy. Despite doing all that they scream bloody murder about even remotely putting rules in place to prevent them from doing the same thing again. And that’s despite them needing us to bail them out from their own foolish greediness. That’s welfare in its worst form.

      • Cynthia Harmon

        Sorry Grover but it is, everything that has been done by Obama was not in good intentions. The healthcare reform destroyed many American’s who lost their good coverage not allowing couples to use the insurance that was better. Happened to my son and daughter- in- law, then on top of that it is now mandatory like car insurance so when you do pay out of pocket for insurance you really do not have any. All the bail outs and the money that went to them has caused a crucial action to be more probable in the near future, the loss of the dollar as the National Currency. Life in the US will be considerably different. Commodities that we are accustomed to getting from other countries we will not be able to buy our money will only be good here in the US. The color of his skin does not change the actions of the man. Here lies the truth.

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        You are wrong but i guess you’er one of those that gets welfare and food stamps RIGHT.

      • Bob Onitt

        your name implies you need medication ,are you dosing properly ??are you off yours??and you should include the that pack of wolves called democrats ,sucking up to iran ,soon they will be denying the holocaust by nazis just like the ayatolla

      • Vonnie Wilford

        There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE! ie. Democrats!

      • jimoaklanduniv

        R u Really as Ignorant and Stupid as your post indicates and do you Really think there are that many others of your ILK who are going to fall for your LIES about your LIAR IN CHIEF and his DEMOCROOKS and RATS??!! Wake UP!!

    • 48jerry

      Nixon wasn’t black

      • Bob Onitt

        neither is obama ,he is as red as putin . he is a marxist ,and it has nothing to do with groucho

  • yumadlh

    If a civilian contractor had done this, they would have been fined, indited, sentenced and prison time. Oh, this is the government which can not have any of this happen to them.

  • shannon853

    judge should have issued an arrest warrant for the chief.

    • ARJAY

      Plus EVERYONE involved with the destroying of evidence! If they can’t figure out who it is, then ARREST AND JAIL EVERYONE in the department for a MINIMUM of 30 days, NO exceptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • parthenon1

    Impeachment H—- ! Execute the B—— and all of those who worked with him that had decision making power as well!

  • AmericaFirst

    The IRS is mocking Congress….Why isn’t the committee ordering the US Marshalls to arrest those tampering with evidence? What is it going to take? Obama and his legions continue and continue to break laws and believe they can continue and laugh about it. Isnt it bout time Americans take matters in their own hands with these criminals?

    • jd1958

      What’s it going to take? Figure it out. They keep breaking the law, you and millions of Americans are getting fed up. They are arming themselves to the teeth and they want your guns. Can you draw any conclusions?

      • AmericaFirst

        yea they want our guns…but wont get em….Ask yourself…how many gun owners are there in America? It would take a house to house search to get em all….think they will? nahh….It will take a matter of life and death for the SMART Americans who are Patriots to figure this out and do something about DC by Liberating it.

        • jd1958

          “THEY” the government have what you and patriots don’t have “unity and the 3C’S” Command, Control and Communications. Which is why the NSA monitors everything to see if people are organizing. Which is why the ranchers received a “TRAFFIC STOP BY THE FBI” and the leader is now dead.

          • AmericaFirst

            Correct…I agree….I can only say …only when millions march on DC to liberate it from the NSA and FBI then we will have our country back. Right?

          • jd1958

            Who’s going to lead? How is the coordination going to occur? The will have air power a march won’t. They’re planning…………………..

          • AmericaFirst

            Not going to get into any details JD

          • Howleyesque

            LOL EXCEPT that ODUMMER has the same relative “ability” to identify “leadership” as Jefferson Davis! And as the OTHER two “C’s” are dependent upon electronics…

          • jd1958

            It is apparent you know two things about military activity and how to press and coordinate any operation. They can shut down the internet at will. They can communicate, patriots are individuals. If you cannot mass and coordinate any attack/counter attack without 3C’s. you’re all washed up before you start. USN/Ret.

          • Howleyesque

            It’s called an EMP (a gun ISB’T the ONLY “equalizer” DOLT… USMC combat veteran, Vietnam 70-71 Grunt and Recon Those OTHER two “C’s” ARE dependent upon ELECTRONICS PRE planning ISN’T it’s dependent upon TIMING!

          • jd1958

            Like you 60 year old plus asz is going to be able to do anything about anything.

          • Howleyesque

            You ARE a dumbun aren’t ya?

        • Jimh77

          Bury your weapons and ammo separately somewhere on your property.

          • Lizfan

            Better yet bury them OFF your property. Your property is the first place they’ll look for your guns, they’ll most likely look for areas that look recently dug & they’ll most likely have gun-sniffing dogs and/or metal detectors.

        • Johnnie Simpson

          They want our guns because they see Americans are fed up and on the verge of taking drastic action.Obama has changed his reason for wanting our guns more times than you can shake a stick at ! It’s obvious he is lying because he keeps changing his story.

          • Lt_Scrounge

            I read the book “The Case Against Barack Obama” back before the 2008 election and the only conclusion I could come to was that he didn’t want to be president, he wanted to be a Marxist dictator like Robert Mugabe. He hasn’t failed me yet in my assessment as to how far he’ll go to try and become president for life.

    • Johnnie Simpson

      I have said for some time now that our military needs to march through Washington and arrest Obama and everyone in his administration.I have never seen such a lawless bunch in my lifetime !

      • Lt_Scrounge

        Why do you think Obamao has been chasing out the warriors and replacing them with his transgender and homosexual recruits. He doesn’t want a military that is bound to the Constitution. He wants one that is bound to him.

    • Lt_Scrounge

      There is a quick way to put an end to abuse by the IRS. All the Republicans have to do is wait for a reconciliation to come along and throw an amendment in that cuts the IRS Budget for compensation to anyone above a given level until such time as ALL FOIA’s are resolved, and the DoJ takes criminal action against anyone involved in a scandal while working there. The guy they just promoted to head up the office of professional responsibilities (Ethics) was fired from a previous position for destroying documents illegally.


    Everyone involved in the destruction of IRS records should be prosecuted, fired, lose all retirement benefits and sent to prison when found guilty. They are so smug and arrogant like their boss obama and feel they are above the law.

    • Concerned

      Totally agree. When you defy a judge, you should immediately GO TO JAIL, do not pass GO, and do not collect $200. This is not a game and if they are not prosecuted immediately, everyone else feels they can get by with the same disrespect for law and justice. These same comments apply to Hillary.


        That is the law but since obama came along he gave them the okay to pass GO, collect everything and do whatever the hell they feel like doing and just ignore the law – obama will protect them. It definitely is not a game and we are paying the price of losing our country.

      • Johnnie Simpson

        I totally agree !

    • ARJAY

      I disagree with the last part, where you say they FEEL they are above the law. They ARE ABOVE THE LAW, as NOBODY is stopping them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If you or I had destroyed evidence, WE WOULD BE IN JAIL/PRISON!!!!!



        You are right about abut the last part. It’s true that it isn’t what you know but WHO you know.

  • Janthony132

    congress get your fxxking act together and impeach the SOB

  • LittleMoose

    The judge should send him to jail until he produced the disk in question. If he can’t he stays in jail for life. This will stop any of this unlawful action in the future.

  • dominke

    How many times and how many hearings have we had? The promises by congress and issuing of court orders and no one is held responsible. Both parties are in bed together folks and here is why I say that. Bush Sr. pushed for NEW WORLD ORDER and Bush Jr. pushed patriot act,last 7 plus years Obama and liberals have taken us down path of no return and republicans have helped. Now you tell me if parties are separate. Both parties are scared of Trump and what he would do for we the people. They would lose control and destroy them from having one world government.. This story is far from over. Major Hussein the one who killed our military men and women in Texas. Rumors are that Obama will issue pardons for him and Bergdahl before new president takes office. What will our simple minded folks think about that? We the people have right to stand and take back our country.

    • gunnygil

      Exactly why the pro politicians are destroying the 1st amendment with political correctness and pushing for total confiscation of firearms that the Bills of Rights guarantee to protect us and our ability to get rid of pro elitist dictators that our governing officials have become. The only entities inside the DC Beltway that deserves to live are the Marines. Move them out and infect the whole city with Ebola and cordon off all exits with RPG’s and machinegun bunkers

    • jd1958

      Trump to the dump. He’s a globalist business man. He is part of the one world order. Curz/Carson.

      • Howleyesque

        Oh PULLEEZZ child! More sold out career political trash?! Will you NEVER LEARN? Who is the one guy drawing from ALL of the major puppeteers, Murdoch, the Saudi’s AND Bloomerbug? ALL you’re doing is buying into THEIR fear mongering too advance the same agenda we’ve been dealing with from BOTH Bush’s AND the bum I=n office NOW!

        • jd1958

          Who is the narcissistic whiny cry baby who will run as an independent if the GOP don’t treat him right? Who is boycotting the debates because of Megan Kelly? THAT’S the person you want as CIC?

          • Jimh77

            In Trumps defense, there is much more going on with fox than you know. Really not just Megan.

          • Howleyesque

            WHO is the one and ONLY candidate being attacked by the media from BOTH sides (Murdoch AND Bloomerbug) CONSTANTLY which SHOUD tell you who the only one they DON’T OWN is!. Next, IF she were BLATANTLY against one of the others do you think THEY’D show up to be treated unfairly as Fox has NO intention of doing anything else? Short answer, YES HE IS!

          • jd1958

            The widdle man didn’t attend the debate but pouted by himself and his groupies. I will run as a third party candidate if the GOP “don’t treat me right.” WTF!!!! He wants to be president? TOO IMMATURE TO TAKE THE JABS. I’m terrified of the prospect of him becoming POTUS. Sir, Putin just invaded Estonia what are your orders sir. Get him on the phone we’ll make a deal. Deal sir? They’ve invaded!!!! We’ll make a very good deal……………where’s my wobbey?

          • Howleyesque

            Uh huh, any other fantasies you and your 4th grade classmates would like to share with us. DOLT?

    • ARJAY

      “We the people have right to stand and take back our country.”

      Not only do we have the right, we have the DUTY!!!!!!!!

  • gunnygil

    More that shows the bureaucrats in this over bearing abusive lying sack of elitist asses should be totally removed and every one above the rank of clerk prosecuted and jailed.

    • Deborah G

      Just HIDE!

  • Deborah G

    I think the Congress has been weak. They should have had these people arrested. PERIOD

  • Cornville

    I am convinced that if you or I were to go to an audit and we said the the IRS that we accidentally lost all of our records…the IRS would say to you…who cares…just tell us what you earned and where did you spend the money you earned?

  • Pauls1

    Congress must get these hard drives where information has been released and have computer experts retrieve this information and then get a cease and desist against the IRS and then put laws into effect and SHUT THEM DOWN, after that appoint an individual prosecutor to go after all who been involved.

  • lucifer

    The terrorist defends his soldiers. They will never get arrested because is a lower court, It will take time to get all these crooks in jail. There are no laws in this country anymore just a criminal operative in the white house.

  • Howleyesque

    It’s called IMPEACHMENT! Nixon was impeached for FAR less than this administration has been caught doing. Unless and until they do something about it the Republicans can resign themselves to TRUMP as our choice of candidate because ALL this IS proving is that they ARE ALL sold out to the very SAME puppeteers!

    • jd1958


      • Howleyesque

        And? PROVE that they are OWNED BY he same people!

    • conservative since 1962

      One correction, Nixon resigned when the probability of impeachment became high. He was not actually impeached.

      • Howleyesque

        Ok let’s see he plead guilty rather than be convicted…. hmm not much difference.

    • ARJAY

      Nixon was NOT impeached, he resigned.

      • Howleyesque

        You OCD TWITS are as bad as the damned liperals! JESUS H CHRIST they WERE in the process and he knew it!

        • ARJAY

          Well, whether the process was started or not, Nixon WAS NOT IMPEACHED-HE RESIGNED! Does TRUTH matter to you or not?!?!

          Nixon RESIGNED, and LEFT the office of the president! Clinton WAS IMPEACHED, but REMAINED in office!

          Those statements are both HISTORICALLY true. But, I guess that you don’t care about being HISTORICALLY CORRECT?!?!?!?!

          • Howleyesque

            let me make this simple for you …NO! not when it’s irrelevant to the outcome! (I can already hear the “OMG YOU MISSED THE GNAT’S ASS!” coming, SO…) in 1941 the Bismarck MISSED the British battleship Hood with the two rounds it fired…BUT those rounds STRADDLED it and the Hood broke in half sinking in less than 5 minutes and taking all but a handful of crewmen with it… END RESULT the Hood was sunk. End result was the SAME as impeachment except to you OCD TYPES!

    • SoundMind

      Yeah, all Nixon erased was 17 minutes of a tape he recorded!

      BTW Nixon was about 3 days away from being removed from office after being impeached by the House of Representatives. The Senate was all set to vote on Articles of Impeachment the coming Monday. Nixon got out within a hair’s breadth.

      • Howleyesque


  • Fred Kuykendall

    He should not only be fired,but he should be tried for defying a court order, perjury for lying to Congress & destroying evidence. Also, Lois Lerner should be charged with Contempt of Congress & destroying evidence and tried in court. If either or both are found guilty on any of these offenses, they should go to jail.

    • Howleyesque

      Him, Lerner, Swillary and Holder for not arresting Sharpton for inciting to riot in Ferguson! The level of corruption of this administration and the REFUSAL by Congress or the Senate to deal with it is nearly unbelievable!

  • jd1958

    The only laws in the land are the one’s the government FORCES upon you. Yet we the people allow them to govern…..not anymore. They’ve seized control and are not going to let go without a conflict. The Executive doesn’t follow the law. Rewrites the laws, Disobeys the law. Congress and the Senate applaud. The SCOTUS invents law (homosexual marriage) which they are not privy to do. The whole system is full of corruption, liars and thieves.

  • JimMay


    • Howleyesque

      OOORAH! I heard ALLA THAT!

      • Mitchina

        You’ve both lost your scruples.

        • Howleyesque

          Nope sorry lady we Marines are fed up with politics as usual, you seem to have let YOURS get buried in the propaganda from Murdoch, Bloomerbug and the Saudi’s (WHEN are you going to figure out that THOSE are the puppeteers that CONTROL the OTHERS, those CAREER liars and thieves running for the Presidency? ) You ‘re refusal to see doesn’t make US blind.

          • Mitchina

            Seems the media is on a mission to support Trump into office, so I tend not to listen to them, including Murdoch. So tell me why is it then that even the “establishment” is starting to back Trump? That fact alone is enough to tell you something – apparently you aren’t making the connection.

          • Howleyesque

            SUPPORT? I don’t know what kind of drugs or booze you’re on but whatever it is STOP NOW! The “establishment” within the GOP is finally realizing that ALL of their attempts to push him aside have only served to make MORE of us DETERMINED TO elect him BECAUSE the puppeteers want NO PART OF HIM!

          • Mitchina

            “Our analysis shows some candidates are being ignored and some candidates are being inexplicably preferred by the mainstream media.”

            The only reason Hildabeast is so high on coverage is the fact that she is being tracked for her criminality, not popularity. If you look at the graph ‘Count of stories:’ Trump is by far the winner, in the media. Good or bad is not what matters, it’s face exposure and the media knows that. The GOP has never backed down and they never will if they really hate someone – Cruz is perfect example. So yes, the GOP thinks they are lobbying Trump now to “get in good” while they still can. They know he will help the banks and more importantly their bank accounts.


            With more Graphs from August:



          • Howleyesque

            LOL You clearly know pretty much nothing about politics, Hell even the SMART Hollywood types know better than that “any publicity is GOOD publicity” nonsense but ESPECIALLY in politics… IN YEARS GONEBY! This time it IS different, WHY? Because so very many of us ARE fed up with PC, and politics as usual. Go vote for one of the career liars if you please, but as to the establishment types now WANTING to climb on his bandwagon you’ve got the cart before the horse. They’ve SEEN the support he has and realize that as fighting him not only won’t work, it’s political suicide…

          • Mitchina

            And you are the expert on politics? HA! You are as big a bloviator as Trump is – birds of a feather, I predict. We’ll, have a better idea on Tuesday how far Trump’s “big, angry, insulting” talk rides him into the nomination. He now wants to “work” with the establishment (his words) and will be making deals with the enemy of the state – our gvt. The life long progressive liberal turns conservative a month before he runs for president. YOU are the freaking moron…. swindled again, just like the useful idiot you are.

          • Howleyesque

            Speaking of BLOW as long as you’ve got that big stupid mouth of yours open anyway and aren’t doing anything else useful with it…. what part of Iowa probably won’t tell us much IF anything don’t you get? He’s RIGHT IOWA is HISTORICALLY WRONG! DOLT!

          • Mitchina

            Like i said, we will know more on Tuesday. If Trump win Iowa, then you will have more to worry about.

          • Howleyesque

            I NEVER “worry” about things I can personally do very little to change. I just do what can to make the change come about and HOPE that enough others join me to make it happen. Sadly, to date, that has been rare, but now it looks as if enough OTHERS are fed up with “politics as usual” for change TOO begin.

      • SoundMind

        Thank you for your service, marine. I’m all queued up to watch Donald Trump address veterans in Iowa shortly. I’m sure vets will benefit from his attention. How much more worthy a cause than attending a debate where a loose woman will try to trap him with petty gossip like she did last time.

        • Howleyesque

          Thank you, you’re welcome. I don’t care about what she gives away, that’s her right and her business, all that matters to me is what she’s clearly SOLD … integrity can’t be bought back.

      • SoundMind

        p.s. I’m sorry our Green Bay pack ran roughshod over the Cowboys not long ago… NOT… LOL

        • Howleyesque

          Hush… or I’ll HUG YA! 😉

          • SoundMind

            Still recovering from GB’s last game… edge of the seat stuff, for sure! Not enough Hail Marys this time 🙁

          • Howleyesque

            You REALLY DON’T want ME to “go there” 😉 All I WILL say is that I’d have PREFERRED for the Bungles to make it to Super Bowl too so that AT LEAST we’d KNOWN that the winner would be a “first time” winner. But, my guess is that Carolina can and will win this one.

    • CaptTurbo


      • Howleyesque

        That middle finger… would be mine.

    • SoundMind

      If Trump has a mind to, he can set some pretty big dogs on their trail once he sets up a righteous cabinet. It will be fun to watch justice play out.

  • peter

    One day we need to get rid of the democratic crony IRS. It has been useless since its inception and only serves the corrupt Democrat party to screw all opposition.

  • daveveselenak

    The feckless “Re-PUNK-licans” are aiding and abetting in the “TRANSFORMING” of America! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Arm================================?, you will be needing them as the citizenry is on it’s own!

  • Mys77

    And is it no surprise that Americans are suspicious, don’t trust or respect this government? Any branch?!

    • Mitchina

      Maybe the maintenance and grounds keeper people.


    If they destroyed the evidence they were ordered to hand over, they should be charged GUILTY PERIOD and delivered the most severe punishment (including death) for intentional obstruction of justice for these are the acts of seditionists by terrorists! Of course with Trump being a carbon copy of Obama in ego, power hungry, self inflated importance, impetuosity and vengefulness, this could never contiune to happen with Trump as President (wink) Elect Cruz and put a stop to the corruption (why do you think the establishment doesnt want Cruz & hates him so much? …because his principals and values cant be bargined with or bought. He is a chain saw, in a forrest of diseased trees who will cut out the cancer AND THEY KNOW IT!

  • Mitchina

    Throw them in prison… both Koskinen and Samuel Maruca and every single person in the IRS that knew about this.

  • jim1fun1

    There is a thing called civil disobedience. It is something taxpayers should consider. A million taxpayer march on D.C. with a deluge of internet and regular mail to our Congressmen. It needs to be organized and not disjointed. It’s not impossible but it will take some dedicated organized individuals. We need to organize in an intelligent, resourceful manner. The Tea Party was a good idea but they are loosing credibility with the garbage they let on their website. Too many crackpots and self promoters. We need a dedicated agenda with a list of issues that affect all Americans. I.E. Size of Federal Government, Duplication of Federal Agencies with too many overlapping regulations, return of Authority to Congress from various Government Departments, Reduction of Executive Order Authority except during time of war and under direct attack, Simplify the tax code and require a balanced budget. There are many more but we need to insure that it is things that the Federal Government is responsible for under the Constitution not the day to day issues that they usually dabble with. We need more of, We the People, legislation and less of, Hooray for me, legislation….

  • Ovomit1

    ..give me ten minutes with them

  • artalem

    Arm yourselves, people! The day of reckoning can’t be far behind!

  • Bob Trice

    She’s next !

  • firemanfred

    Indict, Trial, Conviction and Hang Them. That’s the ONLY Message ANY Government Official will understand when they obstruct a judges order, fear of a lifetime in Lompoc Federal Prison or Execution after leaving a courtroom after conviction.

  • Grover Syck

    The commissioner is a friend of the American people

    . Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about the republicans in congress.
    He must move forward’ and we must protect him from the republican criminals in congress.


    DESTROYED information on a hard drive that a federal judge required to have preserved!!!!!

    WHY IS NO ONE IN PRISON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I would think THAT action would end that type of behavior, quickly, eh?!

  • apzzyk

    If the section under Lois Learner denied the conservtive groups of tax exempt status wrongfully, why were not appeals found. All administrative decisions made by the IRS can be appealed. If you are audited and found to owe money, then you have access to the Tax Court, and can go on from there to the Court of Appeals, and to the SC. On decisions like the tax exempt issue, I believe that the line of appeals begins with the Federal Disrtrict and from there on up. From this lack of appeals, I would gather that these organizations did not meet the legal critreria, and from the Fact that a Conservative Congress has make no attempt to change the law, that would indicate to me that they have decided not to make money laundering legal (people profiting from their own donations to a non-profit). Obama had nothing to do with this because the law is the same as it was long before he took office, and this is beyond the range of Executive Orders, so come up with something else – something like his causing the War of 1812.

  • maxnicks

    The Obama minions have realized that they can disobey the law at will–especially when they destroy evidence while doing it–and there are no consequences. They always get away with it. Just like the Clintons.

  • James Kennedy

    Just tell us Americans who are paying the bill for this corrupt branch of government, WHO’S GOING TO JAIL? What, you say no one. I smell a RAT IN THE BIG HOUSE.

    • ARJAY

      SEVERAL rats!!!!!!!!!

  • Lt_Scrounge

    My suggestion is that we being criminal prosecution proceedings against any and all IRS employees involved. If they don’t want to speak out in their own defense, let them rot in prison.

  • Charles Lendman

    More reasons for a FLAT tax and the end of the IRS!

  • melsbrew


  • SoundMind

    It’s interesting that the IRS can seize assets, but no one can seize their stuff. Hereafter, I will call them the Information Removal Shucksters.

  • Sean Rickmin

    “Burn em”at the stake along with barry and bunch of corrupt”HOODLUMS”.Someone has to stop one of the most corrupt administration in Americas history.

    • Howleyesque

      Eh a short rope and a long drop works too and doesn’t stink nearly as much.

  • TheRaghead

    The “gimme” population put the crooks in there. They want more. I went through a neighborhood after a visit by Bernie Sanders. His signs were on every lawn. It never changes, the 50% that pay to support the other 50% will be screwed and just another “gimme” will be back in office. Time to revolt. ENOUGH!!!!

  • Wayne

    The IRS has no place in America and did not exist prior to 1913.
    It deserves to to be abolished and the likes of Lois Lerner and
    John Koskinen prosecuted for ”high crimes” against the public !

    • Howleyesque

      Actually it came into being in the 1860’s (as did the Federal Income Tax) it was simply using a different name. The switch in the Constitutional tax arrangement was only one small part of the radical change in our form of government that came about as a result of that war, which is WHY I laugh at black bigots when they INSIST that the South fought for SLAVERY (as the average person who couldn’t afford SHOES could NEVER have saved up enough to afford to buy a slave at auction! )

  • jillocity

    another IRS moment that makes me want to puke; there is no honesty, no integrity, no ethics, absolutely no morals whatsoever in the current administration and its minions

  • Billy

    None of this garbage will stop until someone goes to jail. Once that happens the rest of the criminals in Washington will take notice. Until some people go to jail this kind of BS will continue.

  • doctorbob

    Destroying evidence seems to be a specialty of the Obama administration, and of Democrats. Time for Congress to grow a pair and start holding thee gangsters in contempt, and start jailing them. Perhaps 1 year in the Crossbar Hotel will awaken them to their moral and legal obligations. After all, the IRS would send US to prison if WE destroyed evidence! Count on it!

  • Danni Smith

    your question, author is “how do we solve a problem like koskinen?” The same way all traitors are managed.

  • UnalienableRight

    come a year from now some of these turd balls will be sweating real urine, the wheels of justice turn slowly but they turn.

  • wattsupstupid

    Commissioner John Koskinen should go to jail for contempt of court and destruction of evidence. If you or I did this we would be sitting behind bars no questions asked do not pass go. Why are they above the law just because they work for the gov.? They should be held to a much higher standard not no standard.

  • jackieray

    the first law of bureaucracy is expand your job as much as possible and deny responsibility for every thing and destroy the evidence

  • Mary Accardo

    He should be impeached and so should Lynch for not doing their jobs that the US taxpayers are paying them to do. They all think they answer to no one but whoever the puppetmaster is. I won’t even get into that except that this corruption should be thrown out and have to answer for what they have done and are still doing.

  • jim scofield

    It is simple the judge who’s order was defied needs to issue a warrant
    for Koskinen’s arrest for contempt of court and lock his butt up. And
    then the judge needs to go on a one month vacation and leave him
    in jail until he returns and put him in general pop with the rest of the

  • aschark

    Here in MA, if you use your political position for your own personal advantage (ie,doing something illegal for personal gain, aka, keeping your job), you lose your pension. That is an ideal way of keeping pols honest (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). That could open the door for more whistleblowing and save the taxpayers money. If hard drives are destroyed, consider that an act of destruction of incriminating evidence. Either that or call NSA that records EVERYTHING from EVERYONE.

  • James Lowder

    It doesn’t take impeachment proceedings for the Justice Dept. to issue an arrest warrant on Koskinen for violating a judges order to surrender and not destroy the hard drives. Knowinly and willfully destroying government property and destroying evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation. I’m not a lawyer but even I know that he blatantly defied the judges orders. And I and the rest of you should be contacting your senators and representatives demanding that they take immediate action against these willfull lawbreakers.

    • Bolt

      Dear JL,

      Everything you say is correct, but you have also identified a problem that cannot be resolved by citizens writing their Senators and Representatives unless it drives them to an impeachment process. Justice is not going to act. That, my friend, is all part of the oligarchic, Progressive, transformation we have heard so much about.

      There is no rule of law. T hat is why I have questioned why judges have failed to exercise their inherent authority over the court and lawyers practicing before them.

  • Shirley

    Has anyone heard of jail? LOCK THEM UP. Guess it is ok for us to violate court orders.

  • jerry young

    if you as a citizen were to destroy your records and the IRS wanted them what do you think the IRS would do?

  • Kathleen Pedersen

    how can Congress do anything about the IRA when the DOJ is under the leadership of our illustrious POTUS and he won’t let them. Corruption abounds with this administration and all the Kings men/women are in place for the takover of the United States.

  • Dave T.

    Prison for this bum!!!

  • Patriot47

    Another lawless act by bureaucrats in this lawless administration/abomination.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Then stop just yapping about it, and do something!!!

  • 48jerry

    Trump 2016

  • reagangs

    Hang the IRS criminals from the yard arm or walk them on the gang plank to the oceans deep. Unelected bureaucratic idiots like this are as big a problem as Obummer and his commie minions. Nov. 2016 elections can’t happen soon enough.

  • Dr. Bill

    When referring to the “leader” of the IRS Mafia, the correct designation should be Kommisar John Koskinen. Congress actually can remove him, or any other member of Obama’s gang of criminals, if they really want to. They can impeach any member fo the Executive branch if they would get off their lazy asses and just do it.

  • Harold Sammons

    Is there any department in this administration that isn’t corrupt; seem’s like the heads of most are the cream of the crop. Are they all handpicked by Obama to bring down the entire United States of America?

  • Robert Piper

    I am sure that Mr. Koskinen should have been impeached years ago. He obviously lied to Congressional committees more than once, and he belligerently admitted to those committees that they willfully destroyed hard drive information. I do not think this Congress has the courage to impeach anyone. They think they may not get re-elected. In fact, they may not get re-elect if they do not impeach some of these corrupt individuals.

  • Mike Zimmerman

    I find the vast majority of these so-called scandals to be a tempest in a teapot. None of those 501-c political groups should have been given tax exempt status, in the first place. Rather they be democratic or Republican as they are not charitable organizations, in the first place. As congress originally wrote the law for the IRS, in the first place they don’t qualify for tax exempt status. They are certainly doing no charitable work. They’re just trying to get politicians re-elected. The boy scouts or girl scouts, red cross, those are examples of what qualifies for a charitable organization. And where’s the outcry for torturing people? Where’s the outcry for the lead poisoning in flint Michigan? Where’s the outcry for lying us into war in Iraq? Inquiring minds want to know!!

  • capa760

    The actions of trusted people defying the ‘Right choices for acting out the corrupt politicians actions, puts you into the same lowly category for your Judgment Day of Right and Wrong-‘passed or flunked’.It is the Black revengeful side of this US President’s actions that displays a DNA fault factor of the lying,ineligible Kenyan citizen and his wrong path of shame, just as the program ‘Bait Car’ shows predominately Black or Latino car thieves taking the majority of the Bait Cars. Why are there so many who embarrassingly cannot stand up for honesty, truth, and American Pride of who they are suppose to be? They cannot be proud of what they have become.

  • Bob Stewart

    If the judge doesn’t hold the IRS in contempt, he should be relieved of his judgeship.

  • Vonnie Wilford

    So charge them, already!! If they keep getting away with this abominable behavior, it will NEVER stop!
    Why shouldn’t they break the law….a woman running for president is doing it, and nothing is done! What a corrupt administration this is!!

  • Too big and heavy

    Simple…Contempt of Court!!!! ….

  • DL Hancock

    Its shocking to see how many Obama administration Directors/ whatever position have used the 5th Amend. Any REAL President would have told them that they WILL tell the truth, Period or find themselves a new job. Its happened many times before but not under Obama. His whole admin is corrupt or at least appears to be.