In Less Than 1 Minute Sheriff Clarke Completely Destroys Obama’s Gun Control Argument

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee has come out in firm opposition to President Obama’s calls for heightened gun control. Following the recent mass shooting at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College when Obama expressed his admiration for the kind of gun control they have in places like Australia and Great Britain, many saw through his rhetoric and recognized it for what it was: this president wants gun confiscation.

After a mass shooting in 1996, in which 35 people were killed, Australia passed onerous gun control laws, which included a mandatory gun buyback program that amounted to confiscation. Somewhere between 650,000 and 1 million guns were confiscated by the Australian government, according to The Federalist.

Sheriff Clarke was one who immediately saw the truth and appeared on Fox News recently to push back against all the gun control talk.

“This isn’t about gun control,” Clarke told Sean Hannity. “This isn’t about common sense anything. This is about gun confiscation. As a black man, I am especially sensitive to the Second Amendment. The slaves were not free until the Fourteenth Amendment applied the Second Amendment to us.”

You can see Sheriff Clarke discuss the importance of the Second Amendment when it comes to the history of black people in America.


What do you think, was Sheriff Clarke right about Obama’s motives toward gun control?