How Impeachment Talks Hurt Democrats

Former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney told ABC that if the Democrats make the 2018 midterm elections about impeaching President Donald Trump, the Republican base will get “fire[d] up” and it will end up hurting the Democrats.

Jonathan Karl of ABC said, “The president’s political team wants this to be the second Trump election. They want to put Trump on the ballot. They want to make it a referendum on Trump versus Democrats who want to try to impeach Trump. Do you want Trump or do you want him impeached? That is their argument.”

“The Trump political team believes you have to make the this a referendum on impeachment, a referendum on the president.”

Finney stated, “And the Democrats cannot let that happen, because I agree with you that is the way to fire up the base.”

  • Santiago Tello

    The communists wont drop the impeachment nonsense. They cant. They have no message whatsoever to give the people unless they revert back to their gay, transgender, and same sex message. The demorats can extend it to people that are into having hot dates with sheep. Yes! Go with that. The demorats 90% of their base wud love that. Thats all they got.

    • meslad

      You are so right. The dumbocrats are a dead blue agitating communist obstructing regressive party, sad but true.

    • Lee J

      It plays well with their “low information voters”. Many of whom cant spell “impeachmant”

    • numorning2

      they already used that crap up and now they use the border and immigration. unfortunately for the libs, it’s a losing issue for them. most folks believe the borders should be secured. people should not just enter and make this their home and collect $$ off the taxpayers. (should help our own people with that money). We give money to many South American countries like Mexico and Honduras etc…Honduras received 100Million Bucks last year under what is called Government for a Civil Society. Mexico got $54 million last year and the last 5 years total to Mexico was like $328 Million under this Government for a Civil Society. Now WTH are these governments doing with this money? Why are their people coming here and crying out that there is violence their countries? We give MONEY to these countries for other reasons not just this title of Government for a Civil Society. Let your congressman know you do not support this nonsense of Millions being sent to other countries who simply have no respect for the U.S. and send their people here while taking our money and making themselves rich. If the money isn’t helping the people STOP giving it. Why does our Congress appropriate money to these countries? I’m sure the City of Detroit could use an extra $500,000.00 million to fix up their schools, roads, their housing projects. I’m guessing poor folks who can’t afford to send their kids to college would like some Free Money to help out and not just saddle their children with Thousands of Dollars in Debt from college tuition loans. Both sides of the aisle are giving the money away. BUt, you Dems need to start paying attention if you don’t want to live forever on the Government Plantation.

  • Dealerdeb1

    They should just fire all Democrats and this country would make sense again

    • CJ

      Makes sense to me. It seemed to all go wrong while Obama was in office & preached all this Political Correctness and then Mooochie had to tell us how to eat.

  • Bennie Cochran

    Democrats have no basis for bringing Impeachment charges. Request the DNC pay for the Umoeachment proceedings if they lose ……stop spending tax money to destroy this country. All Democrats shold be repatriated to Venezuela or Cuba …..

    • numorning2

      most of them, but, perhaps not all. I have relatives and they still are registered demonRats…as I call them. they’re afraid to change party affiliation bkz they’re in buss. for themselves. however, they vote republican for the past 15-20 years! they give money to the GOP candidates of their choice. they pay attention to local politics and support a few dems at the local level that they personally know. the ones who’ve moved up in the party have told them how the show is really run and they drop out of the scene. we know republicans who’ve done same. once you go down to the District of Corruption they try to suck you in and if you don’t play ball you’re an outcast down there like Ted Cruz etc… a few good men/gals down there trying to stand their ground. sad very sad

  • Greg Dennis

    Like they are going to fool anyone into thinking they won’t try to pull that crap if elected… right. Can’t see why anyone with half a functioning brain would vote for any one of them anyway.

    • numorning2

      no functioning brains there….all we can do is worry about what we do and stop our children from growing up and turning into one of these brain washed bots.

      • Greg Dennis

        Was just reading an article about “advanced” sex ed classes in kindergarten…sheesh. looks like pulling kids put of public schools would be a great start.
        These damn lefty’s have lost their minds.

        • numorning2

          it’s absolutely scary. I have friends that have gotten elected to their local school boards and are trying to keep some common sense in the system. however, what they find often is the mandate comes from the capital of their state. then our state reps say it’s coming from the Fed.Board of Edu. so we say please show us the article number mandate to the state from the Fed.B of Edu. and sometimes they can’t so that’s when the fight begins. If they have the mandated law with the statue, it’s a time consuming battle that is so involved it’s horrible. but, at the state level we can get results quicker. problem is no one wants to put in the time to do all the paper/ground work of things like getting signatures (door to door) from folks at the local hot spot, super market, ice cream parlor etc…talking to people is painful. Yet everyone complains when you tell them the crap going on. Then some even say ‘well these times are different than when I grew up’ WHAT does that have to do with 6 or 7 year old being taught by some lib in a class room ‘Why Mary has 2 mommies’? or how ‘we’re all the same species, but, with some different body parts’ HUH so when your 8 or 9 year old goes into the bathroom and an 11 year old boy who identifies with being a Sally rather than David with a penis – we should accept the difference and not worry about how he/she is taking a P**S…pardon my annoyance…. It’s so out of control I don’t see it ever returning and I thank God I’m not a parent of a youngster! lol

          • Greg Dennis

            We all must step it up a little, and start weeding out the poor decision makers in our communities. It’s not too late yet.

    • James

      Considering that Soros was between 4 and 15 tears old when Hilter was in power, he must have been some super kid to be killing Jews and Americans.

  • myworld5

    Well, the Democrats will consult with Soros to see what he wants,,,, instead of running him out of the country on a rail….he is spending his $60 billion fortune on taking over this country for Hitler as he has done in a couple of other nations …he was born a pauper until – as a young boy, he was taken over by Hitler and helped kill the Jews and then trying to win the war by killing Americans – Now he is trying it another way causing another civilian uprising using “racism”, etc – ….in America …..He was sooo sure Hillary would be elected…and all his hopes and dreams would have come true ………Wake up , America!

    • numorning2

      Now it’s his son who is taking over. the old SOB will drop over soon, but, the son will live out his fathers dream. Soros has to be run out of town along with his son. will Americans ever wake up? I don’t think so. Of course I refer to those who’ve been propagandized to death by the far left commie leaning demonrat elites…the MSM the HollyHood hypocrites etc…However, what astonishes me is the ignorance of those on the right. They raise their children allowing them to become libs by patronizing HollyHood for example. By allowing the type of music they listen to in their homes. These so called conservatives who give their money thru their children enabling more power to the far left commie leaning libs., aren’t thinking as that money they give will be used against their children one day! My kids went to a half doz. movies in their childhood and never were allowed to watch T.V. that was anti our values. Our children are adults and fine. I have friends who say they don’t understand why their kids are so far left…I just sit and think ‘are you kidding me’ they wonder why their kids who were allowed to see a movie nearly 3-4 times a month, watch T.V. shows that I as an adult wouldn’t watch, then send them to universities where they’re finally done in by what they learn. they didn’t teach Christian values while they attended public schools so the kids could have a two sided perspective. So they grow up believing that abortion is o’k – it’s a woman’s right, gays are normal, changing a definition of a thousand year old institution (marriage) is progress. All this is good for the country. Shouting down and looting or burning the grounds on campuses is what is right to stop a conservative from speaking as a guest speaker. we as a society have failed and there will be a price to pay, but, it’ll be the children and the young Americans of today that will pay. Trump can’t do this on his own. This mess has been growing for over 50 years and no single man can fix the corruption and infiltration of the elites of the world who want to own America. Pray that our heavenly Father has mercy on this country. Pray for president Trump to be able to move us in the right direction to look back to the creator and stop the evil that is overtaking the U.S.

      • myworld5

        We must find a way to make sure that Trump knows we must fight !! Get the schools cleaned out – stop the pushing of abortion …open up our eyes to what they are doing to the ‘white male” image cut off the many ‘sub-programming’ that promotes nothing but the Siecus programs , I could go on and on ….Definitely fin a way to shut down the Hollywood ‘education’ movies that promote everything but entertainment ….We have gone too far — the ‘people ‘ have forgotten to find out who they are voting for …is it too late? AND appoint someone to prosecute people like Kerry, Obama , etc ..Teach your children that they don’t ‘know best’ and go back to church …..We are dealing with a ‘fools paradise’ and all these crazy people on their phones and in the classrooms are really WRONG !!! THANKS SOO MUCH FOR YOUR MESSAGE ….I HOPE THERE ARE MANY MORE LIKE YOU OUT THERE…..OR THERE WILL be MUCH MORE BLOOD IN THE STREETS IN OUR COUNTRY – not somewhere else — GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY SO HE CAN GET THE JOB DONE …..

  • 1josephg1

    Cook the demonocRATS.

  • caroleaus

    The libs seem to be doing anything and everything to create a revolution in this country. Impeachment would do it for sure.

  • Truth-Seeker!

    The Democrat Party is the HATE America political party!