Hillary chooses a new career

Former first lady and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is looking at changing careers, and her new path is shocking to say the least.

Apparently she’s thinking of becoming some sort of spiritual leader or preacher in light of her loss to Donald Trump last year.


According to The Daily Caller, Clinton wants to preach, according to her pastor Rev. Bill Shillady, who has written a book about the former secretary of state’s spiritual life, particularly during her years-long campaign for president.

During a promotional photoshoot for “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions Of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” a year’s worth of devotions tailored for Clinton as she campaigned for president, Clinton told Shillady that she’d like spiritual leadership to be part of her career.

Clinton asked Shillady not to write about her desire to be a pastor, however, because “it will make me seem much too pious,” Clinton told Shillady, according The Atlantic.

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source: https://www.allenbwest.com/mc-chooses-new-career-no-one-saw-coming/

  • Orange jumpsuits are in Hillary’s future.

    That is if justice is served.

    • Dianna9490

      Oh our govern just gave her a plea deal last month about all the clinton foundation PAY TO PLAY BS! WHICH IS CRAP! Im so mad! So now shes found God & wants to b a PREACHER? A NOVEL COULD NOT B WRITTEN W/ALL THIS BS!

      • Grant1959

        What is even worse is all of the liberals that would eagerly attend her “church”. Scenes of them all crying on election night flash before my mind…..

    • Gen11American

      I understand there’s a plea deal in the works if she’ll just plead guilty to SOMETHING, however minor. That way, President Trump won’t have to “hurt” a fellow New Yorker!

      The taste in my mouth is really getting sour, but I keep reminding myself that if Hillary had won the US would be on its way to being toast, and so would all her political enemies!

      • I have a little bit of vomit stuck in the back of my throat…

        That would be wrong on so many levels. The only way Hillary could have won would have been to rig the election.The entire Elite class of politicians in DC needs to be replaced.

        • Deborah Pratt

          The ‘joke’ is, she DID ‘rig’ the election and still LOST!!

          • The only reason she lost was because Project Veritas exposed the corruption at the perfect time….. If the voter rigging isn’t dismantled, we will never have another real election again.

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA and the elites are counting the votes…..

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin


          • Rich Girod

            and your proof of that is…?

          • Imperial observations and common sense. That is OK, I don’t expect you to understand.

          • Rich Girod

            “Imperial observations”

            What in the world is that?

            The only reason she lost was because Project Veritas exposed the corruption at the perfect time…”

            Really? McVey is an exposed phony-his videos are edited hoaxes-only conspiracy theorist think him credible

          • Imperial was the spell checker and my error…

            Should have just been observations..

            Yes the only reason Hillary was unable to fix the election was because of Project Veritas and their efforts to expose the Lefts Election fraud.

            McVey is dead, your conspiracy theories do not hold water.

          • Rich Girod

            meant (James)O’Keefe/Project Veritas…Really? O’Keefe is an exposed phony-his videos are edited hoaxes-only conspiracy theorist think him credible conspiracy theory holds

          • The Left routinely resorts to character assassination when they can not win an argument. Or just assassination when it comes to Seth….

            It doesn’t matter who recorded those sting videos, they had TOP DNC operatives confessing to criminal activity and rigging votes. And the criminals were bragging about their deeds….

          • Rich Girod

            Just received this from my brother-thought you would fine this is interest-


          • Thank you, that was very interesting.

  • Paladin

    One can attempt piety wearing orange!!!

  • Marine68

    She will make many converts in Prison. Seems like prison makes believers out of satan’s children all the time. Whether they get saved or not is up to God himself, but I am certain that the lord will not be cutting any deals.

  • dav672

    Spiritual is it??!!!! I suppose she means gin / vodka / whisky etc hidden in brown paper bag!!!!

  • Austinniceguy

    Hillary never looked more presidential or regal than she did as her handlers flung her half dead carcass into her van like a side of beef with earrings, lipstick and ONE SHOE after the old cow almost croaked at the 9/11 memorial last year. Now she wants to preach? What is that filthy old liar going to preach? How to break every law, get those who you don’t like killed and get away with it all?

  • Meathead

    When in prison, she can speak to other “residents” in a language and on a level that they can understand. She HAS the experience to do so!

  • Austinniceguy

    ROTFFLMFAO….Reverend Sh!tlady…..that should be her name.

  • Teresa Nazareth

    Recently there have been articles about Mega Pastors making over $1,000,000/-,+$, +$, +$ no accounting to anyone, so she wants more free money. This woman is a pathological liar, selfish – “I, me, myself” she has ruined the lives of innocent women for the fellow she is married to. No religion requires her as a professional pastor. H.Clinton you can fool many people but not God. Pray for his pardon, you are not fit to be any professional pastor.

  • Merida A McKnight

    I feel like throwing up! To think of that witch as a preacher…yuck! Once she goes to prison for all the things she has done and she has confessed to all the crimes she has authorized to be committed she can take it up wit God! I’ll bet she just wants the legal teams going easy on her!!!! Don’t!!!!

  • VanceJ

    Good grief, what next ?

  • Kirk Kahler

    what a joke and an insult to those of faith !!

  • joe 35

    She had got to be kidding, must be a political move.

  • Dianna9490

    I hope & pray to God that he strikes her down!

    • old codger

      ME too!!!!!!!!

  • peter Pirzadeh

    Now she wants to infect the spiritual industry. It is obvious that apparently she is not done with her devious ways to influence the vulnerable, particularly in a needful atmosphere defined by groups who are easier receptive to con artists.

  • Grant1959

    Great, I can see it now, we can listen to her preach that we should sacrifice our children on the alter of humanism! A verse in Romans 1 comes to mind, “… they have exchanged the truth of God for a lie”

  • Grant1959

    She should probably be thinking more in terms of making license plates.

  • Ron Allen

    She will be able to turn wine into urine. God help us all. Wonder if she has cleared this with the powers above. Not judging now. Just wondering.

  • Robert A Oziomek

    How about jail house cook.

  • Robert A Oziomek

    How about Church of the Holy con artist.

  • Alan

    There is no longer any question, she is INSANE.

  • Jackson Brannon

    Is she now going to try to hide behind religious freedom to stay out of Prison????

  • PJ Revenant

    Does her chosen church practice Spirit Cooking?

  • Walter Harvey

    She can preach to all of her cell mates in the federal penitentiary!

  • Larry Cowden

    The only preaching she can do is on the street corner getting paid for “lip service”!

  • TheRaghead

    I wish her luck, she is a 3 bagger, one to cover her face, one to cover your face and one for Old Glory.

  • Gen11American

    For God’s sake, who the hell embarks on a new career at 69 years of age? Obviously, if Hillary is truly serious about wanting to be a minister, which I suspect is really just another attention-grabbing ploy, wouldn’t the 33 mysterious deaths left in the wake of her political rise to power prevent ordination?



  • Deborah Pratt

    The only one who can ‘save’ her now–‘is’ The Lord. However, go to her ‘God’ as a ‘child’, not as a ‘teacher’!! She still holds her ‘righteousness’ and arrogance to believe she qualifies to ‘preach’ on being ‘spiritual’. Proof—having written a book that ‘blames’ all ‘others’ for her own failures, rather than taking on her own responsibility for her actions.