Hillary Becoming Mentally Unstable

For the past few months, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has slowly been working her way back into the spotlight after her humiliating loss to President Donald Trump in November 2016.

As Clinton has increased her public appearances, it has become increasingly clear that she has slipped into a state of complete and utter denial, and appears to be point-blank refusing to accept what actually happened to her. Her remarks during an interview with New York Magazine are proof-positive of this.

Clinton claimed in the interview that Trump and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders capitalized on the anger in the country, but she stated that “I beat both of them.”

No, seriously. She actually said that she beat Trump. Clearly, she’s gone further off the rails than anyone thought possible. Does she seriously think she beat Trump? Can you imagine if she were this delusional in office?

She only beat Sanders because the Democrat National Committee helped rig the primary contest for her, and she just flat out lost to Trump.

In addition to blaming the media for her loss (because she clearly doesn’t realize almost all media companies where rooting for her), Clinton brought up that she won the popular vote — and managed to insult American voters as well.


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/hillarys-mental-health/