Hamas Promises Slow Revenge on Israelis

(UPI) — A Hamas leader on Tuesday promised revenge — but not immediately — for the deaths of seven Palestinians when Israel blew up an attack tunnel that stretched into its territory.

“I assure the leadership of [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad: blood for blood, destruction for destruction,” Ismail Haniyeh said during the funeral in Khan Younis Tuesday for those killed in the tunnel.

The tunnel, which was built and controlled by the PIJ terror group, ran beneath Khan Younis and crossed underneath the Israeli border less than 2 miles from the village of Kissufim

Killed in the explosion were five militants associated with the PIJ, including two senior leaders and two members of Hamas’ military during a rescue operation, according to the group.

Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Avichay Adraee said the “majority of the dead were operatives who entered the tunnel after it was blown up and died in the Gaza Strip, and not as a [direct] result of the explosion.”

Before retaliating against Israel, Haniyeh said Hamas first wants to reconcile with the Fatah party, which controls the Palestinian Authority.

“The response to this massacre is to move forward toward the restoration of national unity because the enemy knows that our strength is in our unity and no people under occupation can win if they are not united,” Haniyeh said.

“This enemy deludes itself if it believes that by means of this massacre it will impose its rules of the game upon us. Our determination is stronger than the enemy,” Haniyeh added. “We will continue our efforts to achieve Palestinian unity — this is one of the ways of responding to this massacre.”

Hamas’ deputy leader in Gaza, Khalil Hayya, also said Hamas wants to wait before striking back.

“We are a prudent resistance that knows how to manage its conflict with the enemy,” he said at the funeral. “[We] know how to avenge and to strike in the specific place and time that will hurt the enemy.”

The Times of Israel reported Egyptian officials urged Hamas to show restraint and allow the reconciliation process to continue.

IDF said it would be ready if Hamas retaliates, including the possible deployment of its Iron Dome anti-missile system, Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot said Tuesday

“Any response or violation of Israel’s sovereignty will be met with clear determination as we have done in the past 24 hours. We are determined to continue to provide security for the citizens of Israel and the residents of the Gaza vicinity.”

Eizenkot said “the IDF’s action removed a threat from Israeli citizens, and it joins the many overt and covert actions that our forces do and will continue to do at any time and in any situation. This was an impressive and praiseworthy achievement.”

Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the tunnel apparently was built after the conflict between Israel and Gaza in 2014.

source: breitbart.com

  • Richard Row

    I am always some what stupefied by one side’s promise of “retaliation” for the other side’s successful defense from an attack.
    ISIS attacks the U.S., we kill some of the attackers, and ISIS promises “revenge”. I guess we should allow them to attack us, then apologize if they weren’t able to kill as many of us as they wanted.

    • KKmoderate

      Ummm Richard that’s exactly what has happened during the 8 years of the incompetent Obama administration. ISIS attacked, we called them by (any name but Islamic Terrorists) then we apologized and sent pallets of money. What am I missing?

  • Robert Kahlcke

    It reminds me of the operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  • Alan404

    The Israelites need to find and destroy as many tunnels as they can. If some Palestinians loose their lives or are injured in connection with these tunneling operations, what the hell were they up anyway? As I understand things, they long since could have had their own country, something that supposedly seek, or is it something other than their own country that they, or their leaders seek, there being a significant difference between the two things mentioned above.

    • VN VET

      @Alan, Boy,oh boy,i see ALL of the Israel backer’s, supporter’s,worshipper’s and trolls are all coming out of the woodwork. Just like clock work, some body say some bad about Israel or Netanyahu and here they come firing both barrels. From what i have read and seen over the last 80+years,about 97–98.9% of the world population are getting so tired and feed up with all of this BS,SPIN and propaganda about how poor little Israel is ALWAY’S the victim and is ALWAY’S being singled out and picked on. If i did not know better, i would think that Israel is the only country and nationality that has ever,ever,ever been picked on in the last 2000 years. In your comments “if some Palestinians loose their lives or are injured in connection with these tunneling operations,what the hell were they up to anyway “? Would you be saying the very same thing if it had been Israel’s people that were killed in the tunneling operations ? I doubt it ?

      • Alan404

        I won’t argue with you, however re your closing thought, if I thought the Palestinians were deserving of the support you offer, and anyone asked for my thoughts, I would so state. Actually, one might say that there is fault on both sides.

        • VN VET

          I will totally agree 1000% that there is fault on both sides and i have never,never ever disagreed with that, also i am not trying to start an arguement with you or anyone else,that was never my intentions in the first place? But my point being, that Netanyahu and Israel is not always 100% correct,100% of the time,either? Like some of Israel’s supporter’s and backer’s try and make them out to be, that Israel and Netanyahu are ALWAYS being picked on and that Israel is Always the victim, when ANYTHING does not go in their favor ? Think about this, if America is not going along (1000%) with everything that Netanyahu and the Israel government wants, then why doesn’t the American government and TPOTUS, demand that the Israel government and the Palestine government set down at the table and work this whole mess out, and it is to be their #1 priority until, both sides agree and then the results are to be put into law ? TPOTUS and the government should inform Israel and Palestine that ALL aid of ANY KIND will be shut down to both countries until they can reach an agreement in a certain amount of time. Then TPOTUS and the government should stick to their word and shut down ALL aid to both countries,if an agreement is not reached in the allocated time given Then and only then will there be some sort of an agreement, when both sides realize that TPOTUS and the government is no longer putting up with their BS,SPIN and PROPAGANDA from either side? Think about this,in the last one or two decades, just how many times has TPOTUS, asked that Israel and the Palestine governments to work this problem out and how many times has nothing been done ? Even Netanyahu, promised in his last election, that he would make sure it would happen if he were reelected and then reneged on his promise to the Irsael people, just like he was supposed to stop building all of those homes and continued to do so after he was reelected? The American government and TPOTUS, are going to have to put their foot down and start backing up what they say,if they ever want this problem to be taken care of . Or they can just sit idly by and do nothing, except flap their lower lip and whine, just like they have been doing for decades,when it comes to Israel ? Say, just what does the American government do to other countries when they do not do what the government wants them to do ? Now, at the very same time, just what does the POTUS and the government do if Netanyahu and the Israel government do not do what the American government ask them or tells them to do ? Try comparing the 2 items and just see what you come up with ?

  • generalJed

    You can thank the U.S. government for giving “peaceful” Hamas 500 million dollars per year in aid and cement for building tunnels. Why that aid has not been cut off, only Hell knows. You’d think Republicans would not want to see them get anything! Hillary and Obama practically worshipped these terrorists. Israel should issue a warning that they will be utterly destroyed the next time rockets start flying; civilians be damned!