Guess Who Agrees With Trump’s Border Decision

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd stated that he 100% agrees with President Trump’s decision to place troops on the Mexican border.

Judd stated, “I agree with this 100%. … [T]his increases certainty of apprehension of both illegal aliens, as well as illegal contraband like opioids. What it does is it allows the military or National Guard, whichever one it is that’s going to go to the border, it allows them to take over our surveillance positions, such as watching the cameras in the camera rooms, watching the sensors, or being in the skyboxes, and all of the other different surveillance activities that we perform. And that allows us to put our agents on the border, which will then allow us to apprehend those things that are crossing the border, which will put a dent in this multi-billion-dollar industry that the cartels are currently running. So, yeah, I agree with it 100%.”