Guess Who Agrees With Trump’s Border Decision

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd stated that he 100% agrees with President Trump’s decision to place troops on the Mexican border.

Judd stated, “I agree with this 100%. … [T]his increases certainty of apprehension of both illegal aliens, as well as illegal contraband like opioids. What it does is it allows the military or National Guard, whichever one it is that’s going to go to the border, it allows them to take over our surveillance positions, such as watching the cameras in the camera rooms, watching the sensors, or being in the skyboxes, and all of the other different surveillance activities that we perform. And that allows us to put our agents on the border, which will then allow us to apprehend those things that are crossing the border, which will put a dent in this multi-billion-dollar industry that the cartels are currently running. So, yeah, I agree with it 100%.”

  • Estell Newton

    This is a step in the right direction. Illegals need to be kept out and so do their drugs.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    Good. I agree too.

  • preacher bill

    With the troupes , how about 1,000 attack dogs with the troops, people are more scared of the troupe dogs than bullets, how about bucket cranes, to dump the invaders back over the wall, after they have been searched, Us dollars taken , drugs, and weapons taken

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      , Give the border agents some power with some teeth in it. Enough of this kid glove approach.

      • Tom

        That’s right, shoot to kill, they’ve certainly killed a lot of border patrol agents.

    • tommfriend

      President Eisenhower was very successful in protecting the border by returning trespassers to a port in southern Mexico

  • Thaddeus E Hughes

    I concur wholeheartedly.

  • Joseph Morgan

    Put the troops on the boarder, it is a smart move as the illegals are nothing but a drain on our great country.
    I also agree with preacher bill. well trained dogs and our troops will make a clear solid statement that we are serious in the defense of our country.

    • Rod

      It’s about time. Yes dogs & troops equals success. Something Obummer never had.

      • Tom

        Obummer never did want to protect our border, he was a loser Muslim, that wanted to completely destroy America, plus I just read yesterday that Hawaii just confermed what most Americans already suspected, they said that there were two hospitals in Hawaii, when Obama was botn, and he was not born at either one. So he was an illegitimate President, and should lose all of his privileges and be retired at GITMO for life.

        • Lynn

          His brother has came out with his real birth certificate. Obama’s own grandma said she was there when he was born and that lady has never been in the USA. The Democratic party is nothing but a lot of people who is getting paid to destroy our country. I the Democrats would open there eye’s and see that we all Americans need to stick together and save our country. And when I say Americans I mean everyone black and white and what ever race you are.

          • Tom

            I agree with you, when Obama was first elected, I was going to give him a fair chance at doing a good job, but then Michelle Obama said right off the bat, that she guessed that they would have to quit hating America, since her husband was now President of the United States, and I don’t know if you caught that quip or not, but I did and it really shook me, but then I decided to give him a fair chance, and filed that back in my memory. But then the next thing I noticed was Obama himself started talking about white people being racist, without any apparent reason. And then it just weht downhill from there, and I started paying closer attention to his manner, and he just kept playing the race card, and it was over for me. And then when Bengazi happened, and he was more concerned in winning his second term, than saving four American lives, I was done with him. And then to make it worse after he was elected for a second term I found out that he belonged the Mulim Brotherhood (which supported radicl Muslims, who were decapitating Christians that would not convert to being a Muslim) I was for sure through with him, not that it mattered, he was already in his second term by then. But he claims now that there were no scandles during his tenure, and his whole Presidency was a scandal

        • cathy

          Don’t forget, his Kenyan grandmother said he was born in Kenya and she was there. She died a few weeks after saying that.

          • Tom

            Yeah, I remembered reading that, but I couldn’t exactly remember who it was that died, so I didn’t mention it. It’s strange how people have a strange way of dying when they disclose something about either Obama or Hillary. Hillary has been involved in multiple people dying (I think the number is around 75) , but what really shocked me, is that it was Obamas grandmother, that is shocking I mean it is bad enough to kill anyone, but your own grandmother, Obama was a really sorry piece of zhit, of course I knew that from all the things he did as President, but his own grandmother, that’s disgusting.

    • edward martis

      Served with the AZ NG for 6 months; Oct thru March—-in the Sierra Vista/ Naco area; just South of Tombstone—-That whole area is a semi-WAR ZONE—Take the 60 mile drive from Tucson and see for yourself… Check-points are everywhere…….Be sure you are off the secondary roadways by sunset——

  • barbarakelly

    To you liberal Dems—–what the pres. is showing you –he is NOT a laid back do nothing Pres. like your obama did to us. What obama did was subversion to what he was suppose to do to protect us. But then you didn’t know he was a drug dealer did you. People are dying for what was laced in with the drugs either. Now we are having pilots falling out of the sky because of that bastered . Trump is trying to get the parts to those planes now as fast as he can so we DON’T LOSE ANYMORE PILOTS.!! Blame your dem congresspersons for the death of our pilots for the last 4 days for going along with the EX -obama.!!!! They are the ones who now have blood on their hands.!

  • molly

    NOT to simply put troops out there and then, stop them from accomplishing- to their- MAKING A HUGE IMPACT. STOP the crossing! it is what we expect, AT ALL POINTS.Once you stop one crossing ‘hole’ you have to be sharp and get them at ALL of the others.Be as aggressive as is needed.DO NOT hold back.Illegals are threatening us, with demands,SO- IF illegals start to shoot,so as to cross over into our country,they will shoot to kill.WE do not want our troops with injuries that should not have been!

  • Rod

    I totally agree. I think we need to return to the gallows form of punishment for treason.

  • cathy

    Dogs ABSOLUTELY! Everyone down here in Costa Rica is afraid of them. I’m sure it’s the same in every Latino country.

  • Roy L. Richards

    Not many people remember it or they just don’t care but when Obumer was sworn in as senator he refused to be sworn in with the American bible he had them use the Muslim Quran so if he was an American why did he not use the American Bible like the other Presidents. He wasn’t thinking about being president then. Being a senator for his people didn’t mater.