GOP rep: No ‘artificial crowd’ at my town hall

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) says he encountered authentic frustration from his constituents during his last town hall, despite the White House’s claim that some protests against GOP lawmakers were “manufactured.”

“This wasn’t an artificial crowd,” Sanford told host Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s “The Situation Room” when asked about his last town hall. “It wasn’t manufactured.”

“Nobody that I was aware of [was] from outside the state,” Sanford added of his latest event, which was held Saturday in Mount Pleasant, S.C. “Certainly some people from outside the district.

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  • Abby701

    How does he not know that protesters are bign bused into Town Hall Meetings to disrupt and malign our government? Is his head in the sane?

  • D-day

    I think he is a real rino if I’m not mistaken- his name sounds familiar like a real establishment guy

  • Free America

    What are these people frustrated with? If they voted for Trump then they are getting what he promised.Wake up Mr. Sanford.

  • Pat Flowers

    I think he should be suspended for life. Not because of this crap he’s taking but because of his kneeling during a special moment or maybe he should leave this country seeing as how he thinks so little of it.

  • Jon’s On

    Either this congressman is a complete idiot or he’s on board with the left.

    • JACIE

      If I’m not mistaken this is the guy that was cheating on his wife with some babe from South America. His wife finally divorced him after he wouldn’t ditch the mistress. I THINK HIS WIFE’S NAME IS Susan and she wrote a book about it all which I read but can’t remember the name of. He’s a real winner alright. Hope he gets voted out.

  • Bob Casper

    Soo what was the frustration, that the Republicans are moving too slow… If that is the frustration then I would agree… Tell to get off his [email protected]@ and start passing bills and laws to get this country working again…. There are plans now pick the best one get behind it and pass it into law… Get rid of the unnecessary regulation and if this is against your conscience then resign so that we can vote a real conservative into office… NOW!!!

    • Lilipatch

      Bob – I think what’s happening at these town halls throughout is we have to remember that democrats that didn’t vote for Trump, but are in Mark Sanford’s district (R), they are going to these places to complain.

      In my district, I do not have a republican representative, so if my dem. rep. was having a town hall, I would go there to have my voice heard as well. The peculiar thing is I don’t think he mentioned if they were dem. of rep. that were complaining. He definitely sounds like a rino that wants it to appear that republicans are not happy with Trump.

  • cozy cowboy

    He is kissing butt because he has to run next year. What he doesn’t realize is he is kissing the wrong behinds. These people won’t vote for him anyway and now he has poed the people that will. We don’t need him S C. Throw his butt out!

  • doc

    This is the same guy that disappeared to his Argentina while hiking the Appalachian trail.

    • JACIE

      He’s the guy who was having an affair with his Argentinian mistress while lying to his wife Susan. She finally divorced him after he kept lying and wouldn’t ditch the mistress. she wrote a book about it but I can’t remember the name. I read it and he’s a real scumbag . Hope he’s voted out next election. The guys a liar and a cheat.

      • doc

        You’re right. I meant to say “ his mistress in Argentina…”. The keyboard is not my strong suit.

        • JACIE

          That’s ok no biggie.

  • vaquero711

    Take this moron out of office please . He’s the problem .

  • Jeff Z

    This clown is a RINO….might as well ask the two left bookends Juan McCain or McCommie what they think.

  • sue lenhart

    Perhaps the reason he didn’t have any “manufactured” protesters @ his townhall is because the Left doesn’t see him as a threat to their agenda. If that’s the case, SC American citizen/voters need to show him the error of his ways by voting him out!

  • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    And how does he know no one was from outside the state?? Did he check all their drivers licenses?? BS