Gillibrand Claims Only Women Can Save America From Trump

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) claims women “will feel called as to this moment” to pursure the 2020 presidential primaries to precent President Trump from “destroying the line between what is right and what is wrong.”

When questioned about a 2020 presidential run, Gillibrand said, “Well for me it’s really a moral question. I am concerned about all the hate that President Trump has put into this community, into the country, the divisiveness, and I really felt called to fight back as hard as I possibly can to restore that integrity, that moral compass, the truth of who we are as Americans. We have always cared about one other. We’ve always believed in the golden rule. And so, for me, I’m just going to think long and hard about whether that’s something I need to do and each  one of us will decide what to do in the months ahead about how best to fight against what’s wrong and move this country in a better direction.”

She was then asked about a potential 2020 Hillary Clinton run, Gillibrand stated, “I think Secretary Clinton will make her on decision based on what she wants to do and what vision she wants to share with America. I think there are many women that will look at what President Trump has done to this country, dividing us, tearing us apart really at the seems and destroying the line between what is right and what is wrong. I think women will feel called as to this moment as to whether they need to run to share their vision for America.”

She continued, “The fact that we don’t have a national paid leave plan in this country, the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t have it, we don’t have affordable health care or pre K, these are impediments for the country to grow. You need to fix basic parameters that would overwhelmingly help parents. Women want equal pay for equal work. These are real issues of moral conscience, and the reason we should be fighting for them is because we care about one another. That’s what’s been lost under President Trump; this notion that I should care about your child as much as I care about my own child. We should care about each American’s children as much as we care about our own. Until we restore that basic  moral compass as I said earlier, you will not understand why health care is a right and not a privilege is so important and why people should have access to good early childhood education and public school, why we should fight for full employment, not just employment for some.”