French Candidate Promises to End Radical Islam

In a speech Wednesday, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen promised an end to the “poison” of Islamic radicalism if she were elected, The Associated Press reports.

Le Pen made the remarks in the southern French city of Marseille, where she was holding her last rally before Sunday’s first round of voting.

Le Pen, who heads the National Front party, is a populist favorite often compared to Donald Trump. She used the rally to call for a “national insurrection, peaceful and democratic … to give France back to its people.”

The AP also reported she used the last few days before the election to emphasize her positions on “security, illegal immigration and the French identity, which she says is being lost as Islamists try to usurp French civilization and multiply the threat of terrorism.”

According to Politico, polls showed Le Pen in second place in first round voting, trailing centrist Emmanuel Macron by a margin of 24 percent to 21.5 percent. Conservative candidate François Fillon, recovering somewhat from a nepotism scandal, was in third place with 20 percent.

If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of Sunday’s vote, the two top vote-getters will compete in a runoff election on May 7.

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  • danstewart

    If I were a French citizen, I would definitely vote for her.

    • plum82

      DITTO ~~~~~~~~

  • Bernie

    This is a woman with balls and intelligentsia.
    Something that the snowflakes, left wingers and schmucks of the American left don’t have!

  • Deborah Pratt

    So glad to see someone in France willing to fight for the freedom of the French people!! Things in that country are in a terrible state and it’s been allowed far too long!! I hope enough Frenchmen are smart enough for her to be elected!! Wondering if they’re having the same ‘illegal’ voting problems we had. I happen to ‘like’ the French and wish them every success in re-gaining control of their country and freedom!!

  • Dennis Anderson

    Go get them Marine kick these worthless sacks out of your country. I can understand why some would be sympathetic because of world war 1 & 11. You have now gone the other way where they are over running Europe. You have one chance here to turn things around. The United States through years of pampering people took help for granted. We have 3 generations of these people and it started with the baby boomers and President Johnson. I hope that they vote Merkel out her twisted thinking will sink Germany. God bless you all. A hand up is the christian thing to do, but no one owes anyone a living.

  • MrRex1949

    If she wanted to end Racism Like she indicated. How come she couldn’t handle the problems there in France huh??? If she was so smart. she would of ended the problem there with the Muslims. But now France has Muslims controlling France. LOL’S there. Plus France ditched the USA and was against the USA when we saved there ass against Germany in WW 2. As if we didn’t come to there aid. Germany would be controlling them instead of Muslims. France does not appreciate us Americans. Don’t feel sorry for there pathetic act of caring now. They care about there own well being. Not of any other country. But France itself. She is a phony like all France people are. To All people of France. Viva la America.

    • Gary Stolp

      She was not in a position of authority to do anything with the Muslims. She’s not yet been elected.

      • Rex1949

        Gary Stolp: By reading the title of this article she claims she has the authority to do so.The point is she is running for the election.If she got the position or not. I seriously doubt she could do something. Question here! How come the President Of France couldn’t do nothing about the takeover of Muslims towards France huh???? If The President Of France couldn’t do nothing. What makes you think she could if she was elected or not huh???? That is the point I was indicating. Oh by the way Gary. Don’t know if you live in the USA or not. But just remember one thing here. For years mind you. The French has been cutting us Americans down on what we have been doing. Plus showing no gratitude towards us saving them from the German Krauts from taking over France. As us Americans stopped that from happening. And kicked the Krauts butt from takeover over France. The people of France soon forget that part. But critizing us for doing or part to save them or any other country. France people don’t like Americans to well. Think about that before you stick up for France OK???

  • dank440

    She has her work cut out for her to maintain that campaign promise! its crawling with bad guys, Germany and the UK too!

    • Johnny Apken

      I totally agree.

  • JR Quarrels

    Great! Where can I go vote!

    • Johnny Apken

      I like your REQUEST. ME TOO.

      • cathy

        And Me!

  • Dannie Poe

    Like the US, if she wants to end Radical Islam she must properly vet Muslim refugees. Radical Islam is the result of Fundamental Islam. If she or anyone else can not stop the flow of Islam into their nation Radical Islam will never end. The Liberal One World Government thinkers see Islam as a loving religion, thinking Islam can assimilate like any other faith. Boy, are they wrong.

    • Jorge Rivas

      The NWO is devious & diabolical. The NWO people know full well that Radical Islam is not a religion of peace. That’s merely what they want the rest of the world to believe. They see it as an instrument of division, hate and violence. They are using this instrument to destroy countries and Christianity through the media, academia & the judicial systems. We need not just guns but prayer to defeat this evil.

  • Johnny Apken


  • Vincent Fisher

    “Marine Le Pen promised an end to the “poison” of Islamic radicalism if she were elected”
    Unless she becomes dictator of France she will not accomplish this feat. This “poison” will only go away when Muslim leaders, religious and government, have decided that Islamic fundamentalism has no place in civilized societies.



  • Good get rid of them for good, send them back to the shit place they crawled out of and tell the un to house them in their homes if they want these killers, if it were up to me I would wipe them off the face of our map to exist no more. They want a better life but they don’t want you in your own country, and will demand that you leave your country where you were born to accommodate them as you are nothing to them and they want you to believe that they are better than you. Well show them where the door is and if they refuse to leave drop them off in the ocean and the sharks will take care of the rest.

    • plum82

      Drop ’em in the ocean ASAP ~~~~~~~~ALL of them…..

  • Camille Gilliam

    Go get them! I’ll pray that you win, then talk to President Trump!

  • cathy

    She MUST win.

  • generalJed

    Marie Le Pen sounds like someone Pres. Trump could work with. France needs to deport a large portion of its’ Muslim population. they will never become real French citizens. They also need a version of our Second Amendment.

  • alpambuena

    this Islamic infection has spread all over western society and anybody that thinks that muslims just want to settle into a peaceful life are blinded and not living in reality. the vast majority of muslims believe in sharia law….and muslims are reproducing 4 times more than westerners.