Former NY mayor: 55 percent chance Trump re-elected

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes the odds of President Donald Trump getting re-elected in 2020 are currently in Trump’s favor.

Bloomberg told  The New York Times on Wednesday that he believed there was a 55 percent chance that Trump will be re-elected, but he didn’t credit that probability directly to Trump or his policies. He thinks the Democrats will likely make the same mistake they made in 2016 with Hillary Clinton and not create a message that resonates with the average American.

“Hillary said, ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman and the other guy’s bad,’” Bloomberg told the Times.

Bloomberg said he believes the lack of an effective message will come back to bite them in the next election. He also said there are too many potential 2020 candidates who are already positioning themselves for a presidential bid, which won’t end well.

“They’ll step on each other and re-elect Donald Trump,” he concluded.

Bloomberg, who originally considered a 2016 presidential bid himself, later endorsed Clinton. He delivered some of his harshest words against Trump during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, calling the Republican nominee a “con” and a “dangerous demagogue.”


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