Former NY mayor: 55 percent chance Trump re-elected

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes the odds of President Donald Trump getting re-elected in 2020 are currently in Trump’s favor.

Bloomberg told  The New York Times on Wednesday that he believed there was a 55 percent chance that Trump will be re-elected, but he didn’t credit that probability directly to Trump or his policies. He thinks the Democrats will likely make the same mistake they made in 2016 with Hillary Clinton and not create a message that resonates with the average American.

“Hillary said, ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman and the other guy’s bad,’” Bloomberg told the Times.

Bloomberg said he believes the lack of an effective message will come back to bite them in the next election. He also said there are too many potential 2020 candidates who are already positioning themselves for a presidential bid, which won’t end well.

“They’ll step on each other and re-elect Donald Trump,” he concluded.

Bloomberg, who originally considered a 2016 presidential bid himself, later endorsed Clinton. He delivered some of his harshest words against Trump during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, calling the Republican nominee a “con” and a “dangerous demagogue.”


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  • homegirl

    Trump will have been removed from the political scene long before 2020. I don’t think he will push the switch to light the White House Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

    • Bob Jones

      Either he will or you have your switch turned off by Isis, Find something good to support American with as Christmas tree lights are last concern for Americans,when you might have yours turned off.

      • homegirl

        You never really got to the point, try again.

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      They have nothing so far but words their case against clintons Both were stronger Billie did the intern in the Oval if Monica Sued she would have gotten Millions HRC has committed so many that treason is even nothing. The reason why so much stuff looks bad is because Obama went around Congress not with them . If they weren’t executive actions they couldn’t be reversed So the entrenched elite are cry babies. You have 3 branches of government for a reason. The only one I trust is the Supreme court and that is even in some doubt. The feds are all lawyers they can tie this up for years . In the meantime nothing gets done that helps the Society or the World. For Gods sake Nancy can’t even read. What do you think they are there for they have staffs security depends changers. They don’t work unless it is for themselves .Remember the clip of Uncle Joe at the Subway getting lunch for he and Obama it was $60 You want waste go to Washington

      • homegirl

        How about:
        Public financing of campaigns
        Forbid ALL lobbyists
        Term Limits
        One six year term for the presidency


        • Kenneth Fichtl

          I agree with all of those add Conflict of Interest violations and so kind of a poison that is released under the skin if you reach your lying Quota. The founders never envisioned Politics as a Career but a service to the Country. Like My Brother in Law at a Chinese Buffet He is first in Line and insists on all the Peking duck. Only person I have ever known to be thrown out of an ALL YOU CAN EAT location

      • homegirl

        If Monica sued!!! Monica was an eager willing participant. And an adult.

        • Kenneth Fichtl

          Billie promised her Love She was young could have won a fortune. she was 21 he was President of the USA You say that has no effect?

          • homegirl

            No, I didn’t say that. You did, and you may be right, but you weren’t there and neither was I.
            When you say “she could have won a fortune.” Can I assume you believe she thought Bill would divorce Hillary and marry her? Or that she could write a “tell all” book?

            FYI: According to White house staff Monica was stalking Bill and they were trying to keep her away from him.

            PS: Just in case you ever wondered what a 21 year old has to do to become a White House intern with access to the president. Her father was a major contributor to the Clinton campaign–$250K worth.

          • Kenneth Fichtl

            I got to party with Billie a few times .He chased them all even farm animals.. He always told them his wife was ok with him being with other women. I only saw Hillary a few times she never got out of the Limo. He was with others mostly and always ready to party. He could make a room come alive. Yes he inhaled was handsome mostly the center of Attention. Those were days before Monica . I only saw him once in Vail after he left the south. He hit on the Hostess while he was staying in the Penthouse of the Cascade..He was charming and made a Party better. It still is a person in position of Power and Trust seducing another. Many go to jail for that

    • SeanM62

      His trip to Europe and golf cart debacle shows he does not have the stamina to make it to 2020, probably going even sooner.

    • Jean123a

      The opinions of Trolls don’t count in any rational discussion.

      • homegirl

        You seem to know a lot about “trolls.” Are you paid in rubles or bitcoin?

  • Dannie Poe

    Why are politicians more concerned about who will or not win a election than on doing the job they were elected to do? To me they have their priorities confused. The everyday patriotic taxpaying US Citizens are not concerned about Party Politics, they want results. If Democrats and NeverTrumpers deal with this election for the next three plus years how can any good come of it? It seems the only goal is to remove Trump from office. This is why we have such a disconnect between the people and government. From the time Trump was elected the only thing important to politicians is how or why Trump won. Colluding with Russian is all we hear while our nation goes to hell. This has been the case for the last fifty years: What Party stays in power? Political Agenda is more important than the will of the people. It seems to most US Citizens the salvation of Party is more important than the salvation of our Representative Republic. The sad reality is that we now face the threat of Political Correct Socialism as our future. Maybe the biggest gift our Founding Fathers gave us is the US Constitution, yet the Parties want to abuse it for greed and power. What made America greater than any other nation on our planet? The US Constitution and the Creator given rights it protects. What will bring the USA to her knees? The failure to support and defend our US Constitution. If the people have learned anything over the last eight years under Obama it is just how easy it is to use the US Constitution against the people it was meant to protect.

    • Jean123a

      That’s why we have to vote out every embedded “Rino” in Congress out, and replace them with Conservative, grassroots, pure Constitutional candidates.
      We CANNOT allow even one more seat to be taken by another Marxist Democrat.

  • Camille Gilliam

    Trump is doing it all for us, he isn’t padding his own pocket, like Hillary always did. He will be back in 2020, god will help him win again just like he did this time.

  • SeanM62

    Trump in 2020? Wonderful news for America’s enemies. Scary thought for real Americans. Putin rejoices with his “useful idiot” back in power.

  • cardmaster1

    Sure hope he is right!!!

  • Interested Surfer

    MY… Mr. President Donald John Trump WILL BE RE-ELECTED, in 2020! Thank God!!!

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    So how EXACTLY did this idiot, Bloomberg come to this specific, numeric, percentage? Was he scratching his posterior, and his fingers get a little too close to Uranus, and pulled something out of it? Hahahaha! Ridiculous! This is the idiot who endorsed HILLARY!! He knows NOTHING!

  • Jean123a

    The odds are much better than that. Just wait ’til the swamp is REALLY DRAINED.
    But let’s stand behind him, just in case.