Florida Republican Destroys Tallahassee Mayor

Florida Republican Gubernatorial nominee Representative Ron DeSantis attacked his Democratic general election opponent, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. DeSantis stated that Gillum would turn Florida into Venezuela and “combines a far-left ideology with managerial incompetence.”

DeSantis stated, “He is the most liberal candidate that the Democratic Party has ever nominated in the state of Florida, by a country mile, in a governor’s race. He wants to abolish ICE. He wants a billion-dollar tax increase. He wants a single-payer healthcare system in Florida, which would bankrupt the state. I’m trying to make Florida even better. He wants to make Florida Venezuela. But he also combines a far-left ideology with managerial incompetence. As mayor of Tallahassee, his tenure has been absolutely disastrous. Tallahassee is one of, if not the most crime-ridden city in all of Florida, year after year, rising crime. He’s embroiled in a lot of corruption scandals.”

  • Medic RN

    Spot on! If the shoe fits….
    If it quacks like a duck….

  • James Stevens

    State by state we just keep on culling them out. The Democratic party has got to make some radical changes other than what they have done in the last 50 years. The American taxpayer is fed up with their cheap shots, lies, and theft of public funds. Term Limits is the only civilized answer to their problems. jwstx

    • cookiero

      Have you read the latest Trump polls? Oh, that’s right you don’t believe MSM….even fox entertainment posted it!

      • Dennis Recker

        Cookiero, did you just resort to citing polling results to represent your opposition to James’s comments? I know you remember those polls taken in the 6 months leading up to the 2016 election? Many Americans still prefer a free open market economy, secure national borders, merit based immigration, low tax rates, smaller efficient government and a society that relies on the rule of law under the guiding protections of the US Constitution. That is what this election is about. The people who believe in and want to preserve these ideas number in the multi millions and are not adequately reflected in your precious poll but they in a magnificent silent wave will vote in congressional, senatorial, gubernatorial and local elections on November 6, 2018.

        • cookiero

          yes, I’m sure millions of people are gearing up to vote BLUE in Nov. Plus with trump’s tariffs, how is that a free open market? We’re even having to subsidize farmers!

          • Dennis Recker

            Tariffs are a retaliatory tool that are used on a quid pro qou basis. They came about after world war II to help our allies rebuild their war torn countries.The President wants to reduce and remove these in response to foreign trade partners doing the same. You are right the left is energized as well. That is what free elections are about. We will be there.

          • Cliff Ward

            Just as free as the tariffs that those other countries place on our goods…duh…

  • cardmaster1

    People had better Wake The Hell Up! The DemocRATS are Dead Set on turning America into another Venezuela and the funding and promotion of that DISASTROUS desire has the Nazi George Soros written all over it! DemocRATS and their lapdog media ARE the greatest Threat to America and her survival. People need to OPEN their eyes to the Lies and Deception of the DemocRAT party!!! They have only ONE goal in mind–to retain Power by ANY means necessary, Legal or not. They MUST be Defeated!!!

    • Doyle Jones

      Yes I agree we better wake up or loose America

      • cookiero

        Loose America? Like loose stools?

  • Dems are finding it hard to avoid the truth now… since the msm has screwed up and nobody gives them any credence …as is only right …credibility has become the one characteristic that the dems thought they were above having to prove of themselves..and now it is apparent they do not have ANY CREDIBILITY REGARDING TRUTH…THANK YOU DUMBOCRAP LEADERSHIP FOR PROVING TO AMERICA THAT YOU ARE THE LIARS YOU HAVE SO OFTEN ACCUSED OTHERS OF BEING!!

    • cookiero

      Russian trolls in Fl.???

  • rll

    The last thing Florida needs or wants is a soicalist/communist running the state. Kiss “NO state income tax” goodbye if this liberal Dimm gets elected.

  • Tom Johnson

    I agree, the socialist platform of the the demwits will be the downfall of either the democratic party or this country. Here is the problem,:VOTER APATHY OF THE REPUBLICANS!

  • GetReal4U2

    a red dawn is about to happen in florida…

    que the utter…liberal meltdown…

    TRUMP 2020!

    • Dennis Recker

      Do not forget the mid term election on November 6, 2018. The President needs some Republican helpers in Congress and state houses across America.

  • Glenn Saulsbury

    Keep it up democrats and the tax payers will start to leave the state.

  • Mac Daddy

    If anyone thinks this man is BSing you I can attest as a FL. resident everything he has stated is dead on. If we start letting the Socialists dressed in Democrats clothing get elected into local & national positions we will lose our Constitutional Rights & not just the 2nd but also the 1st. 4th, 12, & 14th & then the whole Constitution. After that we will become just another country run by Socialist Dictators & just like Venezuela the Rich Socialist Fat Cats will be in charge, the poor will be worse off because everyone will be just like them with no chance for advancement. And if you think a Socialist Politician is better for our Nation just look really look at the majority of large Socialist Countries & you will see Hell right hear on earth because none of the Hollywood Elite or Pro Athletes who talk all this socialist smack are going to help Middle-Class American Citizens. Look at all the Socialist Politicians here in the US like Bernie Sanders & the vast majority of them are Rich Fat Cats selling a line of BS their Constituents & America.

    • Dennis Recker

      You are right! And Mayor Gillum is drinking their cool aid and spewing their ideas. Floridians you know what to do. Do not let them make this about race. Do not swallow their promises without asking who will pay for them. This socialist thing is about bringing down our Republic, trashing an economic model that is the envy of the whole world and taking away our precious individual liberties. The result one small class of wealthy bureaucrats and the rest of us: people held in a state of forced reliance on a big centrally controlled government with no way up and only one very bloody way out.

  • Jeffrey Revers

    Florida will be worse than Chicago if the Democrats get their Governor. People all this free stuff sounds good untill you get the BILL FOR THE FREE STUFF because nothing is FREE. It has to be paid in full and that comes from massive tax increases over and above the increases that the Demarats are already calling for. People PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE HYPE OF FREE..

    • Donnell Simon

      Hey , I’m not a billionaire, so the current administrations tax cuts did absolutely nothing for me, trickle down ain’t never worked. And no I don’t advocate for redistribution but there is a serious gap between hard working Americans (emphasis on working) and the rich. I reiterate every swinging Richard in politics gets corrupted eventually, there is too much money to be made. I vote my conscience based on my research and gut never a party ticket. Crooks and idiots on both sides, including current administration. TERM LIMITS!!!! The thing folks fail to realize is last administration and this one were both about change, we got duped on the former, remains to be seen how much we screwed with this one.

      • Dennis Recker

        Donnell, Trickle down is the terminology that best describes socialism and income redistribution policies. Where big government takes most of what you earn and provides in return shoddy state run medicine and small fixed subsistence handouts or state controlled wages which you become dependent on. What you here in America and are seeing happen in front of you as we speak is the upswing in employment, and wage growth which resulted from a combination of corporate deregulation and tax rate reductions. These reduced rates apply to most income levels not just top income levels but the corporate tax level as well. This had a tremendous impact as jobs were created, capital investments were initiated and many people experienced an increase in their disposable income. Stop repeating the silly nonsense these socialist political criers and educators are spewing. You and I have it better than the average Russian, Chinese, or any citizen living in any country that was duped or forced into socialism. Do not come back with that tired old line about Sweden and Norway because those are not socialist countries but rather free, open market economies with privately held capital and corporate ownership of property and commerce. Wise up please you have been lied to. P.S I am not a billionaire either Donnell but I am happily were I am by choice, opportunity and personal initiative.

    • Dennis Recker

      You are right! Unfortunately liberals decide things are not what they ought to be in their blue state paradise and move to find housing bargains, reasonable living costs and peaceful communities with decent schools and civil people. But they bring their Democrat ideology with them and soon the wrong minded people with wrong ideas are elected and the slow descent begins. The process is repeated until there is nothing but one big blue wasteland where nothing works and all are without hope. Except those ready for what the end brings.

  • Zero1

    People deserve the Government they get. If the people of Florida elect this demoncrap piece of Shit they richly deserve everything he does to them.

  • Jane Schipper

    Love him!

  • Dennis Recker

    This by far is the best political race we will have to demonstrate voter reaction to the stark contrasting choice between a sound conservative leader in opposition to a left leaning socialist Democrat. I am interested to see the outcome because in many ways this is a choice that voters will have in 2020. The future of our nation is at stake in the mid term election and again in the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Get out and Vote Conservatives preserve, protect and defend our country with your important votes.