Does Mueller Really Have Something On Trump

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg recently called CNN to inform the nation that he will not comply with the subpoena by special counsel Robert Mueller to appear in court.

Nunberg did mention he believed Mueller had “something” on Trump.

Partial transcript as follows:

NUNBERG: I’m not cooperating. Arrest me.

TAPPER: You’re not cooperating, arrest you?

NUNBERG: Yes. You’re going to arrest me, arrest me. Do you know what? I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, Jake.

TAPPER: I know, you had a big falling out.

NUNBERG: I’m not a fan of his. When they start asking for stuff like this, Trump is right. It is a witch hunt.

TAPPER: When you did meet with the members of the special prosecutor’s team and you said they acted very professionally?

NUNBERG: They acted professionally and I was very impressed.

TAPPER: You were very impressed. What were they asking you about?

NUNBERG: They asked about everything in terms of my relationship with Trump, in terms of my — they even — you know, my father worked for Trump in the 1980s, if you read ‘Art of the Deal’ Trump mentions it. They asked about stuff like that. You wouldn’t believe it. And they know—they know something on him. And Jake, I don’t know what it is. Perhaps I’m wrong, but he did something.

TAPPER: You think that they have him on something but you don’t know if it is related to if Russians or something else.

NUNBERG: I think it, I think if they have him on something, they’re smart enough to know, if they have him on something, it has to be during election. Because the same way that they went after Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas, and they were right to, they have to go, the minute Trump is a politician, they can go after him. Now, Sarah Huckabee has attacked me again and I’ll be more than happy to deal with her face to face. I would be more than happy to go back to court with her. I think she’s terrible, by the way.

  • Brabado

    Yeah… A Tsunami of Rancor, Envy, and real Bad Blood, flamed by the Clinton Mafia Vendetta.
    Sooner than later, he and his Vindictive Troupe of Democrat Liberal Lawyers, will hit a Brick Wall and
    will fall apart, in disgrace… SP Mueller will make the Corrupt Democrats LOSE the Mid-Term Elections.
    Just watch….


    Samper fil

    • JOE the AMERICAN

      Semper Fi back at You! Me i was Navy, best we could was have your back in Viet-Nam. Hear those machines flying overhead,, YOU BACK WE HAD and ALWAYS WILL! Agin alyays “Semper Fi” MARINE!

      • rogerevans

        I agree with having a fellow Viet Soldier for the people in this country spit at me and called me a baby killer and I know I did not do that but I also know some did.

        • Michael McGrew

          Every time I think about the pos people spitting just shows they are some ungrateful pathetic excuse of a human being

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Whack a doodle.

    • JOE the AMERICAN

      You said it all! LOL!

  • ed

    15 minutes of fame is not free……

  • milmac

    This is a very stupid interview. A complete waste of time. There is still nothing there there. What they may get eventually is a bunch of events created in the minds of those who have had some type of association with Trump that did not turn out in their favor so now they will attempt to trash the President. It is time Mueller stopped his “warlock/witch” hunt. His investigation is an out-of-hand and he is filling his coffers with taxpayer funds. I don’t understand why more of us don’t see that Mueller is a crook and deamand his withdrawal and conclude this crock-of-manure.

  • This guy is stupid!! To say Sarah Huckabee Sanders is “terrible” proves how dumb he really is!!! We watched his silly performance on TV, and he’s not fit to carry Sarah’s shoes!