Does China Need Sanctions?

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow recently said on air that China is openly “breaking a lot of laws,” something that must be stopped.

“No tariffs have been implemented. Now, they may be over time, depending on whether China wants to talk to us or negotiate in good faith,” Kudlow stated.

“In the next several months, [the Trump Administration] will ask the public to comment, and then they will comment on the public’s comments, and then a decision will be made. So it’s not going to be something hasty. It’s going to be something that’s well thought out. A lot of this is going to depend on China. So far China has not responded to President Trump on stealing our technology. They have tall trade barriers, and they’re breaking a lot of laws. President Trump is right. He’s not the problem. China is the problem. But they haven’t responded satisfactorily.”

“We have to do this. We have to get China to change its behavior. It’s been two decades, and they’re still stealing our intellectual property.”