DNC hit with NEW scandal

Bernie Sanders rallied behind the “Fight for Fifteen,” a group supporting a $15 an hour minimum wage, during his presidential campaign. Unfortunately for those who interned for the candidate, they really would’ve had to wait for him to become president to earn such a wage, as they only earned $12 an hour.

Elizabeth Warren meanwhile wonders why the minimum wage isn’t $22 an hour (Here’s why not), but doesn’t pay her interns at all. Women who are lucky enough to work for the equal pay champion, and be paid for it, will find their wages equaling only 71 percent of their male counterparts.

Worst of all the hypocrites to work for however would be the already scandal-ridden DNC, where you can expect to work overtime, then have to sue to be compensated for it.

Per the Washington Free Beacon, Dozens of field workers have filed a class action lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, claiming the party that is pushing employers to pay a $15 minimum wage and more in overtime failed to pay overtime and minimum wages to its own employees.

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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/matt-palumbo/boom-dnc-hit-new-scandal

  • shavager

    DNC and party leaders ARE the National SOCIALIST DemocRAT Party OF Islam and George Soros–it’s NOT about anyone being equal! TOTAL domination–THAT is end game of their goal, and they will become more radical AND more violent to achieve their agenda. Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Schumer, Bernie Sanders–these ARE the SOCIALIST PARTY LEADERS in America–and ENEMIES of this Country, Constitution and CITIZENS!

    • maxx

      The democrat party should be branded as an “enemy of the state” and dismantled and it’s members brought up on sedition charges since their sole goal is to overthrow out Constitutional Republic in favor of a socialist dictatorship. That folks is the definition of sedition.

  • Deborah Pratt

    Are we ‘surprised’??? I’m not!! Right in line with their usual ‘hypocritical oath’

    Part of that same ‘oath’ is to ‘lie, lie, lie’ and, when ‘caught’–blame, blame, blame!
    Hillary’s ‘agenda’ has been adopted by every ‘Liberal’—‘keep them uninformed and unaware’!!!

  • Jim Hagarty

    Memories are sooooo short. Do none of you remember Stephanopolis stating the modus operandi, in lieu of the truth from the Clinton’s onward was “Deny, Lie & counter-accuse” with a complicit and supportive media filled with FAKE NEWS it’s easy to see why this strategy has worked for decades for the Democrat Party, and while the official name may in fact be the Democratic Party, there is nothing Democratic about it…all you have to do is pay attention…to see the lies and hypocrisy.

    • CCblogging

      Jim, most Americans have finally gotten wise to the sleazy Dims. That’s why Trump got elected and why the Dims took a terrible beating during the last mid-term election. They have another whupping coming in the 2018 mid-term election.

    • ipsd48

      That’s Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ in a nutshell.

  • Robert Pekarik

    Will scandals and hypocritical democrat agendas be dealt with? Obviously not because the useful idiot citizens of our nation that refuse to face the truth that their party has abandoned American values, cares only for controlling we the people and are totally corrupt to the core are really socialist/communists at heart and have supported the killing of babies, the wasteful spending entitlement agendas and lying to we the people every day of every week of every year. The liberal progressive hate machine is in full force and the American citizens that support them are complicit in the attempted destruction of the nation that we love. Why do these evil people want to remove God from our nation? Just look at their actions, they speak louder than their corrupt and deceitful words.

  • TexRancher

    Typical of these socialists! “Good for me, not for thee”!

  • Maggietish

    DNC is nothing but a bunch of socialist. These people have a perfect right to file a class-action lawsuit against the DNC and hopefully they will win. It’s just the DNC continuing to lie to the American people once again and their lies are beginning to backfire on them as they should. What is even one Democrat accomplished in the house or the Senate for the last few years? What have they been doing for at least the last year except hatemongering and doing everything they could to enact their liberal progressive socialist think agenda in this country. Why are we paying them? They’re not doing their jobs even now and certainly the private sector if you don’t do your job you’re fired. It’s more than time for we the people to clean the swamp and get rid of these socialistic corrupt political hacks once and for all. Term limits!!!!!!!

  • Bernie

    That prick Sanders and all the other left-wing nuts should start a small business immediately.
    Run down to their nearest unemployment office, pull a couple of people out of line, pay them a living wage (whatever the heck that means), their health insurance, sick days and vacation time.
    Then, pay your vendors, your business insurance, utilities, rent, business taxes and follow all State, federal and local regulations.
    Then, what’s left over, pay yourself!!
    If not, tell them to shut the fvck up!

  • CCblogging

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. The truth is coming out and the noose is tightening around Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Lerner, Huma, Podestra and the rest of the criminal Dims. The fake news pushing the Trump/Russia lie is being done by Hillary and Obama to counter the coming indictments against the Clintons, Obama and their criminal partners. Comey is in on it too. Comey was on the board of directors at the Clinton Foundation and was involved in their pay for play schemes.

    • GoldenGirl2u

      Sure hope your right, would like to see some action soon, in a major way. Time to really start draining the swamp.

  • ANC

    Elizabeth Warren will spend amount of somebody else’s money to get into any government political office. That’s what communist do.

  • Ron C

    Yes…the DNC are known hypocrite’s in everything they do, what else would be expected from the party of the KKK…what I can’t understand is why black American’s love the democrat party…??? Could it be the Stockholm syndrome…???

  • depaz

    The pic at the beginning of this article made my stomach flip. And not in a good way. . . . .

  • The Democraps have always abided by the “Do as I say and not as I do” mantra.