DNC Chair Hopes Trump Strategy Backfires

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile stated that President Trump’s 2018 midterm plan was to focus on “guns, immigration, religion, and race.”

Brazile also predicted that this plan will “backfire.”

Partial transcript as follows:

DONNA BRAZILE: Well, first of all, I think this is the same playbook that President Trump used in 2016. He used guns, immigration, religion, and race. And already we’ve seen with take-a-knee campaign that he is using that. He’s going to use all four of these issues, I think, to continue to mobilize his base. A funny thing is happening, George, is that he’s losing — while he’s gaining Republican support, he’s losing independents. I don’t think it’s going to work. I think it’s going to backfire eventually.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But his Republican support, Matthew Dowd, is kind of remarkable. I mean, he’s up in the high 80’s, 87 percent. As I said earlier, only George W. Bush was higher among Republicans.

  • Bill

    I love it when dems think they know what Trump is gonna do….because they don’t.

  • Chris Bohl

    She does not see the hypocrisy of her position. Once again the race card is included when there has been no evidence of racial animus in any of Donald Trump’s actions.

  • cardmaster1

    And yet we have Another prognosticator of doom and gloom for Trumpers. His approval rating with Republicans is over 80%. As for the Independents abandoning him, that is an assumption. Personally, I think that a majority of Independents Will vote for him, especially if the DemocRATS continue to show the absolutely Despicable, Abhorrent, totally Off the Wall into the realm of Lunacy that they have shown for 18 months, and continue to do to this day. Their Hatred and Vile, Degenerate, Degrading and Disrespectful comments, antics, even Assaults on his Staff AND supporters (the latter of which is, if they are not careful, going to backfire on them in a Bad way) should tell Everyone what they need to know about the Out of Control, Violence promoting DemocRATS. The only way to End their Vulgar displays of Hatred and lack of good, common sense, is to VOTE THEM OUT!!

    • cjjf

      As an independent myself, i see absolutely no one in the democrat camp worth 2 cents, so my vote would go to Trump. All the violence, intolerence, and obstruction coming from the left disgusts me a whole lot more then anything Trump’s has uttered. Trump may be a diamond in the rough but he is certainly doing his darndest to keep his promises and in spite of all else, some of us still value honesty in action and understand that deeds mean more than words.

  • johnnywoods

    Proverbs 10:10.

  • thomas robinson

    Dems THINK they know everything ! but all they really know is hate, discrimination, dividing people and parties, and violence.

    • John

      What communists do best! Steal from those that got, and appropriate to those that do their bidding!

      • soupy264

        while removing 60% to themselves

  • Al Wunsch

    President Trump will continue to work for the American people, not a party, not an ideology but what is a practical solution to the issues facing American people. Probably the best hope for the dems is that his strategy to try and even the playing field on trade and reign in China may take longer that he thought and/or might take a downturn at the wrong time. Even then, don’t see voters wanting more of the anti-American, raise your taxes, shut down religious and bring back ACA, open borders etc.

  • This woman is a criminal! Who cares what she thinks? And how in hell did she end up the DNC chairman? Ol’ Donna and her party (soon to be the Donna Party), will be eaten alive in 2020! TRUMP all the way!!!!

  • Bud William

    I have heard that the “Right won’t Fight”. Well if the Right wants to fight, they have to get down in the Pig Slop to Stop the Democrats. Guys and Gals get ready to Fight, prepare to get a little dirty, it is unavoidable.

  • dosadoe

    Donna Brazile: Hope is not a strategy!

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Look the DEM’S are playing their guessing game again. Just like they thought Hillary was gong to be our QUEEN on the Hill. But they were WRONG!! WE did not want a criminal in the White House. Obama was bad enough. They are NOT thinking about WE the PEOPLE. WE put TRUMP in the White House because we have had enough of the DEM’S bullshit that we put up with for the past 20 years or so. We are happy what our President has been able to do even with all of the DEM’S and Media on his butt 24-7. There has NEVER been a President who has had this much BS put on them from day one and is still kicking their asses. TRUMP in 2020 an will see who he backs in 2024 but till then the DEM’s and Media can kiss ass with all of their FAKE BS!! I wonder what would have happened if this was done to Obama? WE have a REAL President who cares about our country and it’s people. Not like DEM’S who care more about the ILLEGALS than the people who put them into office. WE the PEOPLE will NOT forget!!