Democrats Fear Trump May Be ‘Teflon Don’

According to Politico, President Trump may be Teflon.

Edward-Isaac Dovere reports that Democrats seeking to translate President Trump’s general levels of unpopularity into political gold are having a rough go of it. He writes:

Data from a range of focus groups and internal polls in swing states paint a difficult picture for the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election. It suggests that Democrats are naive if they believe Trump’s historically low approval numbers mean a landslide is coming.

What’s the big problem? Apparently, there are several. First off, Bernie Sanders economics isn’t convincing people. Dovere writes, “Many of the ideas party leaders have latched on to in an attempt to appeal to their lost voters — free college tuition, raising the minimum wage to $15, even Medicaid for all — test poorly among voters outside the base.”

Then there are the attacks on Trump himself. Trump is seen as a chaos agent, but attacks on Trump aren’t seen as solidifying — they’re seen instead as a contribution to the chaos. Furthermore, the constant levels of chaos around Trump actually reinforce the general notion that he’s a “change agent” rather than a dilettante.


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  • VA Guy

    They have been busy trying to dream up and fabricate for so long they have become a seditious conspiracy.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    The democrats are right he is teflon. Why because the American people are watching and see what the have done to their President!
    What could have been 6 months of constructive interaction the have made into a total obstruction of everything he has attempted to do! They will pay big time in 2018!

    • Norman Fox

      This is typical of the tax and spend, give away free lunch to everyone except WE THE CITIZENS WHO HAVE TO PAY THE BILLS for the free loaders. WE all know its the liberal leftist dumocrats crying foul because the finally woke up to the lies an corruption of these asses. All I see is cry babies doing nothing

      • dennis w

        THEY HATE TWITTER………..



    • KKmoderate

      I think the latest democratic attempt to block deportation legislation for M – 15 gangs will be their “Waterloo”.

  • Dea Whyte-Mansburten

    Er…those “historically low” approval ratings are FAKE NEWS, but the same “scientitians” who polled Hillary leading BY DOUBLE DIGITS even in red states, right up to the night of the election.

    Trump is actually about 50/50, which is par for most Presidents.

    • I hope that Hillary beomes the Velcro queen.

      • old codger

        AMEN and Hallelujah!!

    • KKmoderate

      Those polls have been debunked as of November 2016😂😂😂 such a joke when these losers keep trying to pass off the same old tired trash and think we forgot!

  • Norman Fox

    The big problem is and I am delighted is that the President goes to the beat of a different drummer. He is and cannot be bought or sold. That is what jealously will get you nothing. AND he is cleaning out the sewer in Washington good for him I FOR ONE WANT AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED FOR AMERICA AND I AM NOT ABOUT TO LET THEIR LIVES BE FORGOTTEN BY A BUNCH OF SISSIES, WHO WANT TO BE A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY

  • practicedcynic

    You INCREDIBLELY STUPID DEMS, TRUMP contrasts with YOU, then people SEE how basically AWFUL you and the MESS you helped CREATE in Washington D C really is. Days of reckoning are upon you creeps in DC, and that is RINO S too.

  • scorpian

    Obama and his clown Democrats were Teflon, and for 8 yrs that bastard Half white and half black bastard fundamentally changed this country for the worse. Where should we begin? The gateway to the White House was directly to his pimp Al Sharpton along with his Black Lives Matter army continued to drive a wedge between blacks and Law enforcement leading to the assassination of our Police officer’s! Anarchy instilled by Obama, Soros, corruption in the IRS, AOJ Lynch of theJustice Department the CIA, and FBI. This black bastard had all his all his basis covered with his F—– Democratic Party. Obama should be tried for Treason! Hillary Clinton should be tried for treason and destruction of government Classified information along with her attorneys for deleting government Classified e-mail. That’s just starters. I refer to Obama as Black simply because American’s voted for the first black President who failed them and did nothing for the black people.

    • ny2223jv

      He does not take all the blame it also belongs to the gelding Repubiucrates who first said we need the House and did nothing Then they needed the senate and did nothing then the presidency and are still doing nothing . Now they need a boot in their ass to get something done. Cant wait till 2018 when the Traitors are given a swift kick.

  • scorpian

    We as American’s must stand behind our great President Trump who’s giving his life and concern for all American’s. Republican’s and Democrats don’t want him to drain the swamp. He’s a landmark of Justice. Obama has a 30,000 strong obstructionists in the back ground working to destroy President Trump. We must encourage law enforcement to track down this coup of anarchists and destroy them. Obama belongs before a firing squad. Write the FBI AOJ Jeff Sessions and request he take down Obama and his followers.

  • donl

    Teflon Don? Good, we finally have someone who will stand for America.

  • Robert Wilson

    You people are as mentally sick as the worst President in the history of our great country. Enjoy this while you can.


    • Bernie

      Who are you talking about and why?

    • Dennis Anderson

      Wow you demorats coined Trump as the teflon Don? That must have taken hours of labor to pull that used up phrase out of your ass. Are you getting anything out of Hitler-ys blame tour??

      • old codger

        Hey now, be nice! It only took their brain trust 9 months to come up with that gem!! LMAO!!

    • old codger


    • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

      Sorry, Obama is no longer the president so we can’t impeach him.

  • Wayne Snyder

    The motto of the Democratic Party, – tell a lie long enough and everyone will believe it – NOT.

  • gardeauxandrew

    Obama got a pass from the medias and especially you whitey Americans to pacify certain people, which says a lot about incompetence. The lowering of standards to pacify hurts all, especially those it was intended to help! Beware the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES especially government propaganda LIES, it creates and promote snowflakes to riot that helps terrorist to destroy America from within!

  • Trump has casino’s and so he may break laws on taxing people who win and the mob controls most of gambling so Trump maybe connected.

    • old codger


  • Trump is the Devil and cares about no one but himself.

    • Gary Johnson

      you sir are a fn idiot

    • old codger


  • Gary Johnson

    Teflon DON, maybe thats because he is a good, honest man thats trying to do good things for America. The dam o rats cant understand this because they dont have any body like that. all they want to do is bring down America

  • Paul

    I know you so called Democrat leaders will not listen but I do solemnly swear to my last breath that I personally will not vote for a Democrap ever again.You people can take Oblah care and shove it. Take your special interest and……….in other words get lost.

    • old codger

      That makes 2 of us!! I gave up DemoCommieSCUMboRATZ for Lent quite a few years ago and guess what?? I DON’T FUCKING miss them!

  • Pat

    Not only will the GOP maintain the majority in 2018…but Trump will be re-elected in 2020.
    America DESPISES the DIVISIVE ‘identity politics’ of the leftists DemoRats….

  • ny2223jv

    Not only should the Demoncraps be worried a bunch of Repubicrates should be Very worried . Hey Ryan McConnell, McCain Ya Hear.