Democrat Suggests Republicans Betrayed America

Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) who is a member of the House Intelligence Committee attacked republicans after their Russia draft report. He stated, it “was a stunning betrayal of the American people and the public trust.”

Castro stated, “This was a stunning betrayal of the American people and the public trust. This was a case of the majority on the committee basically burying their heads in the sand. It was a believe whatever they tell us investigation. Chris, this was the equivalent of bringing in a suspect, asking them whether they started the fire or not, they say, ‘No, I didn’t start it.’ And then you say, ‘Oh, well, great, everybody can go home.’ That’s basically what happened.”

  • john

    Typical Turd response

  • Jan Kenneally


    • Norman Fox

      Well you know. Look at what President Trump has accomplished in little over a year, even with everything thrown at him including the kitchen sink. These accomplishments more jobs, stock market up cleaning the sewer in Washington, getting rid of illegals and this is just the beginning. He cannot be bought, and is truthful

      The liberals could not accomplish this in 8 years,and even with their lies and corruption could not win the White House

      • Jan Kenneally

        My comment was the first one and directed at this ridiculous article!

  • Medic RN

    Any ideas how to nip these liberal lies?
    Man, picking up their trash is becoming tiresome & frustrating.
    Like to see Schiff in the landfill of history.

    • William Merrell

      Put a livable “bounty” on these liars.

      • Armed Liberal

        LOL! Love to see you try Pussy!

        • dennis w

          YOU REEK……

          • Armed Liberal

            Denise, What’s so hypocritical about being an armed liberal? If you have a gun – why you’re an armed moron! LOL!

            But I promise not to hold it against you Nancy! :0)

    • I’d like to see his body in a landfill.

  • Raymond Levy

    Democrats are in full panic mode , because the truth is coming out and they cant handle it , it will destroy them and they know it, all the shit that they where doing is coming out , and a lot of them will go to prison for it…………and they know it…………….

  • Mike Cummings

    Let’s see the Inspector General also investigating the same issue just finished their report and no evidence of collusion. This house committee this snowflake is crying about , after 14 months of investigating , this committee also found NO EVIDENCE of collusion . So far all the democrats have is their word that they have evidence but you just can’t see it yet.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      It’s like the king had no clothes! It’s pretend evidence!

  • Bruce Kellar

    Here is a questionable citizen of the US that is enjoying the efforts of others while enjoying that he makes none. Another seditionist!

  • Tony Barreda

    If the GOP did not give viable reasons for Rep. Castro to criticize them, he would against not. To drop their investigation when more and more nefarious and suspicious actions are being discovered, is just incredulous and totally against the American way.

    • Bruce Kellar

      For those who lack any ability for logical reasoning it makes sense that they would want to continue until they can understand what is happening. Progressivism is taught in mexico and America since the late 40s.

      • Armed Liberal

        You Right wingers are a funny lot – followers, lemmings and sheep for the most part. Try thinking for yourselves – I know – it’s hard. Small brains and all that.

        Fact: Only a few members of the committee believe the actual report – a lot of GOP congressmen think it’s garbage as does the entire Senate – who are continuing their investigation along with Mueller. totally acting like the adults in this case – to pursue the truth.

        Nunes is a Shister – a con-artist trumpian sycophant… and he is licking Trumps boots like the good sheep he is as he releases this report. And – sad to say – you all in the peanut brigade are following along like the mindless cretins you all seem to be.

        If you’re not cretins – show me by saying why so many republicans think this report is a sham? Seriously – if you want the left or even average Americans to even find you slightly respectable intellectually – you’ll start acting like you have brains and converse instead of shitting all over yourselves covering for his Orange Holiness.

        Come on – show me the brains! :0)

        • Bruce Kellar

          You spew your personal uninformed, or invented rhetoric for everyone to view. You cannot possibly be armed with anything but ignorance after having been an Obama disciple. Your obvious offensive positions are typical of fools and liberals, You can explain the difference better than most I can be assured. You purport to have some divine ability to understand what is happening in the Russian collusion issue. You sir should duck for cover instead of displaying your personal investigations conclusions to an intelligent audience since your capacity obviously is overflowing with bullshit and liberalism. Once you reduce the conversation to insults and innuendo you have put on display your inability to converse with any accuracy. Take your little pea shooter that you claim to possess howwever likely cannot handle with any proficiency and find something as useless as yourself to target practice on.

    • Stephen Howe

      This Demwit is criticizing the GOP simply because he hates Trump and still cannot believe or admin that the sick, old witch LOST.
      Mueller has uncovered NOTHING against Trump, and has only succeeded in wasted MILLIONS. HE’S the one who should AND SHALL be investigated…and soon!

      • Tony Barreda

        Ha ha ha ha ha, can’t stop laughing at your ignorance. I pity you, but I realize it’s not your fault, you were born that way. Ha ha ha ha

  • ernldo

    That’s straight from Alinsky 101, of course….Duck Femotards!

  • Steve Sturrock

    wher is this liberal from, MARS

  • Wenda Kennedy

    In the end, isn’t this laughable?????

  • Armed Liberal

    This is rich! The republicans are traitors and thugs and trump loving sycophants… giving up any claim to deserving anything but the disgust of the American people! They released a document with hardly any real investigative integrity – hardly doing anything but protecting their moron president.

    As a American Patriot I am totally sick of how the GOP (At least in the case the traitorous GOP House) bent over backwards to appease this thug and idiot in the white house – betraying all of their true conservative values to kiss his orange headed arse while they betray the United States in the face of Russian Aggression!

    Totally unacceptable and if you think this is legit – I suggest you go and start learning Russian you communist boot lickers!

    • Norman Fox

      My mother was the daughter of a Russian mother and father. You had better go and learn conservatism values. It sure is not in this administration. YOU must be a RHINO. What do you not like about the president? He cannot be bought? He has created more jobs for the citizens. Gave us a tax break. Cleaning up the liberal leftist socialist communist dumorats messes. Protecting or at least working at our boarders and citizens. Better think again idiot

      • Armed Liberal

        Norm – I’m a liberal – and for me – a man who cannot be trusted in his marriage – and this goes for Clinton too – is not a man to be trusted in a position of power like the presidency of the united states.

        Maybe you have no morals – But I hold my presidents to a higher moral standard.

    • Danny Mays

      Democrats and their supporters are the thugs and idiots asshole!

      • Armed Liberal

        LOL! I love you Danny boy! Always with the curious quips and cutting repertoire!

        • Joe Williams

          Well, judging by your rather irrelevant and brainlessly biased postings, you are the perfect example of Freudian projection. Indeed it seems that you cannot help it becsuse of a hitherto undiagnosed, latent mental inadequacy. That should be enough reason to disarm you for the rest of your miserable existence.

          • Armed Liberal

            LOL! Joey – Little Joey – can I call you little joey? Just kidding sir. Acting like the 6 year old running amok in the Whitehouse pretending to be president.

            Admittedly – I really like your justification for Gun control, you make it sound so easy. So please – dispense with the psychological mumbo jumbo that tries to make you seem even remotely intelligent and tell me how you plan to actually disarm me or better yet – simply prove that what the GOP is doing with this Russia report is actually getting down to the nitty gritty of what Russian and Trump did together or not?

            Tell me where it succeeds and where it’s lacking?

            And if it’s correct in it’s assertions – why are so many GOP congressmen saying it’s a joke?

            But first off – Can you even converse about such topics without resorting to some form of right wing histrionics? Seriously?

          • Joe Williams

            Hello, soon-to-be Unarmed Libtard, you were once again providing ample proof of your worrysome mental state, which is already reason enough to have your guns taken from you even under current laws. As you are clearly highly delusional and assume to see things on my messages, which do not exist in the first place, you provided the proof of your tragic affliction yourself. It is only sad, thst you are too dense to actually see this. I do not argue with obvious imbeciles, so you may call me anything you please, it only highlights your disease even more clearly. You have my blessing to make an even greater ass out of yourself.
            I have to prove nothing to you, as you have no merits to deserve any of it.
            However I would like to remind you of the fate of a certain David Koresh. You would not want to end up the way he did, do you ? No, they did not need to take his guns away, it would have been much too risky. So you see, what happens to those, whose mental state is a risk to the general public. Besides I am perfectly qualified to diagnose you and pass this on to the relevant entities. You are a nobody with a grossly inflated ego and an agenda, but you do not know, when you overstepped the mark. This is another clear indication of your mental instability. Also spouting left-wing, fascist propaganda without having a shred of evidence does not suggest a acceptable I.Q. It is you, who is acting like a stroppy tot throwing verbal tantrums. Grow up at least !

          • Armed Liberal

            So tell me –
            one – are you going to disarm me? :0)
            And Two – prove anything I said wrong.


            But you can’t.

          • Joe Williams

            Imbeciles like you would never have the mental capacity to understand an explanation, it would just be lost on you. You did not even grasp, what I had written above. Your dumb reply proves it. Read and try to comprehend at least before spouting your diatribe. Your ignorance shows again.

          • Armed Liberal

            LOL! You’re a coward. I thought so – all hot air – no substance. Go back and read the second reply you moron!

          • Joe Williams

            Ahwww, you are cute ! And you just showed another case of Freudian reflection. Well done !

          • Armed Liberal

            LOL! Actually that was amusing. You’re catching on how to respond to such things as liberal to conservative name calling. Good job… this is called sport.

          • Armed Liberal

            You are a qualified psychoanalyst? A therapist? And can take a few remarks from a patriot and determine that this person is mentally ill? Hmmm.

            See – this is how what Trump wants too do to the opposition. Take away their guns before due process… which means if you can call the opposition somehow mentally deranged you can have his guns removed and possibly incarcerated for his and the communities protection.

            But my anal friend – this works both ways once Trump is out of office. You might be called mentally deficient due to your beliefs in various conspiracy theories. And a more liberal president might find you dangerous too.

            And one last question – what makes you qualified to make a judgment about me views and prognostications on this website comments section?

          • Joe Williams

            Let’s turn this around: what do you base your delusional assumptions about me ? It might have escaped you, but I did not make any political statements in my posts. You are a true Libtard, who gives true Liberals a bad name. They despise morons like you.
            Now I will leave the last word to you, else you will never stop, just as I had analyzed correctly earlier. I don’t want you to tun to your mommy and cry your eyes out, you great braggard without substance.

          • Armed Liberal

            Last word my misguided and supremely overly self-important friend. But of course – I expect you’ll respond. You are pretty predictable. (So fool me this time and don’t) Lol!

            First off the assumption about my mental state. Who are you to judge?

            From You:
            “However I would like to remind you of the fate of a certain David Koresh. You would not want to end up the way he did, do you ? No, they did not need to take his guns away, it would have been much too risky. So you see, what happens to those, whose mental state is a risk to the general public. Besides I am perfectly qualified to diagnose you and pass this on to the relevant entities. You are a nobody with a grossly inflated ego and an agenda, but you do not know, when you overstepped the mark. This is another clear indication of your mental instability. Also spouting left-wing, fascist propaganda without having a shred of evidence does not suggest a acceptable I.Q. It is you, who is acting like a stroppy tot throwing verbal tantrums. Grow up at least !”

            This series of comments by themselves makes me wonder about your’e own abilities to understand what you’re reading much less your comprehension of events concerning Koresh. Pretty sad.

            You call my facts basically absurd – You automatically lump all liberals together as somehow worthless as libtards and in your estimation – insane. And what’s this mean… “Besides I am perfectly qualified to diagnose you and pass this on to the relevant entities” – Once I stopped laughing – thanks for that… if this doesn’t sound somewhat demented and obviously a misplaced braggadocios attitude about me – you somehow think you have a certain level of authority or special knowledge… I don’t know what does.

            Joey – seriously, are you this special? You call me someone without substance – You said:

            “without having a shred of evidence”

            …and not once in all of my posts – even ones filled with facts and figures – does anyone respond in kind – you included.

            Anyway – this has been fun. Heading back to my padded room now – they should know better than to give me a computer.

            Love you Little joey Boy! :0)

            My mommy says hello by the way – and that Jesus loves you. (What does my mommy know anyway). Heheh!

    • Bob H

      Can I ask who sold some ore to Russia . I don’t think your armed at all, you couldn’t pass a background check.
      BTW I’m Dem but far from a liberal and vary well armed.

      • Armed Liberal

        Hillary didn’t – of like most of you in here you don’t even read your own press. The Justice Department decided against a special council after looking at the evidence presented to them – here it comes – you’re own congressmen and their committees.

        So stop with the Russia Hillary garbage – it’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be about as truthful as Sandy Hook being a Red Flag event or actors playing students in the recent Parkland shootings.

        You guys believe the funniest things.

        Use your god given brains and think!! I know it hurts – but try it some time – maybe some light bulbs will go off!

        By simply going on about me bing some liberal whatever – try to argue for your side… tell me where I’m wrong – lets try to have a conversation.


  • William Merrell

    what would you expect from this trash….the truth?

    • Armed Liberal

      I’m with ya man! The GOP is one of the least truthful group of communist boot lickers out there! They will rue the day they became Russian sympathizers!!

      • Norman Fox

        Oh I see you prefer to have a lying Killory, obomee you can keep your doctor and insurance. A liberal president who is a womanizer Billie. Killory who not only gave away our countries secretes but a percentage of nuclear in exchange for extra money for their so called foundation. OH LEST WE NOT FORGET MORE TAX AND SPEND last administration ran up a bill larger than all the other presidents combined. Lets not forget all the illegals we pay for with our tax dollars. Who has been identified as collusion with the Russians hands down? Killory and obomee

        • Armed Liberal

          One – I did not vote for Either Clinton – too red neck and hillbilly for me – I like my presidents smart and honorable.

          I voted for Obama and think he did a decent job – not perfect – not enough balls in his red line statements.

          Back to you – And you like what?

          A man who cheats with porn stars on his pregnant 3rd wife, who admittedly lies in office when ever it suits him – a man with no back bone what so ever who changes his mind based on who he last talked to – and who uses his position of power to continuously make money for his businesses and promotes his children to plosions of high government office?

          A man who uses 6th grade taunts like he’s in – 6th grade – and Not The President of the United States of America?

          A man who will be impeached for abuse of power and for collusion if not illegal money laundering, lying about his russian deals in real estate and tax evasion?


          Wow – I’m impressed!

          • Norman Fox

            Unfortunately sir I see you have blinders on. You must be of those yankees who think that the civil war was fought over slavery. If you do please go back and do some history research.
            Next YOU NOR ANYONE ELSE HAS PROOF that President Trump is using this vehicle to produce income for him or other of his family. But of course this has been done through out all presidencies. WHAT HE DOES IN PRIVATE LIFE IS OF NO CONCERN OF YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE.
            President Trump inherited a booming economy. GET REAL.

          • Armed Liberal

            Talk about Blinders – some facts.

            Over the September to December timeframe during trump’s first year, there were 163,000 additional jobs per month and for the year 171,000 jobs were added monthly. This compares to President Obama’s last six years where the job market averaged at least 174,000 per month and hit 250,000 in 2014. It isn’t too surprising that job growth has slowed since the unemployment rate has dropped to very low levels.

            Based on official data through the third quarter of 2017, augmented by consensus estimates for the fourth quarter, the U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 2.3 percent from a year earlier. That is a smidgen above the annual average growth rate of Obama’s second term (2.2 percent), which itself was a significant improvement from the 0.9 percent average rate in his first term, when the economy was dragged down in its first year by the deepest recession of the postwar era.

            In other words, comparing the final Obama term with the first Trump year shows a dead heat in terms of gross domestic product.

            So much for Trump inheriting a bum economy! LOL!

            As for the stock market:
            In fact, the Dow’s rise was even more impressive under Obama if you start measuring at the market’s low point, on March 9, 2009, during the depths of the Great Recession. That day, the Dow closed at 6,547. Between then and Jan. 5 — a 10-month period — the Dow rose by a stunning 61 percent. That’s more than three times faster than Trump’s rise over the same period in his term.

            Eat that conservative scum! HAHAHAHAH!
            These are called – FACTS! LOL!!


          • Norman Fox

            Oh I see Killory and her pay to play deal with foreign countries is just fine. That is as long as they put millions into her and Billies non taxable foundation. Then to boot pay Billie large sums of money for a speech. That is not to exclude your drugie and pot smoking queer obomee. You bitch about holding presidents to a higher standard. Yea sure why are is college records sealed, or his real birth certificate that has been shown is a poor fraud? You must think everyone except you leftist,liberal,snowflakes,communist, and sociaist dumoRATS are liars.

            You spout off about numbers of employment then why did not your bunch bring down unemployment for blacks and minorities. President Trump has and it is the lowest since the start of such records. How come companies are coming back to the US instead of leaving as has been shown because of the president getting rid of so many regulations. Obomee what a different country and he almost pulled it off. Thank GOD that sickly lying underhanded Killory did not get to the white house.
            Decent job you say? It really seems funny obomee was even too busy to pay respects to a great religious leader. Reverend Billy Ghram, or any of the major disasters?

            Now these same as you said did a good job are jetting all over the world on the taxpayer nickle. (security etc).

            Liar in the president you say. Killory even said she has one speech for one group then changes it for another, saying the public is not smart enough. How about the trannie wife of obomee. Forensic evidence has proven she is a he. that big bulge sticking out on various pictures sure is not a spare pair of socks. AND THE BEAT GOES ON.

          • Armed Liberal

            If it wasn’t for the fact that what you just wrote is some of the stupidest stuff that I have ever read in my entire life I would probably respond with the simple words of: Are you freaking insane? You are the reason most people think conservatives are dumb shits!!

            I mean, you’re racist, Ill informed and well… not too bright.


  • Truthteller

    i pretty much hate democrats.. i absolutely do hate liberals

    we have a war for our country on our hands… time to recognize that these unamerican dems have long ago sold out country for personal power and use the ignorant and illegals for votes and are indeed our true enemy

    • Armed Liberal

      HA! You’re a funny guy!! Do you also speak Russian?

      True enemy? Ever look in a mirror little boy? LOL!

      You have no clue that it is the GOP who is shirking their duties as the guardians of our American values in the face of Russian Aggression. If you want a war – I suggest you learn to tell the difference between the good guys and the morons who do not have our best interests at heart by giving Russians and their Russian stooge – His Orange Highness – a pass on his obvious collusion with Putin – his BFF.

      Ha! Be careful or you’ll shoot yourself in the face!!

      • Truthteller


        I’m a 20 yr corp exex and have mba from top 10 school…. you????

        YOU are no doubt a complete moron.. and you are an enemy to the USA….. I bet you voted for Hillary…. did you?

        damn, ignorance like yours is scary

        don’t speak russian.. or spanish… btw

        • Armed Liberal

          Oh – so you’re special! And you have an MBA – from a top 10 school and like to brag about it… very special indeed little boy.

          What do I see in your posts…

          You like Russia.
          You Like Putin.
          You’re very insecure.
          You’re not all that smart.
          You don’t know how to write.
          You don’t really know how to think.
          You like weak kneed republicans who only know how to kiss up to Trump and Putin.
          You like a president who loves both and is endangering this country with his lack of concrete actions to fight Russian aggression.

          You don’t make any points telling me where I’m wrong Mr. MBA… LOL!

          You must be pretty insecure to tout your non-existent credentials as if they mean anything to me or anyone else in here little fella!! LOL!

          You’re funny! :0)

          • Truthteller

            nice to know the intelligence level of those speaking… as I said, my bet is that you are a moron (iq between 50-74)… and I bet you are a net taker and that in some way I am supporting you… and if you went to college I bet you were a humanities major

            ignorant folk like you are why we should all hate liberals

          • Armed Liberal

            Hmmm… Funny I think God still blesses you even if you lie about your MBA and being a corporate exec. Jesus loves you sayer of the truth. I forgive you your trespasses little fella! :0)

          • Truthteller

            Hey I have an idea… why don’t we find a way to settle this…. I’ll put my background up against yours (which you cowardly duck)…. let’s make a significant bet on who is telling the truth and who is smarter… what you say little fella?

            you are a coward

          • Armed Liberal

            You first. Seriously – you asked first and challenged me – SO you put up your career against mine and we’ll see who is the better man.

            But you know what? You won’t. I’ve done a few big things in my life and I’d stack those against your imaginary ones any day.

            You are the coward sir.

          • Bernie

            Reading your posts, I’d to take this opportunity to thank you for making it easier and easier that this once-proud South Side Chicago democrat (me), is now a “racist”, “bigoted”, “woman hating”, “deplorable” ,and now according to you, a Orange Highness supporter.
            Because, as with many like you, you have no idea what the fvck you’re talking about,
            Just some repeated blabber from CNN and MSNBC.
            So, thanks again…,!

          • Armed Liberal

            Glad to help you my traitorous, and shallow friend. Any time!

          • Bernie

            So tell me Armed (putz),
            Was I traitorous and shallow when I was a proud democrat or now?
            You make this so easy!
            Try again……

          • Armed Liberal

            Some how you don’t seem like a man with any real convictions. To change parties so drastically and then find yourself on a site like this seems like you’re one of those snowflakes who blows with the wind.

            Like Trump – he always changes his mind depending on the last person he talks to… he has absolutely no convictions or real moral compass. So as far as I know tomorrow you’ll be a democrat again…

            Go Figure.

          • Bernie

            Awwwww Armed,
            “It SEEMS like I’m a man with no convictions”: And as far as you know “I’ll be a democrat tomorrow”.
            Schmucks like you are so full of themselves, it’s a joke.
            You’re just a phony that thinks he knows it all.
            You’re an elitist left-wing, White supremacist

          • Armed Liberal

            Lol! Bernie Bernie berni. As far as I know you’ll be Betty White by tomorrow!!

            You seem kind of confused. Is there any thing I can do to help you snowflake?

            Seriously! I’m here for you buddy if you feel the winds of change once again!!

            Later pal!

          • Bernie

            Again Armed,
            Your know-it-all, White elitist, holier than thou attitude is showing.
            You want to help me? My, my you just can’t help being so much smarter and level headed than so many others.
            As far as YOU know, I’ll be Betty White tomorrow? What’s that silly little laugh trying to hide?
            And what wind of change do you speak of?
            What’s wrong with being Betty White tomorrow? You’re the “socially progressive” one.
            Are you making fun of some prople? Shame on you!

          • Robert Kahlcke

            Apparently you have an STD from fornicating swine or it could have been passed on from the womb from where you were whelped.

      • Scott Koch

        agree with Truthteller in regards to armed liberal

        • Armed Liberal

          Scott – ahh – another sheep follower.. LOL!!! Don’t shoot yourself either!


          • Bernie

            Armed (schmuck),
            Who do YOU follow?
            Try one more time…..

          • Armed Liberal

            I don’t follow anyone snowflake. I lean towards being very progressive socially but fiscally conservative (Conservatives have given up on that one – time for the democrats to pick up that mantle) and pro guns rights with no problem with very restrictive and thorough background checks and taking assault style weapons off the streets. I agreed with a lot of what Obama said and did but felt he was too lenient internationally with Syria.

            But follow one person? Nope – that’s for sheep.

          • Bernie

            Obama is and will always be a useless, empty putz.
            And, if he was ALL White instead if half White, with the credentials he had, he never would have been president. And you know it.

          • Bernie

            There’s that silly little laugh again when you have nothing to say.

      • Robert Kahlcke

        Another INBRED operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, playing on his mommy’s laptop. Go away SNOWFLAKE.

        • Armed Liberal

          Booby, I thought you looked like your mother – I might be your father! LOL!

      • Felipe Gomez Jr.

        What a Troll! I’ll bet you talk big? But. You have no clue on how to really use that pop-gun! Your are like a gang banging thug. Typical no killing skills. Let alone ass kicking skills! All mouth! Which is pretty much most of these coward’s these days! I think you have psychological issues. Therefore. The your weapon or weapon’s should be taken away and you put in a 4 wall rubber room! For evaluation. I know a bullshiter when I here one! You hide behind a text. No balls! I think you should change your panties? Your pissing in them!

    • Robert Kahlcke

      They seem to forget the 2nd. Amendment stands tall, go ahead and try what you want.

      • Armed Liberal

        Armed Liberal… LOL! Armed with a bit more than a funny repertoire! Try to take my gun away bobby! LOL!

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      I like the way you say it. The bottom line! Exactly!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Hey castro, all you operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization are going down.
    You need to return to the womb from where you were whelped.

  • Joe Williams

    Is Joaquin Castro out of his tiny mind ? He is a member of the House Intelligence Committee himself, yet he failed to provobe any real evidence to back up his outlandish claims for about a whole year now. Had he opened his cakehole during the investigation and provided the evidence he claims to know about, maybe he might have had a case. However he was completely useless and clearly did not do his job. As dumb as his complaint is now, he should never have been allowed on an “intelligence” committee, because he just proved, that he has not got, what it takes, namely sufficient intelligence ! Whining about his own failures does not impress anyone.

  • Rich Pieper

    The CRAP will stop when indictments and prosecutions and people start going to JAIL. AND, Soros gets arrested and his bank accounts are frozen. He is funding all the ANTI-Trump and rioting going on.

  • nativetexanjim

    Castro is a dumb-ass.

  • Jmanjo

    This Texas turkey needs to butt out since it is the likes of him that helped start this wild goose chase. If the Democrats had not lied and misled and plotted against he President we would not being having an investigation period. The liberals should be jailed for fraud against the nation.

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    He is a PENDEJO!

  • fcb1954

    Been going on for 1.5 years. No result! Come on Castro you’re the one with your head in the sand refusing to see there’s nothing there!

  • Billy

    I am ashamed to say this creepy looking little buffoon is from Texas. He is full of beans and everyone knows it. He and Adam Schiff are two of a kind, both from the same mold. Both habitual liars. Both Democraps.

    • Armed Liberal

      And you have a admitted liar in the Whitehouse… some 2,500 provable lies and misstatements to date – nearly all on twitter, video or from his Orange Holiness himself!


  • Jan Kenneally

    My comment below was directed at this article AFTER I read this:Chris, this was the equivalent of bringing in a suspect, asking them whether they started the fire or not, they say, ‘No, I didn’t start it.’ And then you say, ‘Oh, well, great, everybody can go home.’ That’s basically what happened.” See my comment below!

  • Rick

    What I find astonishing the dems were privy to the same identical information. With the likes of
    this moron led by Shiftless somehow believe the ghost in the closet has to be Putin. Keep hunting you
    idiots watch out for the Cobra effect.. you just maybe eaten alive!

    • Armed Liberal

      Yes – the Dems were and what you fail to say is that the Dems begged and pleaded to call on more relevant witnesses and to issue subpoenas so they could get to the answers – but no. Nunes blocked them each time. He kept them out of the loop and did not let them read the report prior to it being released… so you need to put your comments in their proper context Rick.

      The reality is the Democrats were kept out of the information and investigative chain. It’s like saying tommy was in the store – yes – we all knew tommy was in the store – but the republicans didn’t say that tommy killed the clerk while in the store and stole gum! And while the Dems were trying to find out who else was in the store, to see the video of tommy killing the clerk and stealing the gum – Nunes said – no. Basically saying you have enough information.

      So when the dems finally found the videos and stolen gum – Nunes says it’s too late and that stuff is classified and you can’t tell anyone else about it. the man is a Moron and you all suck it up like the Good Word.

      Hardly an appropriate way to run a bi-partisan committee.

  • bob

    Why don’t you just get the hell out of our country and crawl back into the hole you crawled out of. You are no different from CNN and I don’t trust you period. You appear to me to be one of the many American hating Hispanics. Take your lies and hypocrisy and get the hither Satan.

    • Armed Liberal

      Bobby – funny stuff coming from a racist.

  • Gary Johnson

    are all dam o rats as mean, stupid , lying, corrupt aholes as the ones I see

  • Danny S.

    Democrats grand stand and make insulting accusations just like when Nunez released his Memo. They said it contained untruths and released their own counter memo which in the end backed up everything in the Nunez memo. Now the majority on the House Intel Committee release their Trump collusion findings or lack of collusion after 14 months and here comes the Democrats who have done everything they can to derail the investigation and do more TV grandstanding. Problem is is the Democrats had any proof of wrong doing them they should present it and show us all how the republicans have lied to help Trump. So where is the evidence lying Democrats?

  • Greg Dennis

    It’s become a contest for these dems to see which one of them is more full of crap, they’re having a mental melt down, and truth and facts don’t matter to them, only that they can win elections and have control by whatever means necessary. What’s also disturbing is that a pretty large number of people actually think the poison they’re spewing is true. No more of these schittbags should ever be elected to any office. God help us if this is the future of our Country. MAGA

  • sparkysr15108

    With a name of Castro what would anyone expect!!?

  • Armed Liberal
  • Felipe Gomez Jr.

    Demoncrat’s making accusations after accusations When in reality the Democratic Party are the ones committing criminal acts and deceit! Portraying themselves as the innocent never do wrong in front if everyone who sees them for what they really are? They are all crimina! They accuse conservatives of wrong doing’s. When it is them doing most if the criminal and deceitful acts! That’s besides murder! These fool’s aren’t fooling me. But. It must fool some? They count on the Anerican people to be stupid! I’m sure by now they are learning most American’s are not! No wonder why they are in panic mode? Dumb asses! Hey! Remember Hilary Clinton saying the American people are stupid! But. They’ll vote for next anyway. There you go!

  • Zinsky

    There isn’t enough cheap American flags in the world to disguise the phony patriotism of the modern GOP. Seditious, unAmerican twits who will vote for a vile, narcissistic sexual predator who is dumber than most eighth graders and hasn’t done an honest day’s work in his repulsive life.