Democrat Refuses To Call Kavanaugh Innocent

During CNN’s “State of the Union,” Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) was unable to proclaim Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh as guiltless regarding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s claim.

Partial transcript as follows:

TAPPER: The “Wall Street Journal” editorial board wrote a piece about the presumption of guilt, they say. They quoted you directly to argue that a core tenet of American law is not being applied to Kavanaugh. They write, quote, “The Democratic standard for sexual assault allegations is, they should be accepted as true merely for having been made. The accuser is assumed to be telling the truth because the accuser is a woman. The burden is on Mr. Kavanaugh to prove his innocence. This turns American justice and due process upside down. What’s your response?

HIRONO: If “The Wall Street Journal” really cares about due process, I would say that they should care that there is no independent investigation of these allegations. I think that this kind of attitude is what makes it really difficult for victims and survivors of these kinds of traumatic events to even come forward. You know, we don’t seem to have come very far from the Anita Hill days. But, as I said, for “The Wall Street Journal” to come out and talk to us about, talk to me about due process, or all the women out there that I’m hearing about who never came forward, it is really important, not only for these survivors to be heard, but if their stories are credible, as Dr. Ford’s story is, they need to be believed.

TAPPER: So, four people said to be at the party Ford described have denied knowledge of the incident, Brett Kavanaugh, obviously, Mark Judge, who she says was in the room, P.J. Smith, and even Ford’s longtime friend Leland Keyser. So there hasn’t been a law enforcement investigation, but there are these statements from the four people she remembers being there who don’t remember the incident or don’t even remember being at the party in question, according to her friend Leland Keyser, who says she believes her…


TAPPER: … but doesn’t have any memory of it.


TAPPER: Doesn’t Kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in America?

HIRONO: I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases. As I said, his credibility is already very questionable in my mind and in the minds of a lot of my fellow Judiciary Committee members, the Democrats. So he comes, and — when I say that he’s very outcome-driven, he has an ideological agenda, is very outcome-driven. And I can sit here and talk to you about some of the cases that exemplifies his, in my view, inability to be fair in the cases that come before him. This is a person that is going to be sitting on our Supreme Court, making decisions that will impact women’s reproductive choice. He has a — he very much is against women’s reproductive choice.

TAPPER: Mm-hmm.

HIRONO: And I can tell you two very important cases in which he applied the same standard, but came to totally different results to make it much harder for women to get this kind of coverage. So there’s — there are so many indications of his own lack of credibility. And I put that in a context.

TAPPER: It sounds to me like you’re saying, because you don’t trust him on policy and because you don’t believe him when he says, for instance, that he does not have an opinion on Roe v. Wade, you don’t believe him about this allegation about what happened at this party in 1982? Is that fair?

HIRONO: Well, without — this is why it is so important that there be at least an investigation, so that there’s some effort at collaboration. And we think that there was a lot of drinking going on. As far as the friend, his friend Mark Judge, not even testifying, that is astounding to me. He was right there in that room. He refuses to testify.

  • Leonard Collings

    Hirono’s white male hate shining through.

  • jcfriday

    This piece of crap is nothing more than a racist pig. She should be removed from the Senate for breaking her oath to defend the Constitution. In the constitution someone is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Ford’s word does not prove guilt by any means. With her hatred actions she shows herself to be nothing by a racist pig.

  • Estell Newton

    Of course a democrat would call him guilty. To say otherwise would admit it’s a setup.

  • del

    this is a leader of our world??? yuck!

  • ahemtonto

    Senator Hirono is the poster child for all that is corrupt and evil within the Democratic Party. They, the members of the Democratic Party, are the true, racists, sexist, anti-Constitutionalist, unborn children murders, misogynists they accuse everyone else of being.

    • Patrick Feeney

      Hey Senator Hirono, I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces for this Country. Don’t tell me to shut up.

  • got my licence

    Hirono’s statement is sexist for one, 2nd it violates the rule of law guaranteed in our constitution( you know the constitution Hirono swore to up hold). 3rd, she is a bigot for claiming all men (probably due to knowing only lib men) are guilty of this base less accusation. Taking her advise and “shutting up” would save time as talking to her is a waste of time, time that should be used to remove her from office. Understand that she and those like her are no longer democrats but NWO players that hide under the label democrat.

    • john vieira

      They are ALL traitors to the Republic….They are behind the seditious 5th Column/Shadow Government headed up by the “organizer” that is supported by the as guilty sold out controlled mainstream media…Hillary is openly attacking the existence of the Electoral College…the 1st was abused by political correctness…the 2nd is being assailed…and Trump is in the way of the final assault on the Constitution…and the Republic…

  • Priam Figs

    Based on how Democrats treat the Women who accuse members of their own Political Party of sexual assault, I find it not only hypocritical but extremely troubling and dangerous the road this type of partisan politics being played is leading America down. The divide in America is at an all time high and this type of behavior only furthers the resentment and anger bubbling just under the surface of civilized Society. If the fishers open and the divide breaks wide open the Democratic Party won’t have to worry about regaining Power anymore. Their only worry will be having enough food water and fresh air in their bunkers.

  • kerry88

    What anyone thinks, and what actually happened, are two different things. It appears obvious that what Judge Kavanaugh is being accused of is common activity for the democrats. Such as targeting women for rape by getting them drunk, or ‘high’ on a drug. For all the noise they make about this, it seems to show a likelihood that this is something democrats do on a regular basis. If “we do it”, as is probably true of the democrats, because there is so much talk about it from them, then from their point of view, “everyone does it”, and they just can’t accept that someone can actually, truthfully say, no, I do not. If anyone has a “war” on women, it looks like the lead offenders are the members of the democratic party.

    • john vieira

      Believe it is called ‘transposition’…shift your sins onto your rival…it was done successfully during the campaign by Obama and Clinton….the innuendo was thick and the corrupt mainstream media were tuned right in readily transferring their sins to Trump and his followers…they are still doing it. Unfortunately for them the ‘conservative leaning’ opposition have yet to take the bait and respond in kind…Notice ALL the violence since day one is coming from the side that “takes the higher ground”…bloody scum!!!

  • dosadoe

    There is a race between Mazie Hirono and Maxine Waters to be the craziest member of the Socialist/Liberal/Demwit Party! Right now, Crazy Mazie is leading Mad Maxine, but watch out when Waters comes out from under her rock to warm up in the sun!

  • Richard Newman

    If I recollect correctly, didn’t Mark Judge already state that he wasn’t there at the party? Why is she stating that he was in the room? Just because the lying Liberal says so? Hasn’t she bothered to look at all the investigations of all said witnesses denying what Ford says? Even Kavanaugh has provided a calendar of events that year showing he wasn’t and couldn’t possibly be there. I guess turning a blind eye to the truth is the way of the Democratic Liberals whose real intentions is to enslave us into a One World Order where the true Americans have no rights and the Constitution has no meaning! I served in the Army for 6 and 1/2 years defending our freedoms and feel dishonored by these Democrats that are trying to strip away our rights set forth in the Constitution and believe lying Liberals to ensure that their agendas are followed through. Unbelievable! What ever happened to Common Sense?

    • william couch

      His “Calendar” that he made during this time line shows that he wasn’t even in the US during this time.. REF: gatewaypundit” 09/24/18

      • john vieira

        The fact that he was not even in the country at the time of the “supposed” incident does not deter these ignorant “harridans”…the bigger problem is their stupid ‘followers’ also do not have common sense or cognitive abilities and could never pick up on their idiocy…obviously due to their own ignorance…

    • john vieira

      Common sense and cognition is definitely NOT the forte of those that espouse the D.N.C.

  • Guy Bivens


  • william couch

    !! FEREL ANIMAL’S!!!

    • john vieira

      Do not DISGRACE animals…feral or otherwise….This creature is a slimy swamp “critter”…

  • No More Mr.Niceguy

    Typical old, worn out political WHORE, bending over backward for Democrat Pimp Schumer and others.. a racist, bigot , out of touch….. too many of her ilk prowl congressional halls without stability, honor o ethics… she has sold her soul and is a degenerate!

  • Jacki Sunday Walker

    So Send Hirono, this means President Bill Clinton is guilty of raping and assaulting numerous women. If Judge Kavanaugh is guilty without proof, Bill Clinton should be in prison with proof. The law as you see it must apply to all not just Republican conservatives.

  • Jacki Sunday Walker

    So Sen. Hirono, this would also make President Bill Clinton guilty of tape and assault of several women. If accusation prove guilt and not evidence. Judge Kavanaugh accussers have no evidence or witnesses unlike Clinton’s who have evidence. Judge Kavanaugh also has witnesses named by both Ford and Rameriz who deny allegations, he also has numerous charcter witnesses who say the man they know would never assault a woman. Also Judge Kavanaugh can prove by a calendar that he was not in the area much of the summer of 82 when Ford says the assault happened. Dr. Ford can’t even remember what month or day, just sometime during the summer. The one thing both women’s story does have in common is that they were highly intoxicated. Ms. Rameriz however was unclear if it was Judge Kavanaugh until she spent 6 days talking to her lawyer, not a psychiatrist under hypnosis. She called and talked to college friends trying to find someone to collaborate her memories but found no one. One guy did say that he remembered hearing about it on campus (hearsay), but even that is questionable because he said he had read online about her accusation. Accusation without evidence or witnesses does prove guilty. I guess by Democrat standards you have to be a Republican conservatives for the laws of the U.S. to be reversed, instead if innocent until proven guilty like in China, North Korea and Iran your guilty until proven innocent.

  • Patrick Feeney

    The term “Democrat Liars” is redundant!

  • ls4vols

    Why does anyone even listen to these people? Their motives are crystal clear – they are evil people hell bent and determined to do everything in their power to stop TRUMP – and more importantly, to protect what they feel is the Supreme Court becoming conservative – we need to kill all of those babies – don’t stop us! HOW VERY SICK!!! Please God – don’t judge us because of those few!

  • GetReal4U2

    que mad max and the other low iq dems…

    TRUMP 2020!

  • KKmoderate

    “As far as the friend, his friend Mark Judge, not even testifying, that is astounding to me. He was right there in that room. He refuses to testify.” He was right there in what room? Where was the house? What was the date of the crime in this room? Who else was there either as a first hand witness or in attendence or driving to and from said room, house, gathering? Mark Judge did testify, in writing. According to the Democrats rule book if it wasn’t all played out according to their specifications it’s all inadequate and summerily dismissed. I call BS!

  • MissVinayDuggal88

    If the women’s allegations are true they should report them to their local police departments and have Brett Kavanaugh apprehended and fully prosecuted. If the allegations are not true, they should be charged with malicious slander and defamation of character.