Democrat Calls Trump A Monarch

Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is spreading that rumor that President Trump see’s himself as a a monarch or dictator.

Jeffries stated removing security clearance from multiple former officials “is not innocent behavior. This is behavior that undermines the very fabric of our democracy, the notion that we have separate and co-equal branches of government, that there are checks and balances, that a president is not a monarch or a dictator, notwithstanding the fact that Donald Trump often fancies himself in that fashion.”

  • jackel

    What was Obama; certainly not a president!

    • Bandit

      Bamba boy acted every bit the dictator. Of course what do you expect from a communist in the DEMONcrat party, they not only act like hitler but some of them even look like hitler.

    • Windy Wilson

      What did President Obama say once? Something about how he won so he gets to rule? Not the word used by a President without dictatorial desires.

  • Patrick Feeney

    Jeffries = WRONG!

  • Stephen Howe

    Sorry! A security clearance is not some sort of honorarium. And even the highest possible security clearance cannot ever be valid “for life.” The elite now live so much longer now than they did a few decades ago. Why should some former federal staff, long retired, still be able to pose such a security risk?

    No, “Hakeem,” Trump is not a monarch nor dictator, and does not consider himself to be. He is a CEO. Not some career DC swamp creature. Trump will have to wait for these lame duck RINOs to be replaced this fall, but after that he should be able to govern by consent and less my decree.

    • cardmaster1

      Well said, Stephen Howe!!! Well said, Indeed!! I salute you! What the DemocRATS are TRYING to do is make him look like that, all the while KNOWING how Stupid they sound AND they also Know that about 64 MILLION people voted him into office TO DO EXACTLY what he is doing!!! He is exposing the massive Corruption of the DemocRAT party and they are trying like Hell to stop him because they Know he can Stop the gravy train and all the money they make off of their followers and supporters, all the while Showing that DemocRATS do NOT have to remain down on the plantation!! Many of their followers are finally seeing the light and Leaving the party in Droves!! They see that, too. Problem is, they have NO idea of how to stop it!! And I am One American who hopes and prays they NEVER figure it out!!!

  • england98

    He may not even know what a Monarch is

  • dosadoe

    Hakeem Sekou Jeffries is another I din do nuffin member of the Socialist/Liberal/Demwits who assail President Trump whenever they want to stick their heads above the political scum! He wants to take over Crowley’s position!

    • Dennis B Anderson

      The devil you say !

  • Brabado

    The Corrupt-Crooked Liberal Democrats are wrong, as usual.. Idiots!
    Donald Trump is not a Monarch… He is a “KING” who is kicking their asses, sky hi, now, in the Mid-Terms and in 2020…
    Better pack your bags, move to another Country but, don’t forget to take your Rats & Snakes, with you, are going to need them in your new Cesspool. (Don’t forget to tell Criminal-Crooked Hillary and Top Rapist Bill Clinton).
    Semper fi.

  • Diane Cherechinsky

    He is a man who is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Obummer took our country down to garbage level!! Our beloved president has brought us to the top again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Maggietish

    Jeffrey is just another anti-American liberal/progressive Democratic politician. It’s all about the party to the Democrats not a thing about the United States and the American people, our Constitution and the laws of the land. What President Trump is doing is making America great again and the Democrats can’t stand it because they put American Wire just dropped a course for decades. Look at the cities and states that they’ve controlled or totally bankrupt or on the verge of it. All they do is want more money out of the American taxpayers so they can keep on spending on their own special projects, Giving themselves raises and enjoying exorbitant expense accounts all on the taxpayers dime, supporting the legals to the detriment of the American people. The only thing the Democrats are good at is distraction.

  • Windy Wilson

    The Dems always and only say that about the Republican Presidents. I saw it first with Nixon, and the concept is trotted out every time a Republican becomes President.
    And Jeffries speaks as if the removal of the clearances for former government officials has happened, rather than something that was proposed, prompting discussion. Once again, conservative speech is action (and violence) (while Leftist actions and violence is speech).

  • Broos

    N0, that woulda bin Queen HELL under TPP of teh 0bamanable BaRacketeer !

  • 1josephg1

    He must be a racist. That is what they say when a white person said something negative about the foreign exchange student.

  • Terry Butts

    Sounds like he needs a dictionary obama is the one who acted as if he was a monarch ignoring the constitution, the laws of this nation, and the rights of the people just to push his personal agenda as if it was law just because he wished it. Nearly every executive order obama made was to CIRCUMVENT congress not doing what refused to do for him on the grounds it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    All Trump has done is REIGN in out of control policies attempting to restore the government to following within the constitutional restrictions on its power. The exact OPPOSITE of how a monarch would act. Trumps executive orders have been to reverse the illegal actions of obama while judges who refused to even review obamas on the grounds “only congress can revoke one” wasted no time in declaring the executive orders of Trump that were nothing more than the constitutional restoration of EQUAL treatment (no longer giving special treatment to those of a certain religion obama confessed on air to being) and restoration of following immigration laws instead of just ignoring them as something they could revoke themselves despite their confession under obama that only congress had that authority.

    “Jeffries stated removing security clearance from multiple former officials “is not innocent behavior. This is behavior that undermines the very fabric of our democracy,”

    When the white house no matter who is in office refuses people even a visitors pass for being seen on the same sidewalk with certain people there is no reason on earth for security clearances issued during the term of a man who ignored this nations security for his own agenda to be considered permanent and never removed or reviewed.

    If he believes this then he must want every spy ever caught who had clearance to have that clearance returned to them despite the harm they have done this nation.

    This review and removal of clearances comes after NUMEROUS SECRETS they had access to were illegally leaked in an effort to harm this nation and falsely put the blame for it on Trump.

    Removing the security clearance of people who should NEVER OF HAD THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE is behavior that PROTECTS the fabric of our democracy allowing them to continue to UNDERMINE the lawful government of this nation in the name of SOCIALISM is what harms the fabric of THE PEOPLES lawful government of this nation.

    What it harms is the SOCIALIST agenda of democrats which is the real reason they are whining.

    They have LOST a lot of the “progress” towards the establishment of socialism they achieved under obama as Trump REMOVES people who are there not for the American people but for the purpose of pushing anti American policies even violating US laws when needed to push their agenda in many cases.

  • Berengaria

    Hakeem has been under the Tutelage of Mad Max Waters & the rest of the Scamps in the Caucus of Swamp Monsters. President Donald J.Trump is much More than a Monarch or a Paltry Dictator, He is The Duly Elected President of the USA & it is time that Kakeem accept that Presidency.

  • duncmck

    and we all know and agree the moon is made of green cheese..George washington was really a woman .who fell in love with her horse and named him john Adams. they had children together and collectively they decided to create a thing called a jeffries for congress .its a spice you sprinkle on your brains and egg omelet..

  • Robert Kahlcke

    This scumbag is just another INBRED operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization. How bot dat hakeem.

  • Fry

    This goes to show you you can’t fix stupid do nothing Devil O RATS

  • susan shelby

    Like Obummer and Micky mouse did and still do??

  • Rex Stevenson

    Crybaby closet Muslim Hakeem Sekou Jefferies is the racist Majority Whip for the “Klan With A Tan” … the Congressional Black Caucus … and as such he is a walking, talking, imbecile who is a waste of precious oxygen.

  • sue lenhart

    I don’t which TV channel Mr Jeffries is watching (the Clinton News Network???), but the only recent American POTUS who thought of himself as a monarch was Emperor-wannabe Barry O. Then there was the Queen wannabe, Hillary Clinton . . . God, in His infinite mercy and power, has spared America both.