Democrat Attacks Latest Trump Tariffs

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) believes that President Trump’s choice to place tariffs on steel and aluminum from Europe, Mexico, and Canada was “nuts.”

Kennedy stated, “The president has a point when it comes to the issue of trying to up dade NAFTA to make sure everybody is getting fair deal out of it. That being said, alienating our two biggest partners in Canada and Mexico is no way to go about doing it.”

“This is another example of where this administration comes up with an awful lot of bluster and no plan at all about how to execute on it.”

“On a number of levels this doesn’t make sense. It’s not that easy to unwind. I hope the administration has a clue about what the next steps are here. A couple other points, when the president talks about an opioid epidemic across the country, you have to recognize that over 90 percent of the heroin used on our streets comes from Mexico. If you’re serious about addressing an opioid epidemic across America, you have to work very closely with Mexican authorities to make sure we’re doing all that’s necessary to make sure that crop doesn’t exist and doesn’t come across our borders.”

”Trying to create a trade war with Mexico at the same time as trying to work with them to crack down on heroin and fentanyl is nuts, ” he continued. ”So I worry that while this sounds good for a quick press release or bluster about being tough, when you turn back around on a number of other issues, where you need Mexico, again on opioids, where you need both on trying to stand up to China, the real adversary in this is not when it comes to trade is not Canada and Mexico and Europe, it’s China. I think the president’s geography has been a bit off.”

  • LawrenceO

    So,the Democrats support an UNFAIR trade deficit/balance? I can see that none of them ever took a course in economics or just too stupid to see the problem starring them in the face. It’s a good thing the midterms are coming in November. We can get rid of these morons once and for all.

  • I think that Kennedy is nuts. Democrats of a feather, stick together.

    • Jim

      Thank you sir for your Service to our Country.

      • Thank you Jim for your comment.

  • Fran Follari

    This idiot thinks his name is going to support him. He even looks stupid

    • Jim

      He is. His uncle is Ted the killer.

  • Ronald Hagler

    Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) believes that President Trump’s choice to place tariffs on steel and aluminum from Europe, Mexico, and Canada was “nuts”, but Obama giving Iran (a country where citizens dance in their streets chanting “Death to Americans, Death to America”) millions of dollars and access to nuclear material was “sane”! Another example of the privileged confusing education with intelligence.

    • Ronald Hagler

      As for NAFTA, it was negatively productive to the United States from its onset and never should have been considered, much less signed into law.

  • dosadoe

    Let me guess: Joe Kennedy is objecting to the steel and aluminum tariffs on behalf of the children who will be hurt if American steel and aluminum industries become robust and part of America’s security infrastructure! What a typical Socialist/Liberal/Demwit political hack!

  • William Allen

    grow up Kennedy,you are not old enough to be in government let alone be cutting down the best President in history

  • jmac67

    Is Kennedy on a break from his debating class. I didn’t think he was allowed out since his embarrassing debut after the state of the Union response. Although all he is proving is that the Kennedy’s are more and more irrelevant.

    • Jim

      Come to think of it, he did a piss poor job of that job.Is he a real son of that family,? he may be the only one with red hair, could have been someone in the wood pile..

  • depaz

    That’s rich coming from a person whose family hasn’t held a “real” job beyond politics since Joe Sr. ran bootleg booze in the ’20s. . . . . .

    • Jim

      Bet that any one of them could not fill out a Add. for a job, and if they could they could not perform it.


    Three down and one more to go?

  • Mark Sauck

    I’ve come to the conclusion if trump had a plan to redirect an asteroid from colliding with earth democrats would find it objectionable and refuse to support it as being too militaristic towards space.