Comey to Testify Again

Multiple news outlets reported Friday that ousted FBI Director James Comey will testify publicly before the Senate Intelligence Committee sometime after Memorial Day.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and ranking Democrat Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) were cited by Fox News as the source of the announcement.

Also Friday, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) issued a joint statement with the ranking Democrat on that committee Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), expressing their “extreme disappointment” at Comey’s apparent refusal to testify before their committee. The statement read in part:

There is no reason he can’t testify before both the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, particularly given that the Judiciary Committee is the FBI’s primary oversight committee with broad jurisdiction over federal law enforcement, FISA and the nomination of the next FBI director.

This upcoming testimony, which would be made under oath, will mark Comey’s first public statements since his firing on May 9. Since that dismissal, a memo, allegedly written by Comey and leaked by him or those close to him, has been a prominent feature of the news cycle after being reported by The New York Times on Tuesday. The Times claims a portion read to them quotes President Donald Trump as expressing his wish for Comey to “let this go” with regard to ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

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  • Wenda Kennedy

    Comey is publicly testifying, rather than privately. That way he can spin his web more. He can say that he can’t answer questions because of things being classified, and he can hint at things to hurt Trump without actually telling the truth. In a private setting he has to answer their questions under oath. This is all a sham. Comey thought he had enough dirty on everyone around him to keep his job. Trump called his bluff.

    • old codger

      Tell HellBitchery he’s gonna blow the lid off the Clinton Cartel and he’ll be dead before he testifies!

      • Wenda Kennedy

        You don’t say…

        • old codger


  • feduptohere

    He is another one who is getting to be a sickening face. His story seems to change every time he tells it, or prints it. Maybe he should just go write a book. A few years from now, he might have his story straight.

  • Dennis Anderson

    I dont need to hear anymore of this is classified I wont tell you? Cant go there because it hasnt been redacted. I wouldnt tell you that if I could. Comey you pile of $cheeieit you belong behind bars until we can devise a real good way to kill you. You will be the message that we send the world.

  • Barmaid51

    OH JOY! With Comey testifying AGAIN presumably that his ‘memo’ is the truth that Trump told him to stand down on the Flynn investigation, contrary to what he testified earlier that he received no such order, please, please, please, when will we see this lying bastard get a felony perjury charge against him? He either lied the first time or is lying about the memo (if he’s stupid enough to testify). But being a Hillary and Obama arrogant sycophant, the moron probably will.