Comey: Latest victim of the Clintons

Why did President Trump fire FBI Director James Comey now? The answer, as my Washington Examiner colleague Byron York has argued, is that he waited until after his impeccably apolitical Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was in place as Comey’s direct superior.

Rosenstein was confirmed on April 25 and his memorandum “Restoring Public Confidence in the FBI,” was appended to Trump’s firing letter exactly two weeks later.

In that document, Rosenstein characterized Comey’s July 5, 2016 statement on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s secret email system as “a textbook example of what federal prosecutors and against are taught not to do.” In support of that proposition, he cited comments from five former deputy attorneys general and four former attorneys general of both parties (including Eric Holder, who held both offices).

Who is Rosenstein? He started off his career as a Justice Department lawyer and was appointed U.S. attorney for Maryland by George W. Bush in 2005. He was one of only three of the 93 U.S. attorneys kept on during the Obama administration. This could not have happened without the approval of Maryland’s Democratic senators at the time, Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin.

Both senators are paragons of integrity with long experience in the swampland of Maryland politics. Mikulski was elected to the Baltimore Council in 1971 and to Congress in 1976. Cardin was elected to the state legislature in 1966 and to Congress in 1986. Both saw successive Maryland governors, Spiro Agnew and Marvin Mandel, ousted from office under criminal charges. Both surely wanted a competent and apolitical federal prosecutor and believed they had one in Rosenstein.

This makes mincemeat of Democrats’ cries that Trump fired Comey to kill any investigation of Russian collusion in the election. Rosenstein will be in charge of that, since Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself. And Trump’s FBI director nominee will also receive close scrutiny from the Senate.


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  • Wenda Kennedy

    Being associated with the Clintons sure isn’t very healthy!

    • Ken Budd

      He is lucky to be getting out alive after being associated with the Clintons, the “The first crime family”.

    • patriot2

      I think it depends on how close friends you are with them!

  • Dave T.

    From above:
    Comey: Latest victim of the Clintons

    If that were true….he would no longer be “sucking air” !!!!

    • old codger

      Cause he hasn’t stated he will testify yet!! All previous demises occurred when someone stated they would testify! If he ever does look for another 2 gunshots to the back of the head suicides!!

    • MrJackpack37 .

      Dave, I believe that Hillary was given a free pass, was because Comey and his family were given a death threat. He was put in a life threatening pickel!
      So he acted the only way he could. Comey really didn’t want to become another of the Clinton’s victims. Bill and Loretta settled this issue on the plane.

  • Dannie Poe

    Every US Citizens in America saw clearly that Hillary Clinton got away with felonies that the average citizens would spend years in jail for. Comey’s own words convicted Hillary, but she got a pass. In fact the was rewarded because Comey made her electable. There were so many felonies committed by Obama and hi enablers that “We the people…” will NEVER FORGIVE. The lies of Obamacare and Benghazi soiled our government beyond repair. Who was punished for their misdeeds? No one. In fact some retired with full benefits or got promoted to a better job. There is little reason why the people do not trust government. The question everyone has is : Will Trump become our second King?

    • annie.o75

      Now trump can go after them…and he will..

      • Dannie Poe

        While in the military I saw the end of a Air Force Captain’s career for mishandling classified documents, yet Hillary gets a pass. I would love to see justice and Hillary put behind bars where she belongs.

        • old codger

          AMEN DAN!!

        • MrJackpack37 .

          I would like to see Hillary hung,but it would mean civil war!

          • old codger

            You’re probably right about the civil war BUT enough is enough already!! At least lets start culling the CommieCRAPZ herd!

    • Nina

      I don’t think President Trump is worried about being a king, he’s more concerned about getting our country back!! Giving it to the people where it belongs. You either trust him or you don’t. I do.

      • 4grands

        So do I!


    The Democrats are simply crazy wanting power. They are so concerned about Russian -Trump transactions; but, they don’t give a damn about the LEAKERS OF CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL AND WHAT AND WHO IS GIVING IT TO THE PRESS. THIS IS THE MOST CORRUPT NEWS MEDIA I HAVE EVER SEEN.

    • annie.o75

      They already proved it was the Clinton and the Russians..
      SHE TAlks to them all the time. No case against trump…it was. Clintons….

    • old codger

      But, but, but what about HellBitchery selling off uranium rights to the Ruskies????? Evidently the DemonRATZ have absolutely “ZERO” problem with that!! F–k the DemonRATZ, the only good ones are 6 foot under and if they keep f–king around there just might be a run on 6 foot unders!
      Our Fore Fathers gave us the 2nd Amendment for a reason!!

      • MrJackpack37 .

        I’m with you Codger! Keep ’em locked and loaded.

        • old codger

          You betcha!!

  • annie.o75

    Now. Trump can take down the clintons. Yippeeeeeee

    • Ken Budd

      He won’t , he said “I don’t want to hurt those people”

      • annie.o75

        His people are saying to do it the more she plays games with the resistance crap..the madder he gets…he is out for blood

        HE WILL Do it. Wait and see….killery and obama are on his list !!

  • A weak argument at best or mere partisan talk at worst.

    If this is so, why wasn’t it Pence’s excuse or Trump’s excuse. Just another added layer of justifications…

  • Sylvia Avila

    No! It is not healthy being around Clinton’s! During his Presidency around 50 people die very mysterious? Yes, just another very evil crime family! Obama second!

  • Andrew Molina

    Wonder if Comey picked out his coffin yet