Clooney Finally Tells the Truth

The sleazy democrats have been in a scramble since President Trump won the election in 2016. They have been trying to get a solid 2020 run together so they can replace our President.

George Clooney, who has heavy ties with the democrats, had this to say about the predicament the democrats are in:

“I sat with the Democratic committee and said, ‘You guys keep coming to us for money, but you don’t come to us for the one thing we know how to do,’ which is make a poster that steals opening weekend,”

“But we don’t have a good Democratic candidate yet. We don’t have anybody who lights up a room,”

“People didn’t vote for (Trump) because he accomplished anything. They knew him. And they were, like, he’s exciting. He says outlandish stuff. That’s fun. He’s got a star on Hollywood Boulevard.”

The democrats have a long way to come if they plan on standing a chance in 2020.


    when Clooney arrived on the scene years ago, I thought he could be another John wayne but instead he turned in to another Sean penn.he is disgusting to say the least

    • Linda Jordan Whitaker

      I agree, vincent!

    • Chuck M

      Another leftwing liberal hack. I wouldn’t spend 10 cents to see this fool jump off a bridge, although I would love the outcome.

      • Robert F

        I would pay 25 cents to encourage him to jump.

        • Chuck M

          I agree Robert, he’ll we might start a chain reaction and we could turn the bodies into fertilizer. No that might not be environmentally friendly! !

  • OK nobody is got any balls to fire the Nazi Muller so I will fire him you are fired corrupt Muller.

    • Howard A Milor Jr.

      Good idea if the American people will stand up and start screaming it will end!

    • Linda Jordan Whitaker

      Another good one, RCQ157!

  • Barbaracvm

    He’s got a star on Hollywood Boulevard.” boo hoo Obama has a peace prize before he even was sworn in as president.

    • Donald-Irredeemable deplorable

      Yeah, and for what? Being an “articulate black man”? Name ONE thing, just ONE, that he did to deserve that, other than being an ultra left-wing community organizer with ties to known domestic terrorists?

      • iwojimafan

        That should be Community Agitator

        • Donald-Irredeemable deplorable

          True, much more accurate. Thank you.

        • 4Pip

          O went from community agitator to national agitator. That is one of 7 things God detests,it’s in Proverbs 26: O also fits the others too.

      • Al

        He’s a good lil muslim?

    • Carol Kosulandich Sacco

      They asked him to return it.

      • Barbaracvm

        did he?

        • Carol Kosulandich Sacco

          No. What an embarrassment to the committee who gave it to him anticipating he would somehow earn it.

    • ipsd48

      Yeah. For NOT being a republican.

    • jon

      that he never deserved then or now!!!

  • Chuck

    George, stick to acting!

    • Jim Wagenmann

      When did he start acting?

      • Chuck

        How dare you read my mind.

    • Dale

      I think he’s got his eye on the White House. Why else would he marry up….after all the waitresses and wanna be’s that he’s dated…

    • Rose Dezonno

      Or don’t!

  • Steve Flowers


    • Linda Jordan Whitaker

      I love you answer, Steve!

  • AFGus

    I haven’t seen a movie that Clooney is in (purposely) for a number of years, and don’t plan on starting. I find Clooney to be a narcissistic, dyed in the wool Hollyweird leftist elitist who thinks that he is much more important than he really is. Some of his earlier movie rolls were entertaining, and if he had kept his liberal mouth shut, I might still be watching his movies. On the other hand, probably not though. None of the previews that I’ve seen for any of his movies in the last decade made me think…..That looks like it would be a good flick.

    • Al

      TY 4 u r service.

  • DaveyJ

    He is right in what I saw that he said.

  • nowackohere

    STFU and act!

  • 99airforce

    Yep john wayne, but there are those on the left that would call him a racist. He might not been in the military, but a red blooded American than understood what it took to be a good American. The left and the right need to understand we are tired of all the race baiting, mud slinging, crooked, evil, crap. Things should be reported, but we have found out news organizations will pack the new papers, airways with all fake news just because they can’t stand our President Elect. If they can’t report facts, don’t report. But that will not sell they have to have something juicy even if it’s a bold face lie.

  • Montana

    Have boycotted Hollywood for over a decade, who is Clooney……

    • Al

      I dunno. LOL

  • Jim Wagenmann

    He knows how to make posters that sell. Just look at his last movie, really sold. Washed up bimbo.

  • valinmpls

    Hey you jerk, George Clooney – You are the most disgusting actor around – What are you ? Another Hillary Clinton? – you going to call us “Deplorables” next? I’ve got news for you – I DIDN’T vote for Donald Trump because I knew him from TV or anywhere else for that matter – or because he had a star on walk of fame (didn’t even KNOW that), or because he says outlandish stuff or is exciting – you overblown, overpaid, jerk! WHY? don’t you just ASK some of us why we voted for him???? I voted for him because I got sick and tired of the Democrats running America into the ground (and also, the Bushes did a pretty good job of this too, and especially Obama and his slezy bunch of criminals, especially in the State Dept! I also want ed something done about immigration so we would quit letting in all the criminals ( along with a few decent people) – and every one seemed to LOVE these criminals and would NOT put them in prison for their crimes or deport them or deported them a zillion times! Also I wanted to have a decent Supreme Court again that would use out Great Constitution to find on cases and quite making the law (which is the congress’s perrogative.) And I could go on and on. But, George, you see that the reasons I gave you for voting for President Trump were all political. I would have voted for him no matter WHAT party he claimed to belong to. I also would have voted for him even if I had NEVER heard of him before he started running for president! GET IT YET???

    • Chuck

      The reason George didn’t ask any of US why we voted for Trump is because he already knows why. He “knows” that we are racist, uneducated insects whose purpose in the scheme of things is to serve as a target for assholes like George to denigrate in order to prove to himself, as an ubermensch, his superiority.

  • Medic RN

    Clooney, while living in Europe, opened Europe to Jihadist immigration. Now, under European Sharia, he’s moved back to the sensibility of the United States. Doing what seems a good thing for others…so long as it’s their lives not yours.

    • Al

      He doesn’t think we should build a wall. He’s built a wall on his property though. F U Clooney….and your muslim wife.

      • Medic RN

        Thanks Al. Yes. Discovering operational hypocrisy as the tip of the spear for liberal progressives. Then poorly thought out ideas as strategies not thought through at all. Finally, one line quipisms reflecting their limited depth, arrogance, ignorance. Be careful. Liberals are an easy place to waste your time, depth and patience.

        • Al

          You are correct friend. Good advice. TY. I have no patience anymore with them. I just throw an F U at ’em and be done with them.

          • Medic RN

            High probability they don’t understand conservative meaning of FU either. They tend to exist at that level unable to imagine a higher value existence. Al, liberals are proving a completely different animal; sadly something we live next to assuming our values are similar to theirs. They’re simply not; nor can we, any longer, imagine they are. Conservativeism is defined by responsibility. It seems our normal course as we predict outcomes.
            Liberals simply don’t have the gears for responsibility. That’s why they can imagine opened borders, sanctuary cities, amnesty, DACA, LGBT, free-pee, gun free zones, disarmed Americans with no defence against tyrannical government, socialism, communism, Iran nuclear deal, criminal corruption, immoral personal behavior, sucker punching other people. Their irresponsible. Their operational values exist in their irresponsibility as a normative. Listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Wonderful song, melody. But completely unreal and irresponsible. Kim Jung In is real and means to kill us all. Hitler, Stalin were real and almost did. Our Military strenght is imperative including our lethal intent to prevail. Its our responsibility predicting certainty in its outcome. Liberals are unable to acquire that responsibility, willing to abandon it to others, yet enjoy all the American freedoms it provides. They’re feckless, irresponsible. See Sen. John Kerry, others. Listen for shallow, one line, vulgar quipisms; their signature reveal, unable to approach full honesty, responsibility or common sense. Amazing that I’ve never noticed.

  • H.J

    Trump hasn’t accomplished anything? Clooney must be living under a rock!

  • Cherryl Mattox

    I wouldn’t WATCH A GEORGE CLOONEY MOVIE IF I NEVER WATCH ANYTHING EVER LIBERAL PIECE OS shit!! Give The President some credit he has straightened out a lot in a short time Would be better if he had people backing him for the country>

    • Al

      I always liked Geo. Clooney…. UNTIL.. He is a friend of Obamas? Screw Clooney. A lefty dim damn dense dem.

  • twodogs

    Clooney, like almost all left-wingers, still does not understand why Trump won. It was not because anyone cared a whit who he was or what he said. Rather it was because of what he was NOT: a left-wing democrat.

  • Spunky

    LOL and they still don’t have it – They will just spout the same old story, racist! — I know! It is getting old…

  • mike

    In my humble opinion, George is also not a very good actor. Don’t watch his movies. Don’t listen to what he says. Go-away George.

  • VirgoVince

    clooney THE LOONEY!!

  • Jeff

    I do believe we’re now seeing what Hollywood is truly about, money, power, and will do anything to obtain and keep it no matter who gets in the way, so if raping or molesting a few women or children should occur, so be it, wait this sounds just like the Democratic part, damn no wonder they get along so well, do us all a favor Clooney, do what it is you do best, act and quit talking politics anything, because you sir and your brethren are ill aware of your talking points and you all are some sick individuals, as we’ve seen all over the news, you and others like you Clooney, defended a potential rapist and gave tribute to another whom we know was found guilty of molesting a child!

  • soupy264

    Hear that “whirring” noise? It’s his Aunt Rosemary spinning in her grave.

  • Robert Pekarik

    The democrats want every citizen of our nation to become perverted and immoral just like they are. This is their agenda this is what their policies are based on. We the people need to bring our country back out of the perverted and immoral swamp that these people have drug us into.

  • barbarakelly

    No Clooney –we saw him as an successful person and a person that worked his way up in the world and was a man who TOLD THE TRUTH.

  • barbarakelly

    AND WHAT HE WANTED TO ACCOMPLISH FOR OUR COUNTRY.. He was down to earth We heard how he dealt with people in his business and out in the world. It was the fact that he was a business man not a damn career politician.!! He worked for a living. WE DON’T NEED CAREER POLITICIANS THAT MAKE PROMISES AND DOESN’T COME THROUGH. WE ARE FINISHED WITH THEM ——-GOT IT.!!!

  • DonRS

    Clooney has one “talent” and ONLY ONE – a pretty face! The man reads lines written by a large team of screen writers and editors. He is directed by an experienced professional. Should he not perform a scene well, they re-shoot the scene or cut it out. Yet, somehow, adoring fans, think he is some kind of political savant. Idiot Savant, without the “savant” part is more like it!

    He is nothing more than a pretty wussy!

  • Martha R. Kurowski

    What makes Clooney think he knows what is best for us. Because he has name recognition? This is not something he has earned – it is a by-product of his acting job. His job is not above the jobs of any other citizen of this country even though Hollywood actors think that they are above us. It just gives them better access to the media to stump from with their opinions.
    Some good advise for Mr. Clooney…..stick to acting and stay out of politics.

  • Richard Murvin

    Clooney is a looser and like the democrats has nothing to offer

  • Chuck

    The people voted for Trump, not because he was odd an exciting George!!!! They voted for him because he was a successful EXECUTIVE!!!!!!!!

  • mdrod1


  • Santiago Tello

    Clooney is a POC.

  • metheoldsarge

    Do people actually listen to this egotistical blow hard legend in his own mind? The know-it-all celebrities, like George Clooney, are just legends in their own mind and the minds of their elitist peers. Their only job is to entertain. We spend our hard earned money to listen to their music or watch them pretend to be characters in movies or on TV.

    When they portray a character they sound so intelligent and intellectual. That is because they are speaking from a prepared script that they memorized. There haven’t been too many, in my opinion, who sound just as intelligent off screen. They are nothing more than puppets, so I really don’t care what they think about any issue. Their personal opinions mean nothing to me. I would rather they would just sing, dance or act. Other than that I wish they would just shut up.

    I haven’t gone to a theater in several years. I wait until a movie comes out in DVD. The cost to rent the movie along with the cost of providing your own snacks and drinks, in most cases, is less than the cost of a theater ticket. That way I get to watch it in the comforts of my home and I don’t have to pay those outrageous prices at the theater for a ticket along with the popcorn and drinks.

  • Jay

    No, we voted for Trump because the Democrats have economically destroyed every city or state they have ever had control of.

  • Old Salt

    Clooney…just another massive, arrogant, Hollywood ego, who equates political acumen with box office appeal. He’s a socialist who has probably never read ANY of the founding documents or studied the philosophy of the men who wrote them and certainly does not accept the fact that this republic was based on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the bible.

  • ncgal

    I can’t stand this liberal hack. I’ve never liked him and I don’t ever watch anything he pretends to act in. He thinks he’s better than us peons but he’ll meet his maker one day and that will be the last of him.

  • stewartparks

    Dear Mr. Clooney,

    I voted for Mr. Trump for the following reasons: To send a loud and clear voice to Washington without being part of violent protests, (unlike the radical liberals in the democratic party) 2. Bring jobs back to
    America and introduce millions to the workforce for the first time. 3.To strengthen our military. 4.To
    always stand with Israel,.5. To hold on to our values and our faith.
    Quite frankly I would never vote for a party who makes empty promises to all groups and cultures just to stay in power.They have certainly created a hot mess in our wonderful country. They are determined
    to under mind the constitution and what it stands for. Our strength lies in the constitution. The birthing pains of a nation are never pretty, but look how far we have came. To windex our history from all of the future generations is doing them and our country a disservice.The future generations will have no sense of direction because they will have no idea of where they came from and how we got from point A to point B. I find it truly frightening.

  • Ron Allen

    Come on Clooney – you have to be sharper than that. We voted for Trump because he promised to give us what us God fearing, USA loving conservatives have been waiting to hear. We got shit for 8 years under that s..thead you may have felt qualified as a president and HillBillary would have given us at least four more. But you don’t see it. You jump in a plane, reach your destination by limousine, check into a swanky hotel, eat in fancy restaurants and never get out in the trenches where the people live that support you in your stupid movies. How long has it been since you have actually been in a low rent district without your cameras and bodyguards. I will give you a couple of suggestions where to wander by YOURSELF. And you want gun control on us. You are as big a piece of s..t as they are. Take a walk off a long pier.

  • Daniel Mount

    still Looney Clooney as ever.

  • Lewis Hopper

    If you are a true American, then you already know that the Libtards, Demoncrats, and Progressive Fools will never, ever, never, have a candidate that will “Light Up The Room” Why, because the Libtards, Demoncrats, and Progressive Fools,along with Cupcakes, Snowflakes, and the Mentally ill Millennials, HATE, America and all it stands for, and they have turned into the party’s that side with Islam, Illegals,Degenerates, Criminals, Socialism, Communism, and people who murder baby’s, and sell their body parts to the highest bidder! They are the people that spread Hate,Racism, and Corruption all over America! True Americans will NEVER accept or “Light Up The Room” with this Anti-American BS!

  • Mike Hill