Clinton Foundation $100 Billion Criminal Conspiracy?

Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog recently interviewed Clinton Foundation investigator and Wall Street financial expert Charles Ortel about the Clinton Foundation.

During the interview, Ortel explains why the Clinton Foundation is a criminal organization and just how much the foundation has taken in.

Ortel says the Clinton Foundation is a “$100 billion criminal conspiracy” and goes on to say “I think it is a disgrace. To put that number into perspective, depending on how you look at the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, that was either $40 billion to $60 billion. This is $100 billion, and maybe more.”

Of course, the mainstream media is doing their best to distract Americans by suggesting the Russians hacked Hillary’s emails and handed them over to Wikileaks. That’s because Hillary wants everybody to direct their attention to Russia.

So long as Americans are distracted, they’ll never get around to demanding a proper investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

  • Jackie

    Donald Trump should start speaking out about investigating the Clinton Foundation and forget about talking about anyone other than the Clinton´s. Obviously the Foundation receives mega bucks from foreign governments. And why is it that IRS has never investigated? This is a case of global charity and it is criminal!

  • Kurt Hanssen

    The Panama papers disclosur estimate that the was more than 100. BILLION of the Clinton foundation money in offshore banks, the HIV drugs they shipped to Africa was nothing but worthless plasibo “sugar pills” the whole Clinton fundation is nothing but a big money scam, and the X CIA director is in on it, that’s why he endorsed Killary, he had no other choise, and to many high officials are also in on it, that’s why the FBI. director was put up against the wall re: the 33000 missing E-Mails. Bernie was small potatos compeared to the Clintons. And Haiti was a big rip off Clinton and associates made Millions ripping of the hatians. watch the movie the Clinton money.

  • jreg9304

    Cmon, We the people have to ram a hot poker up the FBI’s backsides to get this investigated and not take, we couldn’t find any wrong doings going on from the FBI.. we the people have to stand our ground on this this problem and actually find that the Clinton foundation is a criminal organization.. they should be dealt with immediately.. all assets of this conspiracy should be frozen and those responsible, indicted!!!

    Aka, bill and hillary clinton..

    • Jeannie

      I agree with your assessment of the Clinton Charitable Non-Profit Foundation as being a Criminal Organization. As well as, the Obama Charitable Non-Profit Foundation, Trump Charitable Non-Profit Foundation, Bill Gates Charitable Non-Profit Foundation and other Charitable Non-Profit Foundations, that get out of paying their share of the Taxes. They are getting rich off of the poor and middle class citizens of America. What about Joe Biden, The George Bush, SR and JR Families, not to forget all of the Senate and Congress; do they also have So-Called Charitable Non-Profit Foundations that are only set up to benefit themselves? What an absolutely CORRUPT GOVERNMENT we have. There are so many Charitable Non-Profit Foundations out there that spend the money entrusted to them on Island Vacations and other foolishness, such as what the Wounded Warrior’s Charitable Non-Profit Foundation did to our Military Troops. It is UNCONSCIONABLE and UNACCEPTABLE. Why are these Criminals in Prison or better yet Electrocuted for their HEINOUS CRIMES. They all deserve the Death Penalty and it should be carried out immediately.

  • mannasage

    I don’t trust The FBI or JD to investigated anything about the Clintons. They have proved that they are ordered to pass Hilarty’s crimes by! The entire Obama Admin. is a fraud, they are all guilty of treason, every single one of them is guilty!

  • frank papcin

    if the was a republican politician,– they would be in jail right now
    but democrats love corruption, when the money goes into their pockets or 1 of their own