Limbaugh’s Surprising Theory Explaining Romney’s Attacks on Trump’s Tax Returns


As Donald Trump continues to grow his support, much to the chagrin of the establishment Republicans everywhere, new foes are appearing out of the woodwork, hoping to slow Trump’s momentum. This time, it is former presidential candidate Mitt Romney emerging from the moth balls to take shots at the current front-runner. Romney, who lost to […]

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Judge Jeanine Reveals Another Hillary Scandal – It’s Even Bigger Than Her Email Scandal

judge jeanine

Fox News host, former prosecutor and New York judge Jeanine Pirro appeared recently on ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation came under fire last fall when allegations were made that donors who gave large donations to the Clinton Foundation somehow benefitted from Hillary’s role as Secretary of […]

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Guess How Much U.S. Taxpayers Handed Over to Illegal Aliens in Obamacare Subsidies? You Better Sit Down For This One

obamacare lies

A Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee report that just came out revealed the extent that American taxpayers have been forced to fund the health care of illegal aliens. According to the report, the government’s Obamacare program has paid more than $750 million to subsidize the health care of people who lack verified immigration […]

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IRS Pulls Another Fast One That Has Republicans in Congress Outraged

chaffetz irs

The IRS under the leadership of Commissioner John Koskinen has proven itself to be nothing more than a weaponized arm of the Obama administration – ready to target and take out any political enemies or people who interfere with the liberal agenda. Obfuscation, delays, and outright skullduggery has been standard operating procedure for this IRS. […]

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This GOP Candidate Skipped Out on the Omnibus Budget Vote, Just Wait Til You Hear His Lame Excuse


Now that the massive betrayal of the American people, also known as the omnibus budget deal has passed, Americans can look at the roll call of votes and see if their representatives in Congress were one of the ones who betrayed them by completely funding Obama and his disastrous agenda. Except Marco Rubio’s constituents. Because […]

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Muslim Group Calls for Ben Carson to Drop Out – Then He Delivers a Knock-Out Punch

carson cair

Top tier GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson now has the “Muslim advocacy” group CAIR in his crosshairs. The group with several links to terrorism publicly denounced Carson and called for him to withdraw from the presidential race after Carson made controversial comments regarding whether he would support a Muslim for president. Carson’s assertion that Shariah […]

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