Rudy Giuliani: “No Terrorist Attacks Inside U.S. Before Obama”


Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani made the spectacular claim that there weren’t any successful radical Islamic terrorist attacks inside the U.S. prior to Obama’s presidency. Here’s exactly what he said: “Under those eight years, before Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack inside the United States,” said Giuliani. “They all started when […]

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Reporter Slams State Dept. Spokeswoman: “Am I Not Speaking English?”


A new batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails have exposed cozy relationships between the former secretary’s team and wealthy donors of her husband’s foundation. As a result, reporters grilled a State Department spokeswoman… but she couldn’t bring herself to actually answer the questions. In typical fashion, she repeated the same answer over and over again — […]

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Time Runs Desperate Trump Hit Piece


The pro-Hillary mainstream media must be getting desperate. Why else would TIME magazine run such a blatant Trump hit piece? Here’s the cover in case you haven’t seen it. New cover: Inside Donald Trump’s meltdown via @ZekeJMiller + @aaltman82 + @Philip_Elliott — TIMEPolitics (@TIMEPolitics) August 11, 2016 As we wrote earlier this week, […]

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