Watergate Journalist Calls Out Hillary for ‘Indefensible’ Act


Carl Bernstein along with Bob Woodward rocked the world and brought down a presidency when they broke the Watergate scandal wide open a generation ago. While the current crop of pseudo-journalists and media continue to cover for Hillary Clinton at every turn, Bernstein stands practically alone among his peers when he calls Hillary Clinton out […]

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Roger Ailes Forced Out Because Murdoch Son ‘Horrified’ By This Possibility


It seems as though at least one Murdoch son – James – had been looking for an excuse to squeeze former Fox News exec. Roger Ailes out of the network and Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit provided him one. James Murdoch, described by some as ‘hyper-leftist,’ was reportedly “horrified by the concept of a Trump presidency” […]

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Bernie Never Had A Chance: Leaked Emails Prove DNC Conspired to Sink His Campaign


WikiLeaks released emails sent by Democratic National Committee officials that contradict the narrative the party tried to portray during the primary season – namely that they were acting as a neutral party in the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. More than 19,000 emails have been leaked, just prior to the DNC convention where […]

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