Ann Coulter Ready To Part Ways With Trump

In a Sunday interview with The Daily Caller, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter revealed that she’s ready to bail on President Donald Trump over his lack of delivery on promises.

Coulter, who penned the book “In Trump We Trust,” has been a longtime supporter and advocate of the president and backed him wholeheartedly during his election campaign.

However, Coulter has been changing her tune lately.

In a column on her website last week, Coulter opined that the president, whose very presence in office she called “comically improbable,” isn’t “winning” after his first 100 days in office.

“We want the ruthless businessman we were promised,” Coulter demanded, and during her interview with The Daily Caller, she doubled down on her remarks.

About Trump’s promises, Coulter said, “I’m not very happy with what has happened so far. I guess we have to try to push him to keep his promises. But this isn’t North Korea, and if he doesn’t keep his promises I’m out. This is why we voted for him. I think everyone who voted for him knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues.”

Coulter previously noted on her website that Trump’s promise-breaking included the lack of movement on building the U.S.-Mexico border wall. She wrote, “Not only is there no funding for a wall, but — thanks to the deft negotiating skills of House Speaker Paul Ryan — the bill actually prohibits money from being spent on a wall.”

Coulter admitted that though she still believes “in Trumpism” — which, according to the National Review, focuses on fundamental tradition, carries disdain for elitism on both sides of the political aisle, touts national pride, and seeks an increasing presence for U.S. manufacturing, among other things — she doesn’t feel that things are looking good for the president.


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  • Marathon-Youth

    Media is salivating and drooling too much on an off line by Ann Coulter. take a cold shower.

  • Ron Hirschkind

    Trump made many promises and no way that he could possibly keep all of them. His expertise and acumen lies in business. That’s a prime reason for his victory. He needs to focus on the economy and jobs more than anything else. International diplomacy is not primary for most Americans. The Wall is. It is a symbol of why Trump is our president.

  • Sharon Windus

    If she is that shallow…President Trump still has my backing because he is WORKING! Unlike the past administration, President Trump is trying his darndest to keep his promises. Some will take more time than others because he is being blocked by the socialists and RINOS in Congress at every turn. We need to get rid of this lot of obstructionists and elect people who are dedicated to the vision of our country coming back to her true course. Instead of doing things the “easy” way, OUR President is working within the system like he was meant to. Things will continue to improve as we get rid of the obstructionists.

    • Yeah, like the promise he made to “repeal and replace Obamacare” with something “much better” but winds up shoving down everyone’s throat a watered-down version of the same damn thing.

      That and the lack of a “big and beautiful” wall are the two biggies.

  • Bob Dohnal

    Who cares, let her go tow work with mccain.

  • Bob Dohnal

    Trump has enormous accompllshments looks at Dick Morris site.T

  • Len Owen

    Hey, Ann, He needs your HELP not your abandonment. I thought you were made of sturdier stuff than that. If you’re going to be peed off, get that way with the Dems and the Rinos. Don’t be a fair weather friend!!!

  • dave_570m

    Maybe She should start spouting McCain-isms !!!!

  • Dannie Poe

    What is true concerning Trump is that he is allowing Republicans like Paul Ryan to influence him. Trump is bowing down to the Establishment Politicians and not acting as he promised. He will win nothing in the swamp if he continues to feed the swamp. He promised to drain the swamp, yet he is playing in the swamp water with all the other swamp dwellers. If Trump wants to succeed he must stop playing the Political Game. The people want the WALL, they want TAX REFORM, they do not want MANDATORY HEALTHCARE, they want ILLEGAL FELONS DEPORTED OR BEHIND BARS, they want DRUG OFF OUR STREETS AND GANGS VIOLENCE TO END, they want ACCOUNTABILITY BACK IN OUR GOVERNMENT, and they want a stop to all the POLITICAL CORRECT BS. The people want the nation to be CONSTITUTIONAL CORRECT AGAIN. Trump should start naming names if he gets resistance from certain people. Take his argument to the people, making it clear where his opposition is coming from. Shame politicians into submission and tell the people not to vote for those who refuse to accept him as the President. He is now our President and tell the people about those like Waters and Warren who refuse to accept him as President. Make it clear to the public that he has a legal right to make his decisions and although Liberals may not agree with what he does he does not need to be accountable to these Liberals. He needs only to be accountable to the people.

  • UofHPaul

    Ann, like a lot of the Republicans and all of the Democrats are intent on disrupting anything Donald Trump tries to do. The politically savvy Ann may not be sharp enough to pick this up. No president in history has had the constant disruption that Trump has.

  • Catherine Stephenson

    Ann, Trump has done a lot in his 100+ days. Paul Ryan didn’t budget for the wall but it IS being built. Don’t forget that Congress doesn’t always agree with him, but that happens with almost every president. He’s not perfect but politics is a new venue for him and I think he’s trying very hard to work things out.

  • Lori

    Ann Coulter , let me see now, she’s the writer that singlehandedly got Trump elected right ,I mean screw the rest of us, she’s so important if she says boo apparently that’s the end of Trump right, she acts like she’s this all important person who will just stop Trump, cause she doesn’t like some particular thing he does or doesn’t do according to Ann Coulter right, Screw her, or better yet -let Jimmie. to me I say Trump can no longer trust her and she’s just a fair weather friend, so Ann ,go to your Hollywood Elite new friend and the rest of us will stay loyal friends to Trump. I guess Ann has a new “dark Horse” helping her think now.

  • James Stevens

    Ann, don’t be such a doom and gloom snowflake. Fake deadlines and impatience is what screwed up this nation for the last 50 years. Trump tells the truth and has been right on every major count. Half of Congress including Rinos and Republicans have been road blocking his team religiously. If they worked even 10% as hard at getting something done rather than slowing down progress who knows how far ahead of the recovery game we would be. They should all be brought up on charges of treason for obstructing progess. You are starting to sound like a ultra conservative. They are the cause of at least 30% of our debt. Snap out of it and be that independent, logical, intelligent, and well informed Libertarian that I know. Here is a little Farm and Ranch logic for you. If you have ever ridden a horse for transportation you would know that it never goes in a straight line but sidesteps, dodges, backs up, balks, and then stampedes as soon as it thinks it is near the feed barn. So don’t try to ride your pony like it was a PC Bott cloned animal. Loosen the reins and let it find it’s natural path. You can whip a donkey into pulling a small cart. But, if you want to win the big money you need a race horse like we have not seen in the last 50 years, and like it or not, Trump is your Pony. jwstx

    • B.S. Melton

      I certainly have to agree with you, especially concerning bringing charges of
      Obstruction of Justice, and Treason against the leftist, Demos; Obamites, Rinos, what ever form of resistance pack they are catering to. It sure isn’t
      the betterment of America, or the benefit of American people !! They come
      across as brain damaged and ignorant people, for carrying on as they do !

      They are costing us money every time they have their petty obstructions to
      every thing the President tries to do to make our country more safe, more

      They have torn down their own party, now they are trying to level the
      country, with their idiotic rhetoric. No one in their right minds will ever
      want any of them working for the country again. They have managed to
      turn life time Democrats of the past, into those hating the Democratic
      Party, and vowing never to go that way again. My self included !! At one
      time Democrats were reasonable and sensible people with good values –
      not anymore !! Now they are just trashy troublemakers !! Bad associations
      makes for the trash heap. They have totally trashed the Democrat Party !

  • James Stevens

    Is is possible that Ann is just another typical Gen X material girl? Like, uh you know, what have you done for me lately? Baby doll, I just got you that new Cadillac last month. NO, she says, I mean lately. Baby doll I just got you a new unlimited credit card last week. Hell No, she says, I am talking today, right now, this minute, whatcha gonna do for me now! Could it be estrogen overload? How much you bet I get over 1000 nasty replies before morning. (;0)) jwstx

  • William Brown

    Ann, I’m really disappointed in you. I’ve always held you in the highest regard, but your bail out of Trump is so far left it has me thinking different about you as your thinking about Trump has changed. For God sake give him a chance. It’s only been 4 months or less. He needed to get his feet on the ground, find what was going on in all the branches of government. Our friends on the left have tried to throw a monkey wrench in to everything he has tried to do. He will prevail if given the time it takes to make it right.

    • It’s called, “Buyer’s Remorse,” and not only does it occur very soon after a decision is made, it also occurs to a whole lot of everyday people.

  • Alexander Horvat

    It seems obvious now that Trump is in a far bigger mountain of fecal matter than he thought he would get into. Translated that means everything will take longer. Try another dose or two of patience and keep reminding him to keep going with his agenda and policies.