Americans Called Delusional For Having Faith In Trump

Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View,” claimed that people who still have faith in President Trump to become presidential are “delusional in my opinion.”

Behar stated, “That’s interesting you bring that up because Romney was being interviewed yesterday by Jake Tapper and yesterday we took Romney on and said that he was groveling to him for a job even though he said bad things about him first. And so Jake Tapper said how are we going to believe you now? He said, well I was waiting for him to become presidential, just what you just said.”

Added, “Well, he proved that he wasn’t presidential in that ‘Access Hollywood’ tape. He proved that he wasn’t presidential when he attacked John McCain. He proved he was unpresidential many, many times over. People who believe he’s going to become presidential are delusional in my opinion.”