Vandals Burn American Flag at Local Car Dealership

In Tucson, Arizona last week, evil vandals snuck onto a car dealership owned by a local family and tore down a 20ft by 20ft American Flag, soaked it in gasoline and set it on fire.

If this doesn’t ruin your mood enough, it’s been discovered that the same flag had been flown for decades.

Luckily enough, there is a bright side. After the act was reported on the local news, hundreds of offers came in to either donate money or replace the flag by upstanding Americans in the community.

Following the incident, a dealership employee said: “This individual has assaulted every one at Quebedeaux Automotive and we will not forget !!!!!!!”

  • JKM49

    Let me guess the peeps are from our neighbors south of Arizona. Time to build that wall

    • Buffalolips

      Agree. Then again, maybe it was a few NFL players.

      • JKM49

        These days you never know. People should try a Thursday through Monday NFL boycott of all media: tv, radio, streaming. See how the advertisers would like that. Money talks for all concerned, advertisers all the way down the food chain to anyone that is involved with the NFL. See how long their “Concern” last. Can’t buy that multi million dollar crib, those 2 carrot diamonds hanging from their ears.

  • myworld5

    Someone will catch them at it next time and , ….guess what ……………………………….When will we say “enough” ……. Now these stupid people want to do away with the National Anthem ………time to say ‘NO’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hank Hall

      They need to fear America, again. Some good old fashioned ass kicking, is a long overdue prospect.



  • Norman Fox

    Find the bastards and hangum high. Treason. So kiss my ass leftist,liberal,snowflake,communist,socialist, dumocrats IT IS TIME WE THE PEOPLE TAKE BACK THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OUR VALUES.

  • Hank Hall

    “Dreamers”. The Trojan horse of the Jews.

    • Bernie

      Are you that fvcking dumb?

      • Hank Hall

        Are you that hideous a kike?
        I called your name, and you came running!

        • Bernie

          I guess you are that fvcking stupid.

          • what recovery

            No bernie you are

          • Bernie

            Come on. Give it to me….!

          • what recovery

            I do not reply to little boys in a man’s body

          • Bernie

            Meaning you have
            But you replied by saying, “No Bernie. You are”.
            See how easy it is to make you look foolish?
            Now, try again….

        • Hank Hall

          Gotta defend your cabal of criminals and nation destroyers. Shoulda just laid low.

          • Keith

            Small bus no doubt. Don’t bother responding to these assholes.

      • Hank Hall

        I’m not Hank, lol! 😂

  • Robert Kahlcke

    One shot-one kill.

    • Hank Hall

      I wipe my ass with torn up Mexican flags, regularly.

      • crusader2010

        Hum…. Toilet paper with a Mexican flag imprinted. good Idea. needs to be available.

  • scorpian

    Find these terrorists, cage them and burn them! Sick of traitors in our country! American’s took an oath to take up arms against all foreign and domestic enemies. Time to take charge of these thugs. NAACP in California you will not take away our anthem deport these bastards!

  • BD

    Maybe the SOB’s should be soaked in gasoline and set on fire and their crisp corpse’s fed to hungry hogs.

  • Bernie

    A question for all the left-wing loons,
    If we are a nation foundef by slave owners; whose police forces are filled with racists cops the should be “wrapped in a blanket and fried like bacon”; where there is no universal, single payer health care we just elected s fascist Nazi as its president, why would anyone want to come here?

    • Hank Hall

      Fine American Pussy.

      • Bernie

        That made a lot of sense.

  • Guy Bivens

    SOS orders for that/those bastards.

    • ipsd48

      All these comments and nobody asked the obvious question.
      Wouldn’t a dealership like that have cameras recording for theft prevention?

  • what recovery

    These scum bags need to be dealt with, build the wall now!! Until its built put the US military on our boarder shoulder to shoulder and open fire when they try to cross.

  • 1josephg1

    Cook em

  • Keith

    Little asshole Democrat Communist Antifa pukes no doubt.

  • myworld5

    Waaaaay past due !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 99airforce

    As much as I hate to say it, it’s time to lock the flag, it’s a shame we have to worry about flag burners. These people don’t have a clue about our flag, our country, our love of our flag. These low life’s need a event to burn a flag. But here the thing, no one forcing them to stsy, we don’t mine our beaches, we don’t put up barbed wire to keep people in. But these low life’s want to burn our flags. If they had broken into my home to burn my flag, they would probably end up dead., I don’t put up with their bullshit.

  • jon

    This is what happens when the P.C. people are allowed to run wild and our borders are a sieve.

  • rivahmitch

    Hunt them down and…. disappear them;-)

  • Bud Rennie


  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Sounds like some one needs to be deported quickly before they do more harm then just the flag. That or put a round in them and claim they were an enemy of the state.

  • theicecube

    Liberals have no respect for America. The money their behavior cost honest law abiding Americans is growing every day. Thanks ever so much Obanana, you should leave now.

  • generalJed

    People who know me would expect me to pistol whip the perpetrators of this crime, if I caught them. It’s time that we really took this country back and made communism a crime again.



  • Sam

    Burning our country’s flag is the same as rape. Rape is the act of taking something by force that is not yours. Rape is punishable by serving prison time. Inmates in prison are often raped. How about putting these scumb bags where they can “enjoy” rape and remember their trespass against our nation and the business they violated in Tucson, Arizonia?!!! Prison WALLS should be their home!

  • Bob N

    The Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag was freedom of expression covered by the 1st Amendment. If Congress passed a law making the flag a National Landmark than it would no longer just be a symbol and destroying it wouldn’t be covered under the 1st Amendment. Then they can put an attachment to it making it a felony to destroy an American flag.

    • Terry Butts

      That only applies if they SAFELY BURN their own flag as a protest not when they trespass on others property and burn a flag the others own. It also does not exempt them from local, state, or federal laws concerning setting fires.

      • Bob*

        You are right. The flag they burn must belong to them. Taking someone else’s flag is theft and burning it is vandalism. Thank you for clarifying that.

  • Terry Butts

    This is more than vandalism it is arson and if any prosecutor actually wants to do their job right I am sure a long list of other violations can be found.

    • 2Deep4_U

      IT’S FREEDOM of speech….

      • Terry Butts

        So I can burn your (insert whatever) in protest and you will accept it as FREEDOM OF SPEECH instead of demanding prosecution?

        This was an act of VANDALISM by DELIBERATELY setting something on fire (Referred to by law as ARSON) that could have easily burned not just the flag but the entire business not someones protected right to SPEECH.

        For your education SPEECH is what we are doing right now it does not involve any ACTION beyond typing or speaking the words no one is financially harmed, injured, or in any way lost property because of it unlike when the unknown individual STOLE AND BURNED the flag owned by someone else because of their ANTI AMERICAN HATRED of the freedom the flag and this nation represent.

        • 2Deep4_U


          • Terry Butts

            It is not DUMB to point out they BURNED SOMEONE ELSE’S property in a DANGEROUS manner an ACTION that is a crime in every state.

            Frankly I am surprised any BLACK MAN would be declaring that BURNING something to TARGET THOSE THEY HATE was free speech especially considering it was the KKK that started this claim as a defense of BURNING CROSSES to target BLACKS with their hatred.

            Simply because it was A FLAG targeting ALL AMERICANS with their hate instead of CROSS targeting only BLACKS does not change the action from ARSON and HATE to FREE SPEECH.

            Speech is SPOKEN or WRITTEN words as well as PICTURES it is not a PHYSICAL act of DESTROYING someone’s property through any act much less the ILLEGAL act of DELIBERATELY setting a fire (called arson) that could have under the right conditions destroyed far more than just the GIANT FLAG they targeted to show their HATRED of FREEDOM, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT, etc. that many AMERICANS fought for even died to protect.

          • 2Deep4_U

            FU, F the flag and F the cross.
            DUMB SOB.

          • Terry Butts

            Same childish response we expect from someone who thought an 1855 court ruling was proof the 1865 amendment abolishing slavery was being ignored.

  • AC1USNRetired

    Air mail them to the ISIS lines

  • Walter Harvey

    “Vandals”?…..How about anti-Americans!

  • grampy1

    I hope they find the ones who did it. Also, it’s nice to know you have good neighbors around you. The size of the flag through me. That size takes a lot of effort taking it down. I would suggest finding a system you can lock the rope so no one but you can raise and lower it.