Al Sharpton Looks For Attention By Slamming Trump

Al Sharpton of MSNBC accused President Donald Trump of creating a “racial divide” in the United States by making “intolerance become vogue again.”

Sharpton stated, “[I] think what people really don’t understand, for those of us who grew up in the King movement and the generation after King, is that we mark the 50th anniversary with the challenges that we have a president that has made this kind of racial divide and intolerance become vogue again because when you look at what Donald Trump is doing around questions of people of color, Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, he has reintroduced what Dr. King’s life was against.”

“Is he going to keep playing this kind of racial demagoguery that he is playing to a crowd but dividing a country? It’s King day. I wonder, Mr. President, can you find at least the moral strength to memorialize Mr. King and what he stood for?”