Al Sharpton Looks For Attention By Slamming Trump

Al Sharpton of MSNBC accused President Donald Trump of creating a “racial divide” in the United States by making “intolerance become vogue again.”

Sharpton stated, “[I] think what people really don’t understand, for those of us who grew up in the King movement and the generation after King, is that we mark the 50th anniversary with the challenges that we have a president that has made this kind of racial divide and intolerance become vogue again because when you look at what Donald Trump is doing around questions of people of color, Mexicans, blacks, Muslims, he has reintroduced what Dr. King’s life was against.”

“Is he going to keep playing this kind of racial demagoguery that he is playing to a crowd but dividing a country? It’s King day. I wonder, Mr. President, can you find at least the moral strength to memorialize Mr. King and what he stood for?”

  • Phil Billigmeier

    It’s like “Al Sharpton the ignorant”, self centered and self proclaimed demigod , has risen from the grave. A non-relevant, hack, has been , trying be relevant when he absolutely is not. He and all the other Democratic slavers , are at it again , trying to “word “black people into continuing to be slaves. It’s easy, tell people they are gonna get paid, but they never ever do. Telling them we’re gonna get our gigantic govt going again and really bolster that welfare system to include illegals and any undesirables and raise the shit out of taxes , so dems like Sharpton can continue to line their pockets with your money. You know Sharpton can lie better than any actor, if you watch his facial expressions, you’ll see he doesn’t have one shred of decency or any compassion for anyone, he’s plastic as hell. You can tell he doesn’t mean anything he says.
    Pitiful, but there is a silver lining, more and more black Americans are seeing right through the Democrats bullshit.THEY ARE TORED OF BEING LIED TO BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY… Hell, we have jobs, good incomes, more black folks have jobs now than in any previous time in history , that counts for something. So wise up if your black and see who had owned black people, you’ll see, Democrats owned slaves exclusively and are still manipulating black folks today.

  • Mike Shepard

    Why doesn’t he pay the over $500,000 in back taxes and apologize to the Duke men’s Lacrosse team and their coach for ruining their lives with false accusations of rape before he shoots his mouth off about anything.

    • Ron Long

      Last reports listed his back taxes at 5 million

  • kybob

    Sharpton is an idiot —

  • mary pultro

    It seems he NEEDs to accuse or create “racism” to stay in business.
    Where’s the hate? Look in Mr. Sharpton’s direction.

    • chuckiemon

      You got it Mary, that’s how he makes his living!

  • He owes more like 4 million pay up you black moocher

    • Beryl Mayo

      How does anyone believe that big mouth dirtbag

  • watching in ohio

    Sharpton doesn’t have a job any more.. race baiter and divider of the 60’s! We don’t need any more haters like him w a public forum to set back race relations 40 years just so they have a means of income!

    • kerry88

      They like to whine about how bad it is for them. I think the government should give them just cause to whine. No more welfare or social security for those who have not truly earned it. Young teenager who gets herself knocked up so that she can get welfare. Sorry, no more free money for that. Get a job, and raise your child as everyone else does. Those that can work, but refuse to do so, no more welfare, get a job. There has been, and continues on, more effort to appease the blacks than anyone else in America. It is past time for that to end. As for Sharpton, charge him with sedition, and toss him into prison, preferably with those that hate blacks. He’d really have something to whine about then.

      • fakindum

        Kerry88, Ironically, there are more people on food stamp, welfare, social security today who look more like you than who look like Al Sharpton.
        The idea that poverty resides with “them” is a generational falsehood that doesn’t stand to verification, but it will be sustained so longer as the foolish “we” are happy in their make-belief.

        • Bernie

          So I take it that you’re glad more White folk are on welfare than people of color. Correct?

          • fakindum

            Bernie, Not “glad”. Just correcting a convenient lie.
            Another convenient falsehood- “people of color”. I thought white was a color, assuming a white person truly exists.

          • Dave Lahti

            What is the ratio of white to black ? I rest my case

          • Bernie

            Nothing like grasping at straws when you realize you’ve been made a fool of, huhhhhh fak?

          • fakindum

            With only a little commonsense, you’d realize that the person who made a fool of me has imperiled his future and that of his children.

          • Bernie

            Wow Fak, you sure are the elitist, White one with all the common sense, aren’t you?

        • GomeznSA

          Numbers wise, true enough but not even close in terms of percentage of populations. End of story.

          • fakindum

            I agree the ratio is disproportionate. But at a personal level, what is the benefit of ratio to a poor black or a poor white?
            When hunger hits, what does it matter whether your fellow hungry people are white or black.
            The point some people run away from is that poverty is not the exclusive property of a particular race. Otherwise there shouldn’t be even one poor white person.

          • kerry88

            Disproportionate ratio is a telling point. Just like the ratio of blacks in prison versus that of whites. It is a higher number. Considering the ratio, there are more blacks, “on the dole”. Why?

          • fakindum

            You pretend not to know this society was founded on organized wickedness against and lynching of minorities.
            That’s why today, nobody can sleep with his 2 eyes closed.
            That’s why all the “we” are looking for protection under the gun and are crawling under the NRA merchants.
            Think about that.

        • Jeff Pierro

          Also ironically, more people that look like Kerry are shot by cops every year than people that look like Sharpton. But we ignore that reality because it doesn’t fit the boo-hoo narrative. Libtardism is pathological hypocrisy.

      • Sidney Marble

        Kerry88. your comments will hurt more whites than blacks their are more whites on the dole than blacks. Also, the comments you made show that when you open your mouth it reveal how racist you are!!!

        • kerry88

          I disagree. Even if there are, there are still those blacks on the dole that have been there for generations. As for my being racist, all you do is make my point more plain. Anything said against black is has to be racist. That is as far as the intelligence for many of them goes. There is very little depth to their education, and it shows, loudly, in their per-occupation over the the Civil War. They only know what they have been told, and that is all they want. Educational acumen is something to be avoided.

          • fakindum

            Naaah. It only shows they’re aware of facts that many of your type are running away from. The monster you created is pursuing you. It’s bound to catch up.

          • kerry88

            The only “monster” I know of is a butt faced one that needs a frangible 9mm bullet in each cheek, and a hollow point just below the solar plexus where it can penetrate to the Aorta, and Venacava, snip those 2 major blood vessels, and then smash into the backbone, leaving your monster paralyzed from the waste down.
            Whine about social justice as you may please, but consider, if you are capable of that, where you would be now, if your ancestors had not been sold into slavery by some other black tribe. Those who want “social justice”, I have a plan, gather all of you up, and put you back where your ancestors began, in Africa. There you would be right back w2here it all began, and you would have your social justice. Anything other than that is a travesty.
            Rant if you must about lynchings. That is not done anymore. The Republican Party led the charge to get Civil Rights passed. The democrats stole it as a means of keeping blacks in line. If you look carefully, examine what the democrats have promised, or done, it has all had a 2 edged sword to it, and blacks have lost something else as a result. Smart people see this, the whiners do not. You can make an ass of yourself by ASSUMING you know what I think, but so far, good thing you are not shooting at a target, your feet would be full of holes. If possible, think about it, maybe you can figure out my meaning.
            On the issue of welfare, people who through no fault of their own, can not work, I have no issue. Those, of any race, who can work, but will not do so, of any race, toss them off of the dole. It just happens that a good many of them are black, like it or not. Go back to Katrina, the effort to make job training available, complete with free bus transportation. Very few people took advantage of it. Why, because it meant getting up early, it meant putting forth work effort, which they did not want to do. My opinion, those that did take advantage, and trained, if they needed help, grant it. Those that made excuses as to why they could not, no more welfare. Personally, I wish we had never allowed slaves in this country from Africa. The USA would be VASTLY better off. Rant as you wish, hence forth, you’ll be ignored.

        • kerry88

          Typical whine for those who are, or side with blacks. Anything against them has to be racist. Point is, they can not accept criticism of any kind. That does not make for any kind of “superiority” which some people are trying to say blacks have. Can’t accept criticism, that lowers the level of worth.

      • Donald W. Hansen

        Amen Kerry 88. This looney makes money by race bigitry

    • fakindum

      The one setting race relations back on purpose is the mentally sick orangutan in the WH.

  • Bill Andrews

    He’s trying to keep the race ticket going. It’s the only job he knows. IF, he was a real Rev. he wouldn’t be spewing out all that hate speech. He’s probably to dumb to realize he’s being used by the globalist’s and liberals more than most.

  • Freedom

    Hey Tax Evading, Tawana Brawley Hoax instigating, Race Baiting, Fake Reverend, just because you don’t agree with his positions and beliefs doesn’t mean he is wrong. Please go back to your rock and crawl back under it.

    • Jimbo Velasquez

      not enough room cause sharpton lives there.

  • Martin

    A dumb black trash thug. He must pay his back taxes and shut up. Where is the IRS.

  • Martin

    ? Instead of period

  • kerry88

    Sharpton, he is truly one of those N types. Who does he think he is attacking the President over the issue of “division” when that has been his #1 mode of operation ever since he became known to the country. The best thing to do for this ??person?? is to ignore him. True, that would cause him to do even more, but if all hold true to ignoring him, eventually he just might go away. The stress of being ignored might just cause desired internal, to him, responses that many would find cause to rejoice over. I have to wonder if the devil takes lessons from Sharpton.

  • Bill Burnett

    Obama gave all of his attention to blacks: Trump is giving his attention to ALL.

  • Bob Payne

    Have you ever noticed that when Al shows up at a protest that’s when the looting and burning starts. I wonder how much he gets from the thugs.

  • William Evans

    Sharpton is the racist of record setting up a young girl to report she was molested by to white men,all a lie,he owes millions n tax’s which was forgiven by liar # 2 king Obama.

  • Jackie Mcdonald

    Al should be in jail. Doesn’t pay taxes, incites violence, is a blatant racist, uses his own people for financial gain, and plays death or feelings of those who lost their brothers, fathers and sisters to benefit himself. Learned to be a Democrat long ago and play their policies and agenda to a tee. Promise the Black race prosperity and power. Take their money and leave. Just like the Democrat members of Congress, Senate, and White House.

  • Chuck

    Sharpton is nothing but a trouble maker and sh_t stirrer. He is making a living and not paying taxes, creating hate between the races. There is a special place in Hell for him!

  • Janie Illingworth.

    Causing more strife than what you are worth!
    You are an embarrassment to society, you hypocrite.
    You and the dumb dems had the White House, the senate, the house, and you couldn’t get this border wall up and going?
    You are nothing more than a little man with a big embarrassment for us as republicans or democrats. I am ashamed of what you and your ilk have become!
    Go back to your hole Al, and furthermore, stay there!!!!

  • bob armstrong

    I cannot believe Al Sharpton is comparing the black Americans of this country too terrorists Muslims and people from the South border coming here illegal, he needs to go all he’s doing is hurting black Americans of this country

  • sean dwyer

    Sharpton knows VERY WELL that O started racial divide!! This man is a MORON!

    • irene

      Bingo! Racial divide WAS & IS obamers effort to destroy this country! Sharpton & Jackson have LOST their jobs unless they can CONTINUE to hold back the black race & make them dependent on their “HATE” for the caucasians, they’ll continue to be out of a job!! The sharptons, jacksons, waters, etc. of this world, make their money off of the POOR & UNEDUCATED people they SAY they represent!! WHY is it, that MLK, Dr. Carson, C. Rice, etc., educated blacks ARE REPUBLICANS?????

  • Kirk Kahler

    well there must be some money in it for old al to be on his horse lmao he is one of the most racist people out there and will say or do what ever he can for a buck and what he dose to blacks is just a disgrace ! but what I find so funny is he went on TV and told America if trump won he was going to leave the country so why is he still here ?? this man is a democrat joke !

  • Jimbo Velasquez

    Why hasn’t this low life vermin been arrested for income tax evasion?


    Al baby. How’s about that 4.5 million, plus interest, plus penalties? Of course you haven’t paid that debt, you worthless scumbag!

  • underthewire

    but I am a leech….doesn’t
    t that count for something?

  • johnnycab23513

    Hate fills this false prophets donations plate.


    No one is listening to your nonsense. You are nothing but a hate racist pig. Crawl back under that rock you came from.

  • robert greenberger

    Sharphead is a disgrace to the King memory

  • Bob

    According to him, Trump spreads racism, however, hes been in office less than 2 years. Sharpton has been spreading racism his whole life.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Shuck Farpton. Hussein Obamarx set race relations back 100 years with his race baiting, muzz BS.

  • amc747

    It seems to be Al Sharpton feelings getting hurt. Because nobody paying any attention to him. Said. If you want people listen to you. You must take race card out of yours. If any time a white person does anything. You are start calling it’s whitelashing, but when you say all the nasty things don’t you think it’s Blacklashing. We must take the race card out completely in our discussion. Then we going to start getting somewhere.

  • Tom Lykowski

    Comments from a wet rat in a suit.
    So can anyone tell me what if anything did his bro Obama do for blacks or anyone of any color? NOTHING. The Obamas’ instigated further separation, hatred and ugliness.
    You can’t tell me things aren’t a lot better now for all of us. Trumps doing exactly what he said he would, despite all this resistance from the deadbeats of before. Things will continue to get better as time moves forward. Trumps for the people, all people, legal people.
    The Democratic party is dead..Killed by their corruptive ways .

  • Lee J

    Race whore.

  • donorlougeorge

    al go home you can see what trump has done for us as a black man im proud what hes done for me for first time in a long time so peddle your crap else where not here say youthe

  • JoAnn Graham

    Yes I think Sharpton need to read MLK legacy and what he stood for..Somewhere down the road Sharpton missed the boat. He really does start a lot of racial divide in America..and stirring the pot to promote violence. We all had your number along time ago…

  • Lori

    Sharpton blowing it out of his butt once again. Racism racism racism. Sorry but he has his presidents wrong. Seems to me I recall Obama causing the racial divide then and continues with it today. This is just Sharpton diverting the attention from his half brother commiting murder.

  • Wyatt

    B.S. Al ! You are the one causing the racial divide . You and those like you , Jessie Jackson . And all because you want to collect their money supporting your alleged efforts on their behalf . Your limos , big fancy house , $1000. Silk suits etc. Was pretty sweet when you had your butt boy buddy running the nation wasn’t it . So now why dont you pay your $4,000,000 in back taxes and go away ? Take your con and B.S. elsewhere Along .

  • Mr Lee Edwards

    Al Sharpton is an idiot. Barak Obama is the one who fomented racial division and practically destroyed all the work Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did to unite this country.

  • Oldman054

    Explain why this old race baiting bastard not in prison for tax evasion? I wish Trump would tell Sessions to pick his ass up and throw away the key.

  • James Wilson

    There is only one racist in that picture Al, It’s you. You don’t care about people, and the only color that care about is green. Al, go play on a live runway.

  • luv1nl1fe

    Look, you dumass, pin head mother F***er, your butt buddy, Hussein the Muslim did every damned bit of the racial divide in this country along with Holder, Ms.Tarmac Lynch and a host of other racists in Hussein’s administration. Then he gets the minions, you and like asses, riled up to run your mouths all over this country like you almost know something. Let me guess, Hussein the Muslim cancelled your debt to the IRS, too, you POS!

  • papasamone

    This human wanna be has no right to even open his big mouth. What he needs to do is pay the $5 million he owes the IRS or be sent to prison for tax evasion. He’s worse than Al Capone. If he was a Republican, he would have been in prison a long time ago.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Old AL looks like he is sick and needs some help with his bonny self.

  • 187thAHCDoorgunner

    Fat Albert may have shed some avoirdupois from his backside, but the inter-cranial flab is much in evidence as it pours out his flapping jaw. The dreaded “N word” was designed for race baiters such as he. Cranking up race war for personal profit, claiming to be a “reverend” speaker for all blacks and including Caucasians in his “people of colour” diatribe are all reasons to include him in racial epithets. Note that claiming “reparations” for slavery which you never experienced is just playing to the “I want what you got and I don’t intend to work for it” crowd

    • 187thAHCDoorgunner

      He looks like he’s suffering from cadaverous malignancy. One can only hope?…

  • Min0taur

    Pay all your back taxes, you deadbeat!!! You reap all the benefits of being a citizen without paying your fair share.

  • madmemere

    Shut up Al and PAY UP, or you may just wind up in the “graybar hotel” – -frankly, you should; you keep stirring fraudbama’s “racial divide pot” and trying to blame someone else. That IS the mentally retarded liberal way and ALL OF US know it, so I suggest (strongly) you BITE YOUR TONGUE, pay your deficit IRS tax bill and DISAPPEAR before President Trump decides to MAKE YOU AN EXAMPLE, not just for IRS debt, but for your evil, seditious ways. Best thing that could happen to you is LIFE IN EXILE; otherwise, it SHOULD BE life in prison..

  • David Nichols

    Pay your taxes criminal

  • Joseph Morgan


  • ahrcshaw

    If anyone thinks this black assed little twurp was for real justice and not the biggest racist in this country I would like to know who he or she is! He belongs in jail with Hillary, and apparently most of the Progressive democrats. I have been wondering when he was going to come out from under his little rock. OH, yes I for got, there has not been a killing of a black 18 year old for him to run to for money! Just my humble opinion. I will bet he knows nothing about History, or the contents of the constitution as well.

  • Queenchallenger

    This Negro needs to go somewhere, sit down and shut up! President Trump is not going to pay you to GO AWAY!

    • kerry88

      Well said, and greatly appreciated. There are no limits to the praise you deserve for the stand you have taken. Well done Lady, very much, well done.

  • don lavrich

    go back to Africa al. we are tired of hearing this old racist crap being spewed by jerks like you. we just don’t pay attention to it anymore, because it is just political!

  • Estell Newton

    It isn’t Trump that’s making a racial divide. It’s all these radicals that want their own way all the time.

  • Michael Bellinger

    Al, you are the only racial divide that I know. Pay all your back taxes you flaming criminal………..

  • Chris Haizlip


  • Robert Kahlcke

    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump. MAGA

  • David S

    Pay your taxes. You have bigotry down to a science.

  • Tk Matthews

    Send the IRS to give him some attention.Buy a life insurance policy to cover his debt….

    • Sterling Harris



    I don’t know which is worse. Making intolerance ‘Vogue’ again, or making intelligence ‘Vague’ again. Heck, Al…you’ve always been stupid. Are you lobbying to get a prize for it?

  • chuckiemon

    Hey! Little Al! Why don’t you shut up and pay your taxes? If you were a white tax evader, you would have been behind bars long ago.

  • Walter Harvey

    His buddy Obama was the one who created the divide!…..He must think the majority of Americans are dumb!

  • don

    Poor Al! Nobody gives a twit what he thinks, says or does. That’s absolutely intolerable to a media whore like him, with apologies to the working ladies everywhere.

  • Roger Buggle

    Anyone have a shovel to finish off Satan’s Black Monster? All I see is hate and death on this bastards door step!

  • Gary Snyder

    Hay, the man owes a lot of money in taxes. If it were you or I we would be in jail. Why isn’t he???? Call your congressman and ask him why this derilect is still walking around. Rule of law???

  • old hard rock


  • Leslie Cavanah

    Sharpton is just bl–k trash, and a tax dodger. This man needs to be put in jail. He is worse than The worst of the worst humans. Would not even pay him any attention, except arresting him.

  • Jmanjo

    Sharpton is a racial pimp trying to make money off of minorities!

  • honestjerry

    put this sawed of pigme in jail him along with obama and crew aer behind the racism that crew fu-ked our country up because they hate there own country semper fi


    Sharpton is NOTHING but a Greasy Race PIMP , When is the IRS going to go After this Ghetto Race Baiter !

  • Steven Hampshire

    Al Sharkton is the most bigoted person on the planet. He should be in prison for tax evasion and inciting riots.

  • Steve Volkle

    sharpton is a RACIST son of a BITCH

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    Al Sharpton , Hells best apostle

  • Tk Matthews

    MR.Harris,please don’t show your ignorance and by defining what wrote to assume that I intended to shoot him and continue in your narrative to define me a someone the threatened him .Do you work for Mueller or the FBI???

  • esquire2

    Al Sharpton has made a Career out of RACE-Baiting …. that “Dirty” Al would attack ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING on Race issues, is BEYOND the Height of Hypocrisy!
    Hey AL! Are you still in touch with Tawana Brawley?

  • yankee clipper

    Al Sharpton is a perfect example of Black racism. He is a disgrace and a political cancer to every African American in our country!!!!

    Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave.