journalThe Tea Party was a pivotal moment in American history. It was a reminder that true power was with the people and that they had the right to throw off the shackles of their oppressors.

Today is much different than the 18th century. Technology has transformed our nation and our world for the better. Yet some things are much worse. We are now taxed at a much higher rate than the American colonists. We have income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and much more.

The primary focus of the Tea Party is to reduce taxes. So that is a focus on this website.

We also write about elections, big government, and other “hot potato” political issues that are dominating the news.

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  • Evelyn

    “The plot” December 23, 2015


    Two days before Christmas 2015, and just look at the current state of affairs which you are probably pretty much well aware of. Just look at how much things have changed in this country in our own lifetimes. But also look at all those who hardly have a clue as to what is going on. Personally, I
    do not think there has ever been a generation so “connected” (to their gadgets containing access to so much information right in their hands), and yet so “disconnected” with barely a clue as to what is really going on, merrily pursuing their selfish, greedy, self-absorbing, fun agendas as their country is being sold out right from under them!

    A great history lesson that America has been sadly repeating is that “Rome fell from within.” And this has not been by accident. The adversary and those working with him, such as the socialists and the communists, realized that as long as America’s moral pillars and foundations were strong that the country would remain resolute against their destructive agendas. Thus, the “plot against America” was to erode America’s source of strength – its strong MORAL pillars and foundations.

    Through an insidious process of infiltration into America’s courts — twisting and distorting America’s
    own freedoms against her, and into America’s schools — filtering out America’s deep spiritual roots and attacking/ tearing down America’s founders, and into America’s “entertainment” industries — promoting “fun” and all manner of vulgarity and IMMORALITY in music, in print, on TV, and in the movies, and into America’s own government – promoting and supporting the killing of American babies, irresponsibility, immorality, and family breakdown through its social programs such as welfare, and even the “abomination” of homosexuality, and into the mainstream “news” media – shrewdly manipulating the American public by filtering the news in such a way as to selectively report on just the stories and details that would support their “agenda” and not reporting on what did not, both promoting the agenda of the ungodly and giving cover for them by not actively pursuing and exposing every evil agenda, men and women of evil intent against America began to destroy America from within. As opposed to other oppressive governments in other countries which find it necessary to control the media in order to control the people, corrupt government officials here found a willing “partner” which would collaborate with them!

    What a scenario, and how sad. But how much sadder is the fact that the church, which is supposed to be “light” and “salt” – the very institution that should expose what evil men and women plot, and to preserve the moral strength of the nation – sat by allowing all this to happen, doing very little
    to halt the forces hammering against America’s MORAL pillars and foundations!! That was its responsibility. It’s the church’s job to care for the poor. It was not for them to abdicate that responsibility to the government so that the government could then use its “social programs” to buy the votes they needed to grab power to carry out their evil agenda. The church played right into their hands! Phenomenal!

    Where was the church when government decided to filter America’s history, and take the Bible and
    prayer out of our classrooms? Who put the Bible in the schools in the first place?!! And just look at how academic standards have fallen and how discipline has plummeted. Look at all the violence,
    vulgarity, bullying, sexual misconduct, metal detectors, and security in our school system. The statement by Thomas Jefferson about the “separation of church and state” was that the government could not interfere with the “free exercise of religion”. The church needed to defend that right.

    And it is truly pathetic that out of apathy or something the church has done so little to stop the
    cold-blooded murder of America’s children by the millions. Its silence and lack of visibility on this issue has been shameful. Pro-life activities and events should be jam-packed with throngs of people from congregations across the city, but they are not. The words of a song about the holocaust ring so true and poignantly today: “Everyday people ignoring the news, indifferent people sitting in the pews…..”.

    The church has not stood up, and has been neither “light”, nor “salt”, against the onslaught of immorality and vulgarity on TV, in the music, and in the culture in general. It has not even stood up against the “abomination” of homosexuality. Instead of leading against the forces of evil threatening to destroy the moral fabric that holds this nation together, many church leaders have allowed those brave enough in the laity to speak out against the evil in America to absorb the brunt of the brutal attacks against them without even standing with them!! Disgraceful. Apparently, some church leaders, in the name of not causing “offense”, would literally collaborate with the destructive forces of evil and stand by and watch as people and America are destroyed.

    The country, having come out of the Great Depression, followed by the horrific sacrifices of World War II, entered into a phenomenal period of growth and prosperity and with it fell prey to materialism, greed, and selfishness. The “light” and the “salt” needed to stand up. Instead the church did not stand up for the poor. It did not stand up to defend our God-given Christian liberties in the schools and in the work place. It did not stand up to even defend the children. It would not defend America against the onslaught of immorality besieging America. It allowed false “prosperity preachers” to go unchecked. Church leaders, one by one, instead of calling for solemn assemblies, rallying people to pray for America, for revival,….. actually made headlines with their scandals.

    I am calling all Christians, all patriots, to take a stand. In the midst of all the enemies coming against America, which is ONE NATION UNDER GOD, it is once again time to stand up. For too long people have sat idly by, not paying attention — and/or so focused on self-absorbing materialistic agendas that they were not paying attention to the dangers at their doorstep — as their leaders have let them down. It is time to wake up and to stand up and to join/enlist in the effort to turn this country around one person at a time.

    Let us not forget the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. Let us recall the remarkable strength of George Washington praying in the cold, and his men who suffered so greatly on that hill in Valley Forge. For those in northern states this Christmas may I encourage you to spend some time outside as long as you can stand it without a coat, etc. to understand in small measure what they endured as they stayed on that hill starving, freezing, having their limps amputated, and dying. We cannot forget their sacrifices, nor squander the blessings or the country that they sacrificed so greatly for. George Washington had a sacred cause and he would not give in. May we rally the “troops” to stand once again, for we will not lose, and “America will be restored.” “The values of America will be restored.” Please enlist in this effort. It is time. Sound the alarm.
    It is time.

    To God be the glory.

  • James LaBarre

    So on your latest email survey, you *only* list Republican candidates. Well, I can’t vote on the survey, because you forgot to include “None Of The Above”. Presuming he wins the Libertarian nomination, I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson. Why waste my vote on a “more of the same” candidate from either the Demopublicans or Republicrats?

  • Rich

    Clearly Donald Trump owns this website. I’m sure he’ll lower your taxes the same way Obama lowered the cost of healthcare. This is NOT the real Tea Party. This is a scam.

  • lindakiverson

    So many of your stories are untrue or partial truth. Too bad you’re pretending to have anything to do with the Tea Party. Be ashamed!

  • tessaprn

    Tea Party website my a$$!

  • pmbalele

    Right-wing people are suing Facebook for editing off right-wing blogs. I am going to sue this site and WND for screening off my postings. Tit for Tat.

  • American Patriot!

    Tea party journal? LOL! Can I stop laughing now?